340 – Spoiler Alert – Daredevil 3, Old Man Logan 1, Twilight Children 1-4, and Art Ops 4!

This week, Johnny Destructo, Rob Patey and Mark L Miller chat about some new release comics from this week: Daredevil 3, Old Man Logan 1, Twilight Children 1-4, and Art Ops 4!


Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:
email – 02:08
Daredevil 1-3 (Charles Soule, Ron Garney) – 12:56
Old Man Logan 1 (Jeff Lemire, Andrea Sorrentino) – 29:33
Twilight Children 1-4 (Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke) – 38:33
Art Ops 4 (Shaun Simon, Mike Allred, Matt Brundage) – 47:29

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27 Comments to “340 – Spoiler Alert – Daredevil 3, Old Man Logan 1, Twilight Children 1-4, and Art Ops 4!”

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  1. Roland says:

    Douche it sounded like you kept saying Colin Firth as Bullseye, which would be funny, but it was Colin Farrell, unless I heard you wrong

  2. PopTardsSoWhite says:

    Neither DC not Marvel has issued mandates that female/minority characters must be written by female/minority writers. If you’re perceiving this, it’s probably from a young and frustrated voices speaking out on the web. The trend might be PC which is a PR benefit, but it’s ultimately financial decision. Publishers are seeing an increase in female/minority readership and have realized they are not serving this part of the market by writing characters they can identify with and are losing potential sales. M-A-R-K_L_M-I-L-L-E-R’s proclamation that It isn’t OK for Jason Aaron to write Wonder Woman is bunk. He writes for Jane Foster as Thor for Marvel. Patey, you’re not being persecuted for being a white male so just stop.

    If the three of you insist on having these debates on gender/race issues in comics, have someone else on that comes from a different perspective. To have this discussion over and over again in an echo chamber using circular logic is not pleasant to listen to. Most of us just want to know if X comic is worth buying.

  3. JD (Host) says:

    Lol, I don’t think we INSIST on having these conversations, but as three people with differing opinions on the matter, it keeps coming up. We are fully aware that we are 3 white males (and even the dude who wrote in mentioned that he was another white dude having this conversation with other white dudes.) If you are interested in gender/race issues NOT put out by White Dudes, you should check out one of the other shows that PopTards puts out every week called GUTTER TALK, you can find it in the same RSS feed that you find Spoiler Alert!

    As for what “most of us” want from the podcast, we get much more feedback about the discussions we have “around” the comics than what we thought of the comics themselves. As evidenced by you writing in to weigh in on on the gender/race issue that you just said we need to stop having.;)

  4. AmbushBug says:

    Of course, publishers can’t issue mandates about that. But it happens. It’s the same reason why bars I have worked at cannot say they don’t hire male bartenders in accordance to what the bar owners preference is. But I have worked at bars that only have female bartenders nevertheless simply because the bar owner equates tits to sales.

    Not naming names or anything like that, but in talking with editors, being a part of conversations at conventions, and just absorbing the general vibe at conventions where the PC crowd protests any non-white character being written by a white guy (take the Waid Strange Fruit controversy), there is a very strong indication that publishing companies were looking for writers who were non-white and male to write their non-white and male characters to avoid such controversies in the future. This doesn’t mean that is doesn’t happen occasionally as with Aaron’s Thor (using Aaron was a bad example on my part), but for writers coming up, it is frustrating to see non-white, non-male writers get jobs with little to no published material to back up their sudden rise. This is especially frustrating when you see the remedial final product.

    It’s just my experience. Again, I’m not naming names, but it happens more than you would think, PoptardsSoWhite. Where’s your info coming from?

  5. @Roalnd Yes, I said Firth. Don’t hate on my preference towards Bridget Jones over the new Total Recall.

    @Ptardssowhite – Patey; interesting you use my last name my friend, instead of my nom de plume, You know me personally. The game is afoot.

    I never claimed persecution because of my day glo hue, however I will also not claim an unfair life advantage over being white. I was given an unfair advantage because of education. My parents both graduated from college in a time when that was not the norm. Hell, it’s still not the norm. However, stats show, get more education make more money.

    If you choose to do that.

    Perhaps, I’ve simply worked in liberal organizations. Perhaps, because of corporate specialty I see an imbalance. But, I have worked more for women and “minorities” than my own Aryan stock. I’m the minority a lot of times as a white male. I like it. I’m like a unicorn.

    No, persecution felt, but no victimization either as I have seen Women and Minority leadership groups put into effect at past jobs that have excluded me. I’d like to be taught how to be a leader, oh well, I’ll just go learn it on my own I guess.

    These programs were absolutely necessary in a time when people weren’t even allowed to interview because of their gender or race. Those times are gone. You’re in the door now, all you have to do next is be better. That’s the rub…


  6. Roland says:

    Im with ya “Patey”, I’d rather watch anything with Colin Firth than Colin Farrell.

