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A teenager turns her babysitting service into a call-girl service for married guys after fooling around with one of her customers.

I had never heard of The Babysitters before, but thanks to the wonders of Netflix and the fantastic ability to stream movies and shows directly to my Xbox, my viewing options have grown drastically. But I was flipping through the movies and the cover caught my attention, honestly because it had an image of a girl taking off her shirt. Then I read the synopsis and thought, well this might be enjoyable if only for some mid-day smut. And it WAS enjoyable, but not for being smutty. This was a well crafted story that sort of harkened back to the 80’s when the then teenaged Tom Cruise was hanging out with prostitute Rebecca De Mornay in the now classic Risky Business. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. But to compare this movie to that is definitely a compliment.

This film is the story of a completely nerdy [nerd-laugh and all..I’m looking at YOU, Slai! ;)] college-driven girl who has a touch of OCD and decides to make money babysitting for neighborhood parents John Lequizamo and Cynthia Nixon. Wives, a word of advice from your friendly neighborhood movie reviewer: Never let your husband drive the babysitter home by himself. Chances are, he’s going to take her to see the deserted train yard you weren’t interested in earlier, start an affair with her, which will then lead her to start her own ring of “babysitting” high school prostitutes. Just sayin’. You’ll thank me later. In fact, leave your thanks in the comment section below.

When I saw the synopsis for this movie, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a comedic take on the subject matter, which it certainly COULD have been, but I’m pretty glad they went the serious route. The dialogue is believable, the acting is all superb, and the tone kept me worried about how it was all going to go wrong, which it invariably had to.

The lead girl, played to perfection by Katherine Waterston, undergoes a slow transformation from mild-mannered nerd to intimidating pimp, and it’s a fascinating one at that. I was surprised at just how involving the film was. And it wasn’t just because of the boobies. Actually, there is a surprising lack of nudity for a film with this subject matter. Everything is shot with a minimum of exploitation, especially considering this could have been the plot to a porn film. Cynthia Nixon is excellent, if not a little short-changed in her role as the cheated-on wife and recovering alcoholic mother of the babysat. John Leqs gave more then I expected, as well. It’s nice to know he can act, considering I know him mostly from films like Spawn and The Pest, both of which are god-awful. I’d like to see more work like this from him in the future.

This was an excellent indie-film, but I’m now more terrified then ever of having a daughter someday.

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