OH NO. Spider-Man Movie Costume

Does this horrify anyone else?? I remember once when I wanted the VOLTRON toys and I got the Japanese rip-off SUPER HAPPY TIGER GUY or some such nonsense. This costume reminds me of that horrible childhood memory.
But hey, for the assholes who complained last time: no organic webshooters, eh?
What do you guys think?

I looked towards the gods and screamed for answers, and lo on the horizon i saw him…Nick Cage

Today was going along pretty average, which was until I stumbled upon trailers for Nick Cage’s latest, Drive Angry. I may be overstating the obvious, but this may be the greatest film ever.  How can I make such a bold statement you ask?  Here’s the synopsis from imdb.com:
“A vengeful father escapes from hell and chases after the men who killed …

Episode 46 Up Now! Green Hornet/Season Of The Witch!

New Episode UP NOW! JD, Uncle Dunklenutz, Frida Mendez and Slai review GREEN HORNET and SEASON OF THE WITCH!
They also answer some questions posed to them by delicious meats!
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A Day or so Late and $8.72 Short….DAMN YOU INFLATION *shakes fists at the heavens*

So for the last few minecrafts I’ve been minecrafting a lot of minecraft, so my minecraft is minecrafting of minecraft…MINECRAFT.  Over the holiday break I did manage to pull myself away and play some great games on the XBLA.  Pac-Man CE DX, DeathSpank: T.O.V., Raskulls and A World of Keflings.  They represent four more excellent entries in the every expanding …

Spider-Man Costume: 1st pic!!

1st Pic of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man!

New Eppy Up! THE CAPE and WORST OF 2010!

JD, Slai and Uncle Dunklenutz review the new tv series THE CAPE, and we each do our POP5 WORST OF 2010 list…find out what was unanimously the worst thing of 2010!!
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JD reviews Ultimate Cap #1

  • January 13th, 2011
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • Comics, Misc

Writer: Jason Aaron
Art: Ron Garney
Publisher: Ultimate Marvel Comics
Reviewer: Johnny Destructo
Of all the Ultimate characters that were a surprise for me, UltCap was top-tier. I have never cared about the classic Captain America as a character, besides the occasional passing interest. When Millar brought us THE ULTIMATES, however, I loved Cap! That’s not to …