325 – We Stand On Guard, Scarlet Witch 1, Snow Blind 1, Violent 1, and New Romancer!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche take a look at this week’s books: We Stand On Guard, Scarlet Witch 1, Snow Blind 1, Violent 1, and New Romancer!

3amigoslogoTake a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

email 1 – 01:09
email 2 – 09:49
We Stand On Guard 1-6 – 21:12
Scarlet Witch 1 – 45:01
Snow Blind 1 – 54:40
Violent 1 – 1:00:59
New Romancer – 01:08:56
SO GOOD NO GOOD – 01:12:45

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13 Comments to “325 – We Stand On Guard, Scarlet Witch 1, Snow Blind 1, Violent 1, and New Romancer!”

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  1. Homer Sexual says:

    Well guys the We Stand On Guard review was kind of a waste. The whole point was to see how Bug felt about the big twist that Canada started the whole war and then poisoned their own water supply. But since he hasn’t read it yet, it was all a waste. Bug could only state what he thought we would feel, since he hand’t read it yet.

    Douche, you spoke the words that literally ran through my mind as you discussed gay Iceman. Forced concept, good execution. As a gay reader, I am not really caring that he is gay, but it has been handled well despite not making a whole lot of sense.

    What I found very telling/interesting was that JD said he’d be cool with gay Spider-Man. That’s because he is cool with gay people. But he wouldn’t be cool with Republicans because he doesn’t like Republicans. That’s honest.

    Saying that you wouldn’t be cool with gay Spider Man or whoever, does in my opinion mean it bothers you because you don’t like gay people. At least own up to it. I think whenever people complain about a change in gender/sexuality/race whatever, its because they don’t really like that group.

    I don’t like muslim Ms. Marvel because I have issues with muslims. That is my problem and I probably need to work on it, but at least I admit it.

    RE Scarlet Witch, Douche Im with you again. Scarlet Witch was really kind of groundbreaking, a much less helpless heroine than her peers back in the day, and subjected to endless mistreatment for decades. Now she’s been around the block and that’s why I like her too. But I don’t expect her book to do well, there aren’t a lot of people interested in reading about a woman past her 20’s finding her way. Yes, It is for me, but there aren’t that many of me. Im not a target demographic.

    So good, no good… love it!!!! Keep It.!!!!

  2. Mazer Rackham says:

    Loses the part of the audience that needs to be having the conversation? Assuming you mean conservatives, because 100% of political comic book commentary is liberal, perhaps that segment of the audience has been driven away by 20+ years of America Sucks storylines, of Superman renouncing his US citizenship, of the Tea Party being singled out by Steve Rogers, and border patrols by Sam Wilson. Etc. etc. ad nauseum. Maybe if 100% of political sucker punches didn’t come from the left you’d have some wiggle room.

    How about a storyline where ISIS is the bad guy, not because they’re a secret sect of SHIELD created by Nick Fury to manipulate oil prices in America’s favor because comics, but just because they’re bad guys who want to kill us. Comics today are akin to an episode of Law & Order where the first act crime is a terrorist attack and the first suspect is a Muslim, but you know with absolute certainty that by the middle of the second act it will actually be the secretly gay child molesting Catholic priest because TV.

    It’s cool and I get that most artistic types lean left on probably a genetic level. I am an outlier as a writer/ singer/ actor/ Republican. I’m not asking that all stories cater to my world view and feature rock-ribbed Republican Uncle Sams kicking Jihadi ass. But how about one? Writers/ editors are, obviously, free to write whatever they want. I am also free to not buy things that actively hate me. In fact, in the spirit of reciprocation, I will even hate them back since they hold me in such contempt.

    It is absolute insanity to openly despise 50% of your potential buying audience. Yet most forms of media do it over and over because Rush Limbaugh must be stopped.

    Anyway, I’ve made these points before. It’s boring, predictable, lazy writing. But Trump wants to build a wall so let’s gear Secret Wars 3 to be anti-borders or some fucking thing.

    In order for there to be debate/ discussion, two sides must be presented.

    Love you guys, left center and right, love the show, getting my kids a bunch of classic trades for Christmas; Marvels, Civil War, Killing Joke, How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, and several of those great DC “Secret Origins” books from the early 80s. Anyone old enough to remember those pocket-size blue ribbon dealies?

  3. Homer Sexual says:

    While most comics are more liberal, I wouldn’t say all. If you read Preacher or The Boys, those are IMO pretty conservative. Most of Garth Ennis’s stuff is, even though he isn’t American. Chuck Dixon’s books as well.

    Most of the “lesson teaching” books are the liberal, yes. And I don’t like being taught lessons. But more subtle author sensibilities are in various books but aren’t overtly political. I don’t think many of us readers who are adults want a lot of politics in our comics.

    PS: Why do you like Midnighter so much? I think it’s pretty good but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best books being published. It falls into that “light entertainment” category to me.

  4. Tigger11 says:

    Please, Please, Please someone get Bug a dictionary for the holidays or teach him about Google. Perilous is not that hard to pronounce, it really is not. It means “full of or involving peril” not some form of paralysis as Bug seemed to be pronouncing.

