Comics: Nemesis #2 reviewed by JD

Title: Nemesis #2
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Steve McNiven
Publisher: Icon
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“Aye, I know….fookin’ COOL, right?”

I imagine that’s the reaction that Millar goes for when he writes things like Marvel Knights Spidey, Old Man Logan, and his new creator-owned follow up to Kick-Ass, NEMESIS. Only the second issue in, and already there are some bad-ass sequences. This installment tells the brief origin story of our bizarro Batman, and make no mistake, this IS the opposite of Batman in almost every way. Decked out in all white, with a high-tech white car that expels a “bat-pod” type motorcycle when needed, tons of gadgets and money, with a huge batcave-like lair. He’s not even trying to hide it, much like the Superman gone bad stories over in Mark Waid’s Irredeemable, here we have bad-Bats. And it’s pretty awesome. Brimming with over the top bad-assery, this book is just a fun read! It’s entertaining to see the two hyper-intelligent enemies go toe-to-toe. And the best part is the whole reason I love it when creators can play with our most recognizable comic-character archetypes. Unlike in Batman books where we know that Bats will win out over the Joker every time, I have no idea how the boogens this book is going to end. And that is a great feeling! Part of the problem with iconic characters is the fact that their stature as icons in a way neuters the tension of their stories and automatically down-scales their fictional peril. No such worry with a book like this. This story can go anywhere and can be anything Millar wants it to be. And you can sense the amount of pure fun Millar is having writing this.

Same with McNiven. Keeping with, for the most part, wide open panels, crisp line work that’s heavy on the detail, but not overbearing, I wanna have sex with Steve’s inkwell. The colors are for the most part quality, but I think it does the pencils a disservice at times (sorry Dave McCaig). Just like in a movie, my belief is that a good score goes unnoticed, while a bad score is entirely obvious, Dave’s colors put a hurting on Howard Anderson’s face in the “Anderson Foundation” scene. Poor old man Anderson looks like he’s 2 steps away from shambling off the page and eating my brains as a fully-turned zombie. I understand that he was just trying to be thorough with his coloring, but the maze of whites, grays and dark grays on every lump of Howard’s face is just too much. Otherwise, the colors are consistent and attractive. I kind of wish whomever had done the colors for the McNiven cover had done the interiors though. There is a level of color-detail on the outside of the book that doesn’t follow through into the panels contained within. But that’s just nit-picking a quality read.

Aye, Mark. It IS fookin’ cool.


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