Jerry Maguire + Ethan Hunt = Roy Miller

Friggin’ entertaining! Tom Cruise is nothing short of hilarious in this action packed special agent movie. His character, Roy Miller, is accused of going rogue and stealing a special battery that would revolutionize the modern world.  In the process Cameron Diaz‘s character, June Havens, get’s caught up in the crossfire and joins a frantic journey to clear Roy’s name.

This film was hilarious and Cruise and Diaz meshed perfectly. As an audience member I felt safe as soon as Cruise was in the scene, but as soon as he was gone I felt a looming feeling of danger.  I have to give it to director James Mangold for this one. Editing was great, timing was close to perfect and casting couldn’t have been better.  As for the ending, it is a standard chick flick ending, but a good one.  If you read the POP5 List: Guilty Pleasures! you would know that chick flicks are one of mine. So if your wife/girlfriend/booty call/baby mama is complaining that you never take her anywhere and you want to go somewhere you don’t really have to talk go see , you wont be disappointed.  If you are then go stand in an un-air conditioned unemployment office line next to a mother with 5 screaming children. That should straighten you out.

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  1. JayDee says:

    Yeah I took my Ma to see this for her b’day yesterday and she LOOOOOOVED it. I wasn’t too bummed about it either. I thought it was l LOT of fun. Diaz and Cruise make a great pair and had no trouble matching each others intensity, in fact they just kept cranking it up. Fun comedy, silly action. Good stuff!
    And the knock-out juice gags were hilarious. I wish they kept that scene going a couple more rounds!

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