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NEW Ultimate Spidey Costume!

April 19th, 2011 | Posted by JD (Host) | 10 Comments
Annnnd….new ultimate spidey, apparently. Looks like the buzz is, this new spidey won’t actually be Peter Parker?!? GOD I’m intrigued! And this costume is rad. What say YOU?

Weekly Web-Up! Advance Review of ASM 658!

April 13th, 2011 | Posted by JD (Host) | No Comments
Title: Amazing Spider-Man 658 Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Javier Pulido Colors: Muntsa Vicente and Javier Rodriguez This book is so much fun, I wanna take it down to the malt shop and bring it ...

Weekly Web-up! Amazing Spider-Man 655

February 23rd, 2011 | Posted by JD (Host) | 3 Comments
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #655 Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Marcos Martin Colors: Muntsa Vicente Letters: Joe Caramagna Publisher: Marvel Comics Reviewer: Johnny Destructo Spoiler alert: Dan Slott has a taste for bloody murder and I have a taste ...

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #153

February 9th, 2011 | Posted by JD (Host) | No Comments
Title: Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #153 Writer: Brian Michael Bendis Artists: Sara Pichelli, David Lafuente, Lan Medina & Ed Tadeo Colorist: Justin Ponsor Publisher: Marvel Comics Reviewer: Johnny Destructo When I first caught wind of the upcoming ...

JD reviews Ultimate Cap #1

January 13th, 2011 | Posted by JD (Host) | No Comments
ULTIMATE COMICS CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 Writer: Jason Aaron Art: Ron Garney Publisher: Ultimate Marvel Comics Reviewer: Johnny Destructo Of all the Ultimate characters that were a surprise for me, UltCap was top-tier. I have ...

JD reviews Spider-Girl #1!

November 21st, 2010 | Posted by JD (Host) | 2 Comments
Title: Spider-Girl #1 Writer: Paul Tobin Art: Clayton–Henry Colorist: Chris Sotomayer Reviewed by Johnny Destructo We’re gonna have to get over¬†two things¬†pretty early in this review: this powerless Spider-Girl is swinging around New ...

JD reviews Invincible #75!

November 13th, 2010 | Posted by JD (Host) | No Comments
Title: Invincible 75 Writer: Robert Kirkman Penciler: RYAN OTTLEY Inker: Cliff Rathburn Colors: FCO Plascencia Reviewed by Johnny Destructo To provide a balance to Grant Morrison‘s esoteric and mysterious style of writing, I present ...