I Cried When Muffasa Died…and Most of Toy Story 3

Wow, what can I say about this movie without crying? I don’t want them to move on. Toy Story will always be in my heart ever since the day Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) got out of his box ready to defeat the Emperor Zerg. My favorite character of all three will always be Rex (Wallace Shawn).  He’s the man.

Enough of the reminiscing, this movie was pulling at the heart strings.  It was nothing short of Pixar quality assurance stamp. The only twist of this one was that it was time to move on.  They did a great job of making it known that playtime was over for the toys with Andy, but the show must go on.

There were great performances in voice acting, but I have to really give it to the developer teams at Pixar.  I have never gotten so emotional over a CGI (computer generated image) facial expression. It was moving. I give this 23.4 wompamuffins. As goes for the question, is this the best of the CGI this year? No, I still recommend “How to Train Your Dragon,” I feel that will win in the 3d animation category for 2010.
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