SPIDEY’S WEEKLY WEB-UP!!!! Mark reviews ASM #636!!!!



STORY: Joe Kelly

ART: Marco Checchetto (Pgs 1-18), Michael Lark & Stefano Gaudiano (Pgs 19-22)

REVIEW: Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner

Hola, Arachno-Philes! ‘Tis I, your favorite Amazing Spider-Fan and local indie horror icon Master Filmmaker Mark Mackner with another belated installment of SPIDEY’S WEEKLY WEB-UP. This one’s about 2 weeks late, but please bear with me. I just made a short film called UNWINDING for Rob Zombie’s Halloween Horror Nights Film Fest, so I’ve been kinda busy. I’ve been reading my comics on time, but finding the time to write up reviews has been difficult.

It should be noted that, if you haven’t read GRIM HUNT Part 2 that this review will contain HEAVY SPOILERS!!!!!! How heavy? Well, the end of Part 2 saw no less than KRAVEN THE HUNTER RISING FROM THE GRAVE!!!!! Yes, the blood of Spider-Man was instrumental in resurrecting our favorite, long-dead, shotgun blast to the head recipient Kraven. “The Spider gave his blood, that the hunter may live again”, so says the cover. So Spidey’s dead, and Kraven’s alive? Buh-WHA????

This is enough to throw everything off-kilter. Animals all over start freaking out and going on the rampage. Spiders are all over the goddamn place. And Spider-Man is impaled with spears and knives, hanging on Kraven’s wall. Arachne, Arana, and Madam Web are still prisoners of the Kraven clan. Vladimir, Kraven’s son, is still a weird lion-monster-thing. And that makes Kraven pretty upset. Sasha points out that he had to be the test subject, to see if they could bring Kraven back. Kraven replies, “You have no idea what you’ve done here, Sasha. None of this is right. None of it.” And he’s right. When you’ve got rats, pigeons, and PANTHERS ripping people to shreds on the streets, then that’s a pretty good indication that nothing’s right.

The Kraven clan wonders why their main man doesn’t quite seem happy to be back. I love how the CHAMELEON emerges as the voice of reason here. “Has anyone stopped to consider the fact that this man shot himself in the head? How do you know he WANTED to come back?” ANA, Kraven’s psychotic daughter is saddened by her father’s state, and goes to him, wondering what they have done to displease him. He rises to strike her, and she puts a knife in his chest. ‘Cause that’s just the kind of girl she is. Sasha becomes infuriated with her, but Kraven’s cool with it. “Never apologize”, he tells Ana. “Good girl”.

With Ana stabbing Kraven in the chest, it becomes clear that Kraven is invulnerable to physical attacks. Sounds cool, but it’s indicative of a great problem for Kraven. He nearly chokes Sasha, scolding her for cursing him with “the unlife”. SPOILER ALERT!!!!! So Kraven is cursed, and that leads him back to the Spidey corpse nailed to his wall. He’s been suspicious of it the whole time, but hasn’t been able to point out what’s wrong with it. It’s then that we learn that it was KAINE, the Peter Parker clone, who suited up as Spider-Man and sacrificed himself for the greater good.

Since his blood and DNA are the same as Peter Parkers’, the resurrection of Kraven was achieved, but now he can not die unless the real Spider-Man kills him. Or Ben Reilly. Since they’ve all got the same blood. But since it was Kaine that was killed, the resurrection ceremony was corrupted.

The scene shifts back to the graveyard, where Peter awakens in the grave. He flashes back to Kaine knocking him out and stealing the Spidey suit. So Peter wanders around the graveyard in his boxers, disoriented. He stumbles upon an open casket, with Kaine’s body inside. Spidey’s black costume is thrown on the casket, with a message from Kraven… “HUNT ME”. I got chills, man. Seriously. Fucking AWESOME cliffhanger!!!!!

So, Kraven the Hunter, LONG DEAD (Especially in the world of comics), is back!!!! And stronger than ever!!!!! But, he’s not really happy to be back, and that’s what makes this story interesting. His wife has spent all this time and money bringing him back, but it turns out that he himself has no desire to be alive. He only shows contempt for his wife, and he doesn’t seem too thrilled with the rest of his family, either. So there goes THEIR morale. And this leads us to the next issue where a pissed-off Spider-Man goes looking for revenge against a sad, disturbed individual with nothing to lose. “HUNT ME”. Man, what a lead-in to a climactic showdown!!!! Fucking LOVE it!!!!

In summary………

STORY: A+++. Joe Kelly is now a personal hero of mine.

ART: A+.

This is probably the best “dark” Spider-Man story since KRAVEN’S LAST HUNT.

And THAT is the WORD, so sayeth the MASTER!!!!!!

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