JD reviews the brand new SPIDEY issue 1!

  SpideyTitle: SPIDEY #1
Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artist: Nick Bradshaw
Colorist: Jim Campbell
Published by Marvel Comics
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

When I heard that there was going to be another Spider-Man book on the shelves, I wasn’t sure it was necessary. We have Amazing Spider-Man, a very fine current Peter Parker book, and on the way is the Spider-Man book starring the teenage Miles Morales (previously The Ultimate Spider-Man, before all the Secret Wars hoopla). Not to mention the myriad of other Spider-titles out there (Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, Web Warr-jeez I’m getting tired just typing all of these titles out, let alone READING them all!)

So, yeah, I was weary of this book, is what I’m saying.

But holy cats was this book pretty great. First of all take a look at this amazing (no put intended. ok, maybe a little intended) inkwork by Nick Bradshaw. Not only is it gorgeous, but it does exactly what it needs to do: leave the origin story on exactly ONE PAGE. Most folks know the What, the Why and the How of Pete’s origin, so simplifying it works to the book’s advantage.  (Also the way Bradshaw draws fabric folds is really cool looking) At this point, I don’t even care that Bradshaw got most of his style from Art Adams. If you’re going to model your style after someone, you could do a lot worse!

Since we can get all of the origin out of the way, we can get on with what’s different about this book. It’s a bit of a revamp to the Parker story in several ways (which may or may not cause frustration, depending upon how rigidly you hold fast to the original Peter saga). For instance, in this series, even though PP is a high-schooler, his supporting cast is plucked from different points in time (sort of an Avengers Forever for Pete’s buds). We have Harry Osbourn and Gwen Stacy hanging about even though they weren’t introduced until Pete’s college years, and Sajani who wasn’t introduced until the most recent Dan Slott run. Also, there’s mention that Pete and Flash Thompson used to be friends until ole Flash got big and popular. That’s new too, as far as I know.

But the loose, seat-of-your-pants continuity makes for a really fun-tastic read.

It doesn’t feel bogged down by the past and instead forges ahead into a still-full-of-surprises future. Also, let’s look just one more time at this ART!

The suit is also a little different, if you look closely. The design of the eyes (lenses?) are very reminiscent of the creepy, squinty eyes drawn by co-creator Steve Ditko, as are the tight-knit webs. But where there used to be a bridge, there is now a distinct disconnect between the shoulder-webs and the now stand-alone gloves. But even weirder is the fact the Spidey’s face webs don’t engulf the mask! They just….end. Weird.

No matter the changes, (or because of the changes, more like) I’m pretty stoked about this fresh take on the teenage Peter Parker! I’m frustrated that it negates the reason for a Miles Morales book, or at least my argument as to why we NEED a Miles Morales book to all the nay-sayers out there (“But he’s the TEEN Spidey, for peeps who need a teen Spidey!”)  But I have to divvy props where due. There may be too many Spider-books out there, but this one’s a keeper!

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  1. Dan says:

    I like Spider-man. Been a fan since the 80s (the McFarlane art was what really turned me onto the book). But there are too many god damn Spider-man or Spidey related books out there. Too much of one thing isn’t always a good thing. How many of the Spidey books are you reading/collecting Jd? For me, I’m sticking to Amazing Spider-Man for my Peter Parker stories and All New All Different Avengers for my Miles Morales stories. I feel that if I get anything else, I may start to get sick of my Spideys.

