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4 Comments to “Huh?”

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  1. Bob Khill says:

    Nice meeting you today. Thanks for pointing me in this direction, true believer.

    Bob Khill

  2. PK Eiselt says:

    Do you accept submissions from independent comic creators?
    I am in just sending Book 2 of my series: JUNKYARD ANGELS to the printer,
    I’d love to be able to send you copies of the first 2 issues (either by snailmail or pdf) if you’re interested in looking at them.

    Thank you,
    PK Eiselt

  3. Eric says:

    Wasn’t there a link on here somewhere to write reviews for you guys?! Is that still a possibility?

  4. JD (Host) says:

    Yes there sure was but I’m trying to cut down on the hundreds of spam emails it get a day…but since it didn’t seem to help, I just put it back up. You want to write reviews?! Do ittt!

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