CultPOP!478 – Gutter Talk – Who WONDER Who

CultPop478JD and Len welcome Randy aka R-Son back into the Complex just in time to meet the Crooked X Hill LIZ and
drop panels of jewels on streaming networks, SnotGirl, artists doing good looking things, Battle Chasers and
which Marvel chick is ready for those Wonder Woman Fists.

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2 Comments to “CultPOP!478 – Gutter Talk – Who WONDER Who”

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  1. Ronnie Stryke says:

    Hey GT crew. I have one maybe two things. Dipped my toe in some of this Marvel SJW stuff after reading some tweets from Marvel editors. I’ll just say give me a book with an interesting idea and the art is good and I could care less who is in it or what sex they are or aren’t but shove your personal opinions not relevant to the book I’m reading and now your pushing personal agenda and not the story.and I want my money back. Squirrel girl comes up a lot in those SJW Marvel vids and I just want to know about Squirrel Girl. I had always thought she was special needs or even falling in the autistic spectrum somewhere. But I saw something about her and Wolverine the original one hooking up or he at least got some “tail” from her. If I read the books I guess I would know but I can’t support crappy art in a comic book. I know you dig SG JD so give me some Knowledge

  2. Ronnie Stryke says:

    Hey just to clarify in my previous comment Squirrel Girl art in the book may appeal to some fans just not to me, personally, I think it is strangely sub par.

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