PopTards vs. New York Comic Con 2010

Watch as JD, Slai and Uncle Dunklenutz conquers the gigantasaurus that is New York Comic Con. We’ve got plenty of interviews and reviews.

Halloween Horror Countdown:23:30 Days of Night, Dark Days

The original 30 Days of Night was a fine horror film based on the inventive and terrifying graphic novel by author Steve Niles and illustrator Ben Templesmith. This sequel was co-written by Steve Niles and is based on the graphic novel of the same name. Survivor of the Alaskan massacre, Stella Oleson isn’t played by Melissa George and her teeth …

Halloween Horror Countdown: 24 : The Killing Gene

  • October 13th, 2010
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • DVDs, Movies

How much torture could you take before you killed someone you love?
I used to think that Selma Blair was kind of a useless actress. I mean, really. She was kind of terrible in  Cruel Intentions. And the Hellboy films? Sure they were fun, but it’s not like she was really delving, there. But in The Killing Gene (or w Delta …


  • October 12th, 2010
  • Posted by MasterFilmmaker MarkMackner
  • TV

AIR TIME: Mondays at 8PM, EST.
NETWORK: Cartoon Network.
REVIEW: Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner
Hola, adventurers, explorers, and thrill-seekers! Tis I, Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner, with a review of the best new show on television, ADVENTURE TIME! ADVENTURE TIME just had its Second Season Premiere last night (and it’s only been maybe 2 weeks since the Season 1 Finale), so I …

HHC:25:Nightmare on Elm St (2010)

I have spent a lot of time in the adorable suburb of Springwood. Each time with a different group of doomed teens. I watch as one by one, they get picked off by an alarmingly burnt fashion-fail of a man who seeks his revenge on the parents of the town by going after their children through their dreams.  Sadly, each …

JD’s Video Blargh 4: Spider-Man, Superman Reboot Films, 127 Hours!

What’s up, kids? The best installment of JD’s Video Blargh EVER! At least until next weeks! I share with you some upcoming comic book movie news, including the Spider-Man and the Superman reboots, and we take a look at 127 Hours, Danny Boyle’s new film!!!
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Episode 39! Social Network, Easy A and Let Me In!

Hey hey! This 39th episode of PopTards Podcast, JD, Slai and Uncle Dunklenutz review LET ME IN, THE SOCIAL NETWORK and EASY A!
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