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The church of the geek
The smell of nerd in the air
E3 is now gone

As most know, E3 wrapped up yesterday out in L.A.  I had hoped to find a way to go to E3, but lack of funds, ability to secure ticket and my ass being firmly planted in a conference room for training for the last 3 days, I was forced to live vicariously through others and via the wonderment that is G4tv. I was going to do the usual fair of spewing my opinion of the games and devices on display, but have decided that I would rather slam some poetry on you all.  So I present to you the 10 things at E3 that inspired me to write a haiku.

Gears of war 3

My Lancer Gone Cold
Yearning for the blood of foes
Long for chest high walls

Portal 2

The cake still a lie
GLaDOS awakens again
New allies are made

NHL 11

Broken stick madness
Hip checks to crush opponents
Avery D-bag sim?


SMART may change the world
Good blend of on and offline
Bethesda bad ass

Tron Evolution

Deadly disc returns
Light cycle flows like water
The dude will abide


Outrageous action
Rewarded for kicking ass
Ridiculous fun

Dead Space 2

Badass engineer
A beautiful horror game
May have shit my pants

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Running from Police
Misjudge a turn go to jail
Now the law, I am

Halo Reach

No Master Chief here
New batch of Spartans take stage
New foes to tea bag

LittleBigPlanet 2

The cuteness returns
Huge level design upgrade
Game within a game

Ok, now that you’ve suffered enough of my prattle let’s discuss some of the other things to come out of E3.  Microsoft unveiled Kinect, formerly Project Natal, with a performance by Circ de Sole that was…interesting.  The Kinect uses full body motion and eliminates the need for controllers, which is a keen idea.  A release title for the Kinect will be a Star Wars lightsaber game, which looks like loads of fun.  However, we now finally have the lightsaber game we’ve been clamoring for over the last 3+ years, and now have had the lightsaber controller taken away. Most other titles resemble Wii like family and party games, with the exception of Children of Eden which is from the Rez creator. I will say that I squee-ed rather loud when I saw this.  Rez was one of my all time favorite games and I can not wait to get my hands on this.  Microsoft also introduced the new Xbox 360 which is slimmer, sleeker and quieter and now has built in wifi.  I was a single click away from preordering one, until I realized there will be a Kinect bundle later in the fall, so I’m going to hold off until then.

Sony introduced its answer to the Wii with Playstation Move.  I’m still waiting for word if it as doubles as a marital aid.  At first glace it appears to be nothing more than a Wii in HD, but it appears that Sony may be trying to appeal to some of its hard core fan base by having RE5 playable with Move.  Certainly there will be other titles as well and only time will tell if this doesn’t just turn out to be an HD Wii.

Nintendo showed off its newest handheld the 3DS.  All signs point to amazing, epically with the announcement of Star Fax 64 as a launch title.  As far as Wii titles, there’s a new Mario and Zelda came, I know, complete fucking shock there.  Donkey Kong Country will be making its way to the Wii as well as Other M, probably the only Wii game I’m excited about.

Many, many, many other games were displayed and most if not all have videos up on G4.  Speaking of G4, they brought over there London correspondent Alex Sim-Wise.  She’s very easy on the eyes, but rather rough on the ears, like a scullery maid with a megaphone.

That’s all for now, I’m hoping to have some thoughts on Red Dead Redemption and Alpha Protocol next week.

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  1. Linda says:

    Some truly nice and useful info on this site, as well I think the layout has got superb features :)

  2. Kenneth D. Otero says:

    We just got a Kinect last week and it’s totally loads of fun. Me and my family enjoy beating each other at the dances. Nice haiku by the way. A nice roundup of the games.

  3. By the way, we already have Gears of War, NHL 11 and Need for Speed. They are rocking games!

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