JD reviews THE FLASH #12!
Road to Flashpoint concludes!

  • May 11th, 2011
  • Posted by JD (Host)
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Title: Flash #12
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Scott Kolins & Francis Manapul
Colors: Michael Atiyeh & Brian Buccellato

Well, it’s here! The end of an era. Wait..no. That’s not right. The end of a ..hiccup? Yeah, that’s more appropriate. Geoff John’s new Flash title is already over, after 12 issues (resisting urge to make Flash In The Pan joke) and anyone …

Comic Time: JD reviews TOTAL RECALL sequel

  • May 11th, 2011
  • Posted by JD (Host)
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Title: Total Recall #1
Writer: Vince Moore
Art: Cezar Razek
Colors: Salvatore Aiala
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo
Robocop. The Terminator. Total Recall. These were perhaps the coolest sci-fi action movies my 12-year old brain had ever seen. My DVD of Total Recall still sits on my shelves, in it’s metal, Mars-shaped tin, just begging me to watch it again. This comic just …

Episode 59 up now! THOR movie review!!

Uncle Dunklenutz discovers he’s Volstagg, JD gets heated and yells at racists, Anastasia is taken to task for being the whore who had the audacity to have her own opinion and Slai questions S.H.I.E.L.D.’s gullibility in this Thor review!
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Thank goodness for new Frank Cho!

  • May 9th, 2011
  • Posted by JD (Host)
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I don’t usually run these press releases, but this one seemed interesting!
Upcoming Sci-Fi Epic To Feature Covers and More by Comics Legend Frank Cho
Image Comics’ upcoming new 50 GIRLS 50, the sexy sci-fi epic co-created by Frank Cho and Doug Murray, will be fit to bursting with fantastic art! Along with the outstanding work of …

FAST FIVE video review up now! Click in to
watch us Chestbump the world!

So, here is JD and Uncle Dunklenutz’s review of FAST 5, the 4th sequel to The Fast And The Furious! Check it out and let us know what you think!

New Audio Episode Up! Roundtable Retrospective
on Marvel’s CIVIL WAR

Hey there!  A new episode of PopTards is up now! JD teamed up with Professor Hal Halbert for a round-table discussion on Marvel’s CIVIL WAR and HOUSE OF M Crossover! Part 1 is up now, featuring CIVIL WAR! Part 2 is coming soon, to continue the shenanigans to discuss HOUSE OF M.
Special thanks to Prof. Hal Halbert for leading the …

Grim_Noir’s POp/Ed: FCBD – FTW!

Every year, like the changing of the seasons, when I am about to despair that all comic books are about muscular people beating each other up to prove that their philosophical ideals are more intrinsically sound than the other guy’s, Free Comic Book Day rolls around again. It is always the first Saturday in May and it always makes the …