  7. Homer Sexual says:

    Welcome to another installment of left, right and center. on the right, of course it’s Bug, who feels constantly put off by anything that makes him feel like white men are being put down. Which in Bug world is most comics not featuring a white male lead. And on the left, JD, who feels he must apologize for the guilt of being a white male and all the privilege he has been afforded. And Douche in the center, not offended by all the women and minority in comics, but not feeling ashamed because he is a white guy who works hard. While this whole section was repetitious, I was most disappointed by JD, because I mostly always agree with him but there is no shame being a white man.

    Also as a gay man, I don’t constantly run around crying about straight privilege. Though god knows it exists. I just expect equal treatment. And FYI Midnighter isn’t all that…. but I feel obligated to support it since it has a gay lead character.

    BTW I work in a job where I am the only white man in a supervisor position. My boss and peers are mostly black, both genders, and I am mildly left out of the loop. So I have the unusual lens where if I weren’t white, it wouild be to my benefit. So anyway…

    Since it is a comics loop, I must say that like you guys I didn’t really understand Twilight Children, I even read it twice and have a postgraduate degree from UCLA, but I liked it. But if I had to explain it… well, I’d rather not….

  8. To be fair to my homies though, I am borderline sociopath in my emotional distancing and cool headed assessments. I only act like I have a passion for stuff, mainly so I get invited places for dinner still.

    End analysis — equality will only come when we all see the person and not the color or gender.

    I do this by assuming all humanity first sucks and then make exceptions for individuals.

    Except Kathy MODOK, hated her on first sight….once I could see the peanut person in the chair that is. Thought the thing was fucking wheeling it self at first.

  9. JD (Host) says:

    Woah woah, I’ll have to listen again, but did I say I’m ashamed to be white? Or did I say White Privilege exists? I’m a white man who works very hard, and I’m not ashamed of that, but I’m also very aware that being a White Male certainly ….helped.

  10. JD (Host) says:

    But honestly, while I’m not ashamed of being white, nor am I proud of it. I don’t understand what pride I should feel for anything that is out of my control. I didn’t make a decision to be born white, so where should that pride come from? That’s like saying “man, I’m really proud that I was born with 10 fingers.” or “Did everyone see these two eyes I got?? 2EYE PRIDE 4EVA!”
    I’m proud that I continue my art, despite crippling self-doubt, I’m proud that I opened up my own store, and have excellent customer service, I’m proud of many things that I decide to do, and I’m ashamed of the bad decisions I’ve made, but being born white doesn’t fit into either of those categories for me.

  11. Funny, I always thought it was your keen design eye and a heavy commitment to work so you got fat and cancer that…helped.

    Did you just write whitey on the resume and got the job. Forget not, how deep in the U fold me and my family were, and the dirty secrets of reverse diversity that I know.

  12. JD (Host) says:

    Douche, forgive me if I’m misreading, but it sounds like you’re using your own personal experiences as proof that White Privilege isn’t a thing…?

  13. Homer Sexual says:

    Well JD, when the topic first started, which I think was Bug (BTW agree about Captain Marvel, disagree about Poison Ivy). I think your quote was “we aren’t about to debate whether white privilege exists” and pretty much confirmed that you feel that it totally exists, and then you kinda got into a debate with Douche who said he got where he is by working hard.

    I was wrong to say ashamed of being white, sorry about that. but not for the apologetic part. I think that I, like Douche, work in a very different environment. But it is probably fair to say it’s very often more about who you know than what you know, and that always makes it a little harder for an outsider to break through, regardless of what the reason is to be put in the “outsider” position.

    And yeah, Captain Marvel always felt too “girl power” to me and I love Girl Power. (I think I buy 12 monthly books with a solo female lead). But I enjoyed Ivy, loved seeing Harley, thought it was sexy and didn’t get the anti-male vibe from that one at all.

  14. Yes. And statistics.

    On surface the stats show huge gaps. Quick better initiate some social programs to simply institure a new imbalance. Wait, lets look under the stats.

    Home ownership – a wealth factor. People of color on % don’t own less homes, they own homes in less desirable areas thus driving down housing costs and thus lower return on gross wealth

    Did white people make neighborhoods where they don’t live and won’t drive through crappy and lower value? Is it white then to take care of your neighborhood and make it an inviting place worth living? I don’t think so, I’ve lived next to many people of many colors who had baller friggin lawns and shrubbery.

    Education – Only tangible today argument here is less interview opportunities. I don’t see it, but I also won’t admit it doesn’t exists. I was also told once I was too “dude” for a job where they wanted the mellow calm of ladies. Again, I’ll relent here as Homer did earlier.

    Now, to my point yesterday this tidbit follows on the article where I started to link dive this topic:

    Quote from Forbes: Less obvious factors have historical roots in prohibitions against teaching slaves to read and the practice of “separate but equal” educational facilities. They continue to matter because parents’ educational level and family income and wealth are strong predictors of children’s educational success.

