341 – Spoiler Alert – DeadPool and The Mercs For Money, Sheriff of Babylon 3, Vision 4, and Spider-Man 1!

This week, Johnny Destructo, Rob Patey and Mark L Miller chat about some new release comics from this week: DeadPool and The Mercs For Money, Sheriff of Babylon 3, Vision 4, and Spider-Man 1!

3amigoslogoTake a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:
Voicemail 1 – 02:15
Voicemail 2 – 09:23
DeadPool and The Mercs For Money – Cullen Bunn, Salva Espin – 15:26
Sheriff of Babylon 3 – Tom King, Mitch Gerads – 25:06
Vision 4 – Tom King, Garbriel Hernandez Walta – 32:33
Spider-Man 1 – Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli – 42:14

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You can find Mark at www.aintitcoolnews.com and @mark_l_miller
You can find Optimous Douche at www.RobPatey.com

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9 Comments to “341 – Spoiler Alert – DeadPool and The Mercs For Money, Sheriff of Babylon 3, Vision 4, and Spider-Man 1!”

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  1. Dan says:

    Hey guys, please don’t take the tone of my “Thanks” personally. You guys are the best. I just have always sounded like a sarcastic dick when I talk. (Which probably explains why I have very few friends.) =)

  2. Dan says:

    Couldn’t agree more on “The Vision”. It’s by far the best comic at Marvel right now.

  3. Roland says:

    Yep only things I’m reading from Marvel and DC are Vision, Iron Man, Thor, MIdnighter, and believe it or not Lobo for some reason. Maybe it’s cuz I have to read a space book, or something not sure, but I like it. That’s it really

  4. Dan says:

    Roland – what are your thoughts on Midnighter? I gave the first issue a shot but couldn’t really get into it. I do like his guest spots in Grayson though. Can you tell me why you like Midnighter? I’ll likely be dropping Batman when Snyder and Capullo leave, so I’m looking for another comic to pick up when that happens.

  5. J'Klar says:

    Am I alone in having completely given up on Marvel? I’m hard pressed to find anything they’re doing right now that appeals to me. Generally speaking, I don’t like the artistic look of most of their books. The quality of the writing is poor. I dislike Bendis and can’t understand why he continues to be assigned to Marvel’s most high-profile books. To be blunt, his comics aren’t worth $3.99. Hickman doesn’t write comic books, he creates disjointed series of overblown set-pieces that are connected by the thinnest of hairs. I intensely dislike many of the creative choices they’ve made with the major characters. Peter Parker as Tony Stark-Lite? Gay Iceman? Teenager Hulk? Not to mention the corporate bullshit – eliminating the Fantastic Four, de-emphasizing the X-Men in favor of the Inhumans, (characters Marvel has consistently failed to make interesting for 40 years), and mandating that all comics must now have “cinematic” credits splash pages and whole pages dedicated to telling me who the cast of characters is and putting red “X’s” through anyone who’s been killed. Again, are those wasted pages worth my $3.99, $4.99 or $5.99?

    Speaking of wasted space, I really wish the podcast wasn’t getting bogged down in this tired, tedious back & forth about SJW bullshit and political correctness. I sympathize with Bug’s frustration concerning the silly gender swapping and pandering to racial identity politics that the Big Two have embraced the past couple of years. It’s fake, it’s forced, it’s annoying. It has never and will never motivate me to buy any book. I don’t care if they have a black/hispanic alternate universe Spiderman, just get someone on the book that can make the character interesting aside from his ethnicity.

    But surely you must realize there is no winning an argument with the SJW police. Let them foam at the mouth. Don’t indulge their whiny narcissistic thought-policing bullshit.

    Le sigh…..

  6. Roland says:

    Dan- The book currently isn’t all that exceptional, pretty simple book. MIdnighter is on the job hunting someone down, or drinking or looking for a man. I kind of like the slice of life take on him, mixed in with comic book stuff, seems more adult and mature than most books. I mainly like it cuz I’ve enjoyed the character since the Authority, and anyone that does a semi decent job writing the dude, I will prob enjoy it. It’s not something I would really recommend unless you really like that character. I also like that its not bash you over the head sales pitchy with him being gay. He just is gay, always was, they don’t try to sell you with: Super Gayer Midnighter(30% More Gay Than Iceman!).

  7. Homer Sexual says:

    Hey Guys I know i am late, but thanks a mil for calling me a super listener and including Sheriff of Babylon. JD I agree with you on characters, and I side with Douche on plot. So it makes sense that you aren’t super into Babylon because there isn’t really anyone to root for, but the plot is so outstanding.

    Roland… the Midnighter book is actually 30% gayer than he was in Authority. But since they don’t milk it for publicity, no one cares.

    Anyhoo you guys are the bomb and I look forward to listening every week.

    PS: No 80s love for West Coast Avengers? It really delved into characterization with Tigra and Hank Pym. Even Hawkeye and Mockingbird, as sexist as that storyline ened up being, was very believable. That is totally the 80s book I wish was brought back in the style that it originally existed. It was only weak on art (very weak) but great on characterization and plot…despite the terrible dismantling of the Vision leading to the breakup with Scarlet Witch, which still traumatizes me decades later.

  8. JD (Host) says:

    Thanks Homer! I’ve never read the West Coast Avengers, to be fair. Since you like the Vision, are you reading his new series??

  9. Homer Sexual says:

    JD, I looove the new Vision series. It’s not only my favorite Marvel book, its my favorite book on the stands, period. And that is saying something. As far as Marvel, I really like Red Wolf so far and for whatever reason, I love Illuminati. I also love Injustice and Harley Quinn from DC, Sheriff of Babylon, (as you know), Manifest Destiny, Beauty, almost nything Image really. Airboy was my favorite comic of last year. Clean Room is amazing.

    Im an old-school Vision fan, since his creation basically and especially when h e hooked up with Wanda, I loved it so much. I always dream they will reunite. I even loved the Englehart maxi-series that led to them becoming suburban parents. I hated Wonder Man when he basically stole Wanda.

    Until now, I never really liked Vision apart from Wanda, and he is pretty creepy now so I wouldn’t say I “like” his character but that book is amazing!!!!!!!!

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