PopTards Webcomic continues! POPSHOTS 2 up now!

Thanks to everyone for the texts, FB posts and comments here on the site! The first strip was well received, so thanks!
This time, Uncle Dunklenutz makes his first appearance!! Sure to be a sought-after special first appearance? You bet! Some of the comments I got about the last comic strip was that the background was too bright..which is funny because …

New Ma Kent is the hottest Ma Kent ever!

Oscar Nominee Diane Lane is to be Clark’s Momma!

I have had a thing for this woman for years and years now. If you’ll pardon my misogyny, the first time the phrase MILF was described to me, this is the woman that popped into my head. She’s starred in “Hollywoodland”, “Untraceable”, “Under The Tuscan Sun”…even “The Outsiders” lo those many years …

A Look back at what went wrong with SUPERMAN RETURNS!

  • March 2nd, 2011
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • DVDs, Movies

Hey there kiddies!
With a new Superman movie on the way, thank god…Kevin Dragone and Master Film Maker Mark Mackner bash their brains together to discuss the ins and outs of the last installment: Superman Returns!!!
Kevin Dragone:
He was away from the big screen for over twenty years. The most well known icon in the world whose symbol alone …

JD Thanks the Ultimate Marvel Universe!

  • February 28th, 2011
  • Posted by JD (Host)
  • Comics

Johnny Destructo’s Thank You to Marvel’s Ultimate Universe!
I love me some comics, and I always considered myself, for the most part, to be a Marvel Zombie. No, not the annoying drawn-out series about Marvel characters humorously clamoring for flesh…I refer to the dated term that used to mean “Marvel characters are my favorite!” and “Make Mine Marvel!” And while that …

PopTards Webcomic: POPSHOTS 1 up now! Look with
your special eyes!

SO…yeah. This is the first in an ongoing weekly series that you can look forward to every…weekly. It won’t always revolve around just the PopTards themselves, I also have some in the works with another artist (one with actual talent)  that just takes shots at random popculture happenings or characters..ones that you already know and love, not just our sorry …

Weekly Web-up! Amazing Spider-Man 655

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Marcos Martin
Colors: Muntsa Vicente
Letters: Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Reviewer: Johnny Destructo
Spoiler alert: Dan Slott has a taste for bloody murder and I have a taste for…his taste..for bloody.. murder? Also: Marcos Martin should draw Spider-Man comics forever.
So, yeah. Marla Jameson didn’t survive the attack of the Spider-Slayers, and while I never really …

Ep 49 is up! JD interviews Francis Manapul, artist of

Hey there kiddies! Episode 49 is up now for your ear-holes!
We have a very special guest star this week: DC exclusive artist Francis Manapul! You’ve seen his work in Witchblade, Adventure Comics and now he’s tearing it up on Geoff Johns’ THE FLASH! Thanks to aintitcoolnews and you can see the transcribed interview over there!
You can listen in the player …