True Blood – The other OTHER vampire story

What’s hot right now in the world of moms and teens alike: Vampires and Werewolves. They are all over the place. Shows like The Gates feature both of these and how hard it is to be one. The CW offers up The Vampire Diaries which seriously, I read in middle school! Yes the books are that old. This one features two brooding faced vampires and the main female Elana who is just oh so confused as to which one she likes. Then there is the almighty Twilight Saga. Do I even have to say anything? No, but you can see what JD has to say about it. All these thing have exploded in the past year or two. But the one that caught my attention: HBO’s True Blood.

True Blood is based off of the Sookie Stackhouse series of books. The book and the show’s main character is Sookie. Every book, and episode of the show she has to deal with creatures of the night…and day. By day she is a waitress dealing with family (her dumb brother Jason) and customers and a boss who likes her. That alone is great drama. By night she is confronted with vampires and yes, werewolves….who like her too. But wait! There’s more! I haven’t watched any of season 3 yet, but there are other characters that Sookie encounters in the books. I won’t tell, because I want you to find out for yourselves.
Out of all the post Anne Rice stuff that is out there this caught my attention because of the high DRAMA factor. This show is crazy over the top, but in a way that keeps you entertained and slightly shocked the whole time. Not to mention that the male casting is phenomenal. Eye candy galore. And hey guys, the women in the show ain’t nothing to bat an eye at either. Don’t forget it’s HBO so put the hot guys and gals together with some freaky vampire happenings and well, you get the drift.
What also has kept me interested is that I am almost done the series. I believe there’s nine out there. The books make me want to see what the show will do next. Both are different enough that I have been able to watch the show and read the books and be happy with both. What they have changed is ok for the most part. Except for one character in Season one and two that should have NOT hung around.
The other down side is Sookie’s more than occasional wishy washness. Sometimes the wining is unbearable. Her vampire lover Bill oh so upsets her. And the other (HOT) vampire Eric makes her confused as well. This can make for some “shut the f up” moments! Upside to the book? There’s definitely less Sookie wining moments. But for all the wining, she does, the show has some other great characters and story.
Another thing about this show (and book) is that it’s NOT geared towards teens. The show offers what I like to call a release in tension. There is no holding back with the subject matter. Unlike the twilight books that I felt gave me a case of female blue balls (I did read the first book, and I got so frustrated that I couldn’t continue on).
This show and series of books are not exactly high brow classy stuffs, but if you want good entertainment and escape from the other world of vampires, I highly recommend this show and the series of books.
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  1. Hilary says:

    I like True Blood, but I think that the whole vampire genre has gotten blown way out of proportion. You don’t have to have fangs to get ratings. I may be a sucker for Buffy and Sookie, but I’m overwhelmed by the amount of vampage going on in today’s entertainment media.

    Great post! :-)

  2. True Blood is exactly what I look for in an, outside the box, series. One minute you are in Merlot’s dealing with daily life drama, the next you are in a were-bar watching them take shots of vampire blood. It’s also pretty funny at times.

    As goes for the explosion of vamp movies, you know it has been over done when you get a film like Vampire in Brooklyn. So I say keep them coming and throw in some more boobies!

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