Last week’s top 5 guilty pleasures, and being sick most of this weekend made  me think of something that is not as guilty pleasure at all, but a pleasure I delight in every week….

Not only do I scour the web on a daily basis for geeky and techie things, but in my daily life I am surrounded by it. Dare I say it, at times I get overloaded with the information and geek speak I am surrounded by. I am surrounded by programmers and gamers on a daily basis. Though the overload is inevitable at times, I secretly love every minute.

In a way, a form of tradition has come from it. Almost every Sunday my house hosts a pot luck dinner. The set up is the same every week: People come with something yummy (made from some of the food blogs I recommended), we tuck in and eat, and each week a board game is broken out or talk of something technological ensues.

Every week, as a game of Carcassone or Munchkin breaks out, talk of tech or gaming or geeks happens. Sometimes, if we don’t game, we watch silly things on YouTube and shows like Know Your Meme. It’s a great way to ease into the week.

Every week, I take a minute and take it all in. Apple verse PC debates and all. Every week I get to see a group of my friends get together and truly enjoy good food and good company.

So, I ask you: What is a tradition you and your friends/family have? It can be something like a weekly potluck or a game night. It can even be something like TP’ing someone’s house every Halloween.

From the couch this is Alana signing off. Have a great week everyone! STAY COOL!

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  1. Sulli says:

    The SyFy channel count as a guilty pleasure?

  2. Jaydee says:

    Does the podcast count? I love that I have an excuse to geek out about something on a weekly basis..and that doesn’t even include all the reviews I write for here and aintitcool! Annnd I work at a comicshop a couple times a week which is awesome!

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