  5. Mazer Rackham says:

    Fair point. Should have added the disclaimer of every political story I’ve read in the last 20+ years and/ or read about in other outlets and/ or heard about on here.

  6. JD (Host) says:

    @Homer / @Mazer also: if you are tired of Liberals, take a look at Frank Miller’s recent comics. If you dare.

    But “I don’t think many of us readers who are adults want a lot of politics in our comics”

    Than who do you think want politics in their comics? Children?

    I think that comics and pop culture are how people share their views, political or otherwise.

  7. JD (Host) says:

    @Tigger I don’t think he was saying Paralysis, I think he was just pronouncing it Per-AL-is

  8. JD (Host) says:

    @Tigger it’s funny, I remember there were a couple words that I only ever read in books or comics and therefore ever knew how to pronounce them…specifically Fruition. I wound up being silly and saying to someone “my plans have finally come to FROOtion.” and they were like “….do you mean Froo-eh-tion?”

    Boy did I feel ridicu-licious.

  9. Ambush Bug says:

    @Homer about MIDNIGHTER. I never said it was the best book out there, just one of the most entertaining DC book out there right now. I love Orlando’s writing and I think what he is doing is pretty ballsy and handles issues such as homosexuality and relationships and incorporates them into super hero comics in a sophisticated and unique way. It sucks that the artist seems to only be able to do every other issue, but Aco is fantastic when he draws an issue. Apart from the Batman books, which I still read faithfully and Aquaman, which I read out of habit rather than enjoying it, Midnighter really is the only DC books I look forward to every month.

  10. Left my comment on the wrong board at first, but here it is again…

    As always, lovin the show. Would really love to hear your thoughts on Nameless, as the last issue still looks on track to be released this week. As a Morrison fanboy who doesn’t always love or maybe relate to Morrison’s work (looking at you, Annihilator), I have to say I’m digging the holy living hell out of this collaboration between him, Chris Burnham (best pencils of the year anyone??), and Nathan Fairbairn. Burnham is killing it here, just as good as anything I’ve seen Quitely do with Morrison, and I feel like- as is often the case with Quitely- the two understand each other so well that you could completely remove GM’s words a still feel the full impact of the gorgeous nightmare mystery meant to be conveyed by his overall story. Amazing work that’s exceeding every expectation I had with the opening issue. Am I wrong or just a jerk off? thoughts?

    One other thing. I can totally understand why Bug would be so distraught upon waking up one morning to find out Peter Parker is gay. Imagine my own parents’ distress at the news about me. Let’s just thank our hetero normative stars something so reality checking was limited to a character as, let’s face it, ineffectual and everybody’s favorite not-favorite Bobby Snoresville Drake. While I do agree that there just needs to be more cool lgbt characters invented rather than reinvented, this is probably the most interesting thing that has or could happen to such a nobody character. Don’t worry angry straight boys, Bobby will be forgotten again in no time.

  11. rob patey says:

    Wow, I usually seek out shit storms better than Bill Paxton getting a Helen Hunt Midwest hummer…shame…

    Bug doesn’t hate anybody, he simply doesn’t want to see changes so drastically inconsistent with past canon I believe. Bobby Drake wasn’t just a man tepidly dipping into the vagina pool because he couldn’t satiate his true desires at the bath house….he was a fucking poon hound. Most late life closet abandoners are not so pussy obsessed through life. Bobby liked Pussy, so he’s bi, nit gay. This new Jean Gray is shit sauce at mind reading.

    Let’s hope she doesn’t offer any advice to anybody after they watch Schindler’s List.

    JD does hate Republicans though, he thinks state rights are shit. (read a book people – can we please say conservative instead of Republican for all of us Lincolnists in the world).

  12. rsixsmith says:

    Well hell, I had no idea Bobby was such a whore- good for her :) I remember him having a human girlfriend during his time in X-Factor, but I don’t remember if it was Zelda or someone else.
    Anyway, yeah, my comment does jab bug for his- in my opinion- overreaction, but he can take it AND he should expect it after glibly tossing an even more nothing character like Paladin out there as some kind of bone or consolation prize.
    I truly do get his frustration with the reinvention of classic characters to more closely reflect the times we live in. I believe it when he says his beef is a creative one and not merely homophobia. I’m just waiting for Tony Stark to transition, and then the pandering will be complete.
    But having said that, sometimes in life people you think you know very well can surprise you in all kinds of ways. This character change, and lots of reactions I’ve seen to it, very much mirrors life in that respect. Let’s keep a little perspective and admit that Bobby Drake is not in the same league as, say, Spider-Man or Captain America and maybe shrug this one off.
    And for the record, I’ve never understood the consistent hating on bug. The fact that he doesn’t get excited about most of the crap out there just means that he has a fucking brain. My respect for your collective opinions, if not always in agreement, is why I listen. And you make me laugh. xo boys

  13. Homer Sexual says:

    JD I meant not overt political diatribes. Agreed that Frank Miller puts some crazy conservative views out there. And I’m with you, I wouldn’t read spider man as a republican because I don’t like that. And noontime try to say I hate it because it’s not how he has been portrayed in the past. Anyhow happy holidays to you guys

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