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347- GUTTER TALK – Rated R Batman V Superman??
Is Agent Carter the Best Comic TV Show? and more!

February 25th, 2016 | Posted by JD (Host) | 1 Comment
GUTTER TALK! Episode 17: Johnny Destructo, Len The Bat Tribble and Tim From Last Week get together at Johnny Destructo’s Hero Complex to chat about what we’re enjoying this week in ...

301 – Cannibal HorrorCast – CREEP (2015) and THE HITCHER (1986)

July 23rd, 2015 | Posted by JD (Host) | 6 Comments
Welcome to the PopTards/Aicn CANNIBAL HORRORCAST! This week, Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug, Christian DiBari and BottleImp review CREEP (2014), and THE HITCHER (1986)! Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble: CREEP ...