I’m not one to brag, I’m very easily the most modest person every, but that title is possibly the greatest title in history.  I can even hear Denzel Washington screaming that as he portrays Cole MacGrath. John Goodman would play the plucky Zeke and it…would be…AWESOME!
Let me step away from my daily game of “how I would make movies more …

Grim_Noir Conducts a Controlled “BURN (NOTICE)!”

  • June 24th, 2011
  • Posted by Grim_Noir
  • Misc, TV

When I hear the words, “My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy until…,” in front of the first episode of a new season for Burn Notice, it signals my brain that Summer is truly here.
Since it is nigh impossible to discuss the upcoming season without spoiling what has come before, if you are not already clued …

Say, that’s a nice glove…OH GOD IT BURNS!!!

The alternate title for this post was “In Soviet Russia…glove wears you”, but I opted for one that would not show my age so much. At times I feel bad for Raven Software.  They’re like that kid in the corner of a party that’s not talking to anyone and you say you’ll buck the trend and find out what he’s …

Green Lantern Movie Speculation

As I feared about the Green Lantern movie, which is funny since the story pertains to a superhero whose power drives from overcoming fear, it seems to be getting some bad press.
Why do I care? Well, I don’t hate Marvel OR the company. Hell, I think they produce some fine movies and I admire their move …

Majin and the forgotten difficulty curve…also, desk candy!

I have noted in the past, often at great length, sometimes a $60 game does not deliver what I feel is a fair amount of entertainment.  This can be caused by buggy gameplay, poor story or direction, terrible voice acting or being made by South Peak.  This is true for most things in life hence the phrase you get what …

Ep 62: Flash Rebirth/Green Lantern Rebirth Roundtable!

Hey there! A new episode of PopTards is up now! JD teamed up with Professor Hal Halbert for a round-table discussion on DC Comics’ event books: GREEN LANTERN REBIRTH and FLASH REBIRTH, both by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver, and both re-introducing older characters into the modern age! But do they both work??
Special thanks to Prof. Hal …


Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
Starring the voice talents of:
Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan
Jason Isaacs as Sinestro
Elisabeth Moss as Arisia
Henry Rollins as Kilowog
Arnold Vosloo as Abin Sur
Kelly Hu as Laira
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

I’m a huge GL fan, I loved last year’s Green Lantern: First Flight, and I’m currently sporting a custom-made metal Green Lantern ring, so clearly I was looking …