These are a few of my favorite things…Apps that is.

In the spirit of the iPhone pre-order, I have decided to share a few of  my favorite applications. I tend to the like the addictive, crack like puzzle games that frustrate me beyond belief. Hmm, perhaps I should ask my Psych. friends what that means…


O-M-G! Where to begin? This game is an overload of cuteness. While it is bright, simple, and colorful like a children’s game; I assure you it is not. Each screen starts with a few adorable circles with large eyes captured in a bubble. The object? Tap the screen to activate dust to set off a chain reaction of sneezes. There are several types of play. There’s even an easy mode of this game. I personally like the challenge mode. In challenge mode, your goal is to get the number displayed. You get 5 chances to get the amount. If not, you start over. This is not a free app, but one day it was free and I got it. It is definitely worth the 99 cents. This is also now available for the iPad (have I mentioned that I hate the name “iPad”?).


This is another simple, yet highly addictive game. In Doodle Jump you’re this little scribble of a guy. Your goal: jump and get as high as you can. The higher you ascend, the higher the score. There’s no levels that I have found. You just keep going up and up. Occasionally you will have to shoot something, and your platforms will break or burst. Really, there’s not much to this game, but I can assure you it will waste time. Like I said, no levels but you can switch out the look of the game. There’s normal doodle, ghost, space, jungle, and recently added soccer mode. Did I mention this won a design award from Apple?

This game is awesome. The game, has some neat sound effects, and while lacking in color (hello grey scale), the look of it is pretty cool. The point is to line the darker pieces up to let your ball through. There’s some technique to this. I noticed while playing that there are sweet spots. Line the spaces up just fast enough, and you can get your ball to drop *giggle* through more than one space. To quote a friend, “It’s kinda like a reverse Doodle Jump.” It’s $1.99. Really, it’s better than it sounds. I swear.


Ok, this app is $5 bucks, but before you judge, please hear me out. Especially you board game players. This app is based off of the board game that goes by the same name. Basically, in this game, you get tiles to put down. The tiles build cities or roads. There are also monastery pieces. Once tiles are put down you then place a little person called a “meeple” to mark where you’re claiming (i.e.: the road, the land, or the city itself). Completing a city or a road earns you points. Obviously the one with the most poins wins. What’s great is that you can play with up to 4 people! Internet, bluetooth, and LAN are all available options to play. There’s even push notifications to let you know when it’s your turn. I love playing this on a table(I’ve had some great conversations while playing this game), but having this as an uber portable option, is awesome! iPad update is coming then it will cost $9.99. If you have one version, you won’t have to pay for the other.

What are some of your favorite Apps? Tell me! I’ll need something to tide me over until I get my new phone.



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  1. JD (Host) says:




    i also have Doodle’s cute, but doesn’t keep my attention for more then a round or two..
    i did finally get to the top though, so that was cool..

  2. Alana says:

    Words with friends is def. a good one! Plants vs. Zombies??!?!?! Now that I need to check out. Anyone get to reserve their phone yesterday?

  3. Y says:

    The mobile app has destroyed my wallet
    The gamefly app and the mythbusters app are probably my favs

  4. JD (Host) says:

    seriously, Al, (can i call you Al? i hope so cause girls with guy names are awesome. if you don’t like Al, i’ll prolly just go with the nickname S4JT$E98) if you write another one of these APPs articles, Plants Vs Zombies is guaranteed to be included, that’s how sure I am that you’ll love this game!

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