Advance Review: JD reviews THE INFINITE#1,
by Kirkman and Liefeld!

  • August 2nd, 2011
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • Comics

The Infinite #1
Writer: Robert Kirkman
Artist: Rob Liefeld
Inks: Rob Liefeld, Adelso Corona
Colors: Hi-Fi Design
Lettering: Rus Wooton
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo
If you have nostalgia for 90′s Image Comic-booking, then by all means: buy the shit out of this book. Buy all 7 variant cover editions. You will be transported back in time, and you’ll love this new series. If you have a less …

JD interviews DAVID LAPHAM!

Johnny Destructo here, and I had the pleasure of briefly chatting with David Lapham. If you know good comics, surely you know him from his hard-boiled STRAY BULLETS! If you haven’t read that may I suggest you go do that right after finishing this interview? David is also responsible for YOUNG LIARS, and has worked on books like Detective Comics, …

PopShots tackle the DCnU reboot!

DCnU 5 Years Old? Is That Possible?

One of the most confusing elements of DC’s relaunch is how can DC Comics manage to keep some stories and mesh them up in a world just 5 years old?
Word is Blackest Night & Brightest Day happened. Barbara Gordon was indeed shot. Bats operated before Supes and trained many under his wing. But come on, how could this all happen …

Grim_Noir’s “Tekken” is strong

“You will believe a panda can fly!”
Okay, as taglines go, that one is pretty terrible. But we are talking about Namco’s “Tekken” here. The new CG movie “Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D,”┬áto be specific. As a videogame series, we have see highly precise martial arts moves carried out by cyborgs, sorcerers, manimal mutants, and school girls, so “crazy” and “over-the-top” were …

Trailer: Knights of Badassdom! New Horror Comedy
about LARPing? Starring Summer Glau? Yep.

Starring Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones and Elf, Ryan Kwanten from True Blood, Summer Glau from Serenity/Firefly/Terminator Tv show and the hilarious, but up till recently missing Steve Zahn!

New Podcast Episode Up now!
CAPTAIN AMERICA: The First Avenger!

Happy Monday, ya’ll! Did you see Captain America over the weekend? Hey now, so did we! What a weird coincidence. Listen to us review and discuss!
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Also: if you are bummed you missed San Diego Comic Con this year, I’m with you! Check out the latest PopTards …