Blizzard Sends Chills, Lefties Sigh, & Music Lives

Hello there fellow poptards! A few things that have popped up in the news the past couple of days worth noting…

Can you hear me on my iPhone now? No? Oh, that’s because I’m left handed…

Ok, this is kinda a big deal. Consumer reports has announced that it will not recommend/report on the iPhone. They have tested the iPhone 4’s awesome new “feature” of the signal dropping when the left hand covers the lower left antenna.  Even though it rated high on their list of smart phones, this feature was the buzz kill for them. Is there a fix for this? Sure there is. Just place a peice of tape or a bumper case over the area, and all will be well. You can read in more depth about this new “feature” here.

Blizzard Subscribers Breathe a Collected Sigh of Relief.

Recently Blizzard almost did something that created a HUGE outcry from their subscribers: People were going to have to use their real names….on the internet. That’s right kiddies, if you were to say something, people will know who’s really saying it. What does this mean? You are accountable for what you say. Which some saw as a plus. It also means, people know your first and potentially last name which means potential fears of stalking and privacy. Celebrities have voiced their opinions on this matter. A large number of female gamers have also expressed their feelings on why full real names should not be used. Blizzard has since released this statement on their page officially canceling this effort. *PHEW* Ok people breathe!!

No Yrock? Yes YNot

Last Thursday,  a sad thing happened. It was Josh T Landow’s last Yrock show on their Yrock stream. Josh and crew had an alternative and indie show that highlighted these types of music two nights a week on 88.5FM,WXPN (a Philly based station). They also streamed their show all day as well. Does this man’s name sound familiar? YRock sound similar to Y100? It should. This show has been around in some form or another through out the years and through out the stations. It’s a sad thing to see another station like this go…again. You can read Josh’s farewell letter here.  Good thing, is that he’s already bringing it back…online! You can listen to the streaming station called YNot. It’s just like the real thing. No imitation radio here.

That’s all for now! Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Hey Alana,
    So here is my take on Blizzard’s efforts at a social media. I was ok with it. I was actually excited about this due to the fact that I was a closet WoW player and had a core group of people I would play with all around the world. I got a Christmas card from one of them and he is in Canada. I just think it was cool, but then again I’m not a girl or a celebrity.

    As goes for the iPhone 4 issue. I’m sorry to say that I have lost a lot of faith in Apple’s recent efforts in new technology. The iPhone 4 is to Apple as Vista is to Microsoft. It is a shame, I will always trust the computers, but the iPad to me is still a bust with it’s lack of tethering, camera, media output, etc…. And the iPhone 4 is just plain stupid, rushed and, what seems to be, untested. This could also be a ploy to sucker the already iPhone owners to having to purchase an iPhone 4GS or something. It is just sad panda.

    And sadly I can’t comment on YRock, but it is always sad when things go away.

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