PopTards Episode 4!

  • October 12th, 2009
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • Podcast

A Spidey-less show this week, as Master Film Maker Mark Mackner sits this one out and I’m joined by guest’Tard Pete Tutton..We discuss the new straight-to-dvd anthology horror film Trick’R Treat, and I hammer out the comic reviews all by my onesies, tackling Haunt #1, Daredevil #501, Moon Knight #2, Strange Tales #2 and Irredeemable #7, with music by The …

PopTards! Eppy 3

  • October 5th, 2009
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • Podcast

On this week’s show, Mark and I can’t stop talking! We discuss the film Zombieland, some comics including: Amazing Spider-Man, Thunderbolts, Spidey Clone Saga 1, I Kill Giants graphic novel, and the premier eppy of this season of Star Wars Clone Wars! Ch-Ch-Check it out, kids!

Dark Reign: The List: X-Men

  • September 27th, 2009
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • Comics

WRITER: Matt FractionPENCILS: Alan DavisINKS: Mark FarmerCOLORED BY: Nathan Fairbairn

First thought: Chris Claremont. Not today’s Claremont, who can’t seem to stop typing long after lights-out, but the guy behind the books I remember from my wee laddy youth. We’ve got Namor showing up to “not” ask for help after Osborn has set his sights on the underwater realm, the X-folks …


  • September 24th, 2009
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • Movies

Reviewed by Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner
It was announced earlier this week that Bryan Singer (USUAL SUSPECTS, X-MEN, SUPERMAN RETURNS) will be directing a remake of JACK THE GIANT KILLER (1962), the bastard stepson of the stop-motion fantasy classic 7th VOYAGE OF SINBAD. Also earlier in the week, I read the terrific comic miniseries I KILL GIANTS (Totally unrelated to JACK, …

Superman: Secret Origin #1

  • September 23rd, 2009
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • Comics

Besides being an excellent author, Geoff Johns must be one hell of a chef. Able to take even the most stale ingredients and make a mouth-watering buffet of brain-steak. Superman Secret Origin shouldn’t appeal to me in the slightest. I’m not a Superman fan (except for the films and a handful of extraordinary graphic novels). I, like most of the …

PopTards At Play – House of the Dead: Overkill

By Jenn Tyre
House of the Dead Overkill for the Wii is a short game with fairly easy achievements, but it was probably the most fun I had killing zombies in a long time! The style of it, is very reminiscent to the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse feature, by not only the look and feel of it, but the witty, vulgar dialogue as …

Drowning v. Floating.

Old George Orwell got it backward.Big Brother isn’t watching. He’s singing and dancing. He’s pulling rabbits out of a hat. Big Brother’s busy holding your attention every moment you’re awake. He’s making sure you’re always distracted. He’s making sure you’re fully absorbed. He’s making sure your imagination withers.And this being fed, it’s worse than being watched.– Chuck Palahniuk
It’s time to …