Trailer: Knights of Badassdom! New Horror Comedy
about LARPing? Starring Summer Glau? Yep.

Starring Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones and Elf, Ryan Kwanten from True Blood, Summer Glau from Serenity/Firefly/Terminator Tv show and the hilarious, but up till recently missing Steve Zahn!

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CAPTAIN AMERICA: The First Avenger!

Happy Monday, ya’ll! Did you see Captain America over the weekend? Hey now, so did we! What a weird coincidence. Listen to us review and discuss!
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Also: if you are bummed you missed San Diego Comic Con this year, I’m with you! Check out the latest PopTards …

Grim_Noir Gets Lost In The “AMNESIA LABYRINTH!”

When the ol’ interwebs lit up that the original author of the “Haruhi Suzumiya” novels, Nagaru Tanigawa, was writing a dark, psychological manga, I was intrigued.
And why why not? His “Haruhi Suzumiya” series is light fantasy/sci-fi which deftly takes an Angelica-Pickles-type character, advances her to junior high school, gives her the unconscious powers of the kid from the “It’s a …

New PopShots! Captain America and the Fortress of Mope-itude!

I’m an adult. I don’t REALLY care about missing San Diego Comic-Con this week. I don’t. At all. This loaded gun in my mouth is there for…some other..reason.

Curiouser and curiouser!

Due to an overabundance of fun in my teenage/young adult years, I have very few memories of my childhood.  I recall the occasional moment here and there; trips with the family, playing stickball, breaking bones in several places doing something stupid.  One thing I clearly remember was a love for the story ofAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  I remember wishing I …

JD reviews Captain America

“Sissy Commie Pinko”, “Clueless Doucherag”, “Liberal Elitist Asshole.” These are just a smattering of the names I was called when I reviewed Captain America #1 a little over a week ago. All because I don’t fully accept Captain America as a character, and find him a bit propaganda-y, which, let’s face it, he is. At least, he was at the …

“Inside” Seems Cool! I might have to tune in on Monday.

So, there is this movie that is coming out on Monday. The main thing is that it is only showing online and apparently while you are watching with all other people you will be able to decide, as a whole, certain plot twists. Its called Inside. It is a very interesting concept and I know that I will be happy …