    Hey my Grandfather could barely read, died because he scrubbed asbestos out of ship hulls. He did that 18 hours a day so he could send his kids to college. He did it all as a black Irishman in a land of Lilly white English privilege.

    He sacrificed so his kids could have better in a time when no social programs existed to help. It was just the right thing to do. So no, I’m not white privileged I am education privileged.

    I’m Rob Patey. I love everyone except the self imposed victim, idiots, and Kathy MODOK.

  15. JD (Host) says:

    It’s interesting to me that the ONLY group in the world who say that White Privilege doesn’t exist…are White People.

  16. JD (Host) says:

    @Homer: Oh, yes I totally did say that White Privilege exists. I definitely did say that. Because it does.

  17. Homer Sexual says:

    Jd like I said this is the first time I haven’t been on the same page as you, but working in LA, whiteness is definitely not a privilege. i guess it depends on where you live. You’re in Pennsylvania and I think things are very different in different places. I dont think that in Los Angeles we have white privilege. The opposite, really. But I admit in other places this isn’t the case.

  18. JD (Host) says:

    Yeah different experiences, that’s for sure. My Chinese American wife relays a very different experience of LA than the one you are experiencing.

  19. Roland says:

    Sure it exists, but who gives a shit. Someone will always have a leg up on the next person, and someone will be at a disadvantage, it’s life. However I’ve never heard anyone use that term not on the News Media or on the Internet, kinda like Rape Culture. I tend not to worry about these things cuz they mean little to me. So I’m a white male and Privileged, big whoop.

  20. JD (Host) says:

    @Rolando-Maximus Which was kind of my point on the podcast. “Sure it exists”, which is all I was saying. “We aren’t REALLY going to debate whether it exists or not, are we?” or something to that effect.

  21. Roland says:

    I know buddy, sometimes these things snowball into somewhere you didn’t want to go. Most of the time when you guys go on a tangent like this one i tune out until you say “alright issue #48 of BLahBLah Douche what did you think?”

  22. OK, we’re saying samesies. Or at the very least, I like Roland’s statement that we all have an oppressor. I was taking this to reasons for the facts, which is something I haven’t been able to stop doing since I added Malcom Gladwell to my life’s reading list.

    I also like to thwart barriers and not wallow in their existence. Rage against the machine and you will grind it to a halt. Being white hasn’t been a privilege for me, it’s been a detriment at some very pivotal points in my career.

    Time, place and circumstance dictate who gets the short stick because of what they are instead of who. Complaining about it won’t change it though, nor will imposing equality. After a certain time that mandate of equality begins to ostracize the other side.

    Equality will come by the merits of individuals PROVING stereotypical traits wrong.

  23. I will say though, most comments we’ve gotten in weeks. If you fuckers cared as much about comics we wouldn’t wallow in this shit. #SUCKAS

  24. Homer Sexual says:

    Here’s one more with a non-comic and a comic-related comment..

    JD, I am amazed that a Chinese-American felt less-than in LA. Asians are on top of the social order here. I swear to you that my four best friends are 3 children of immigrants, one from Mexico, one from China, one from Japan, plus a Salvadoran immigrant.

    In terms of income and privilege, the Chinese guy is #1, open about it, proud of it, and the most conservative of our social group.

    In general here, everyone wants Asians to move in to their neighborhoods, they want their kids to go to school where Asian kids go, and any high-end place is probably frequented by a lot of Asians. So that is surprising.

    On a comic book note, it was me who was asking you guys to review Sheriff of Babylon because it’s political but not partisan, and I think liberals, conservatives, anyone would find it interesting. It’s really good. But it’s kind of hard to jump into, definitely would read best in collected form.

  25. Mazer Rackham says:

    I’ll put Colin Ferrell in “In Bruges” up against anything Firth has done, And I’m a huge Firth fan.

  26. Roland says:

    There are exceptions of course Mazer. In Burges is pretty great “Your’re an Inanimate fucking object!”

  27. Dan says:

    If commenting on this thread is cool, consider me Miles Davis. That wasn’t a racial reference, that was a line from Billy Madison. I can’t be racial because I myself am racially ambiguous. My Dad was Caucasian and my Mom is half Filipino and half Spanish/Japanese. That basically makes me the human version of platypus – confused as fuck.

    ANYWAY, I just wanted to comment on Colin Firth. Up until last year I had never seen a Colin Firth movie. Then I saw “Kingsman”. Holy balls that movie was awesome.

    Colin Farrell on the other hand has had a few hits, and a SHITE-load of misses. Among his hits are “Seven Psychopaths”, “Fright Night” (a decent remake), “In Bruges”, “Miami Vice”, and “Minority Report”.

    Going by the number of movies I’ve enjoyed them both in, I’d say Farrell > Firth right now.


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