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278 – Cannibal HorrorCast – Friday The 13th Special!
We discuss our 4 favorite Friday films! What’s your FaveFriday?

March 13th, 2015 | Posted by JD (Host) | 2 Comments
Welcome to the PopTards/Aicn CANNIBAL HORRORCAST! This week, Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug, Christian DiBari and BottleImp review FRIDAY The 13th Part 1 (1980), Part 4: The Final Chapter (1984), Part 6: Jason ...

Grim_Noir Eulogizes The Defenders and
Avengers Academy

November 11th, 2012 | Posted by Grim_Noir | 4 Comments
Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today, not only to mourn the passing of two titles that were taken from us far too soon, but to honor the stories they ...

HHC:25:Nightmare on Elm St (2010)

October 12th, 2010 | Posted by JD (Host) | No Comments
I have spent a lot of time in the adorable suburb of Springwood. Each time with a different group of doomed teens. I watch as one by one, they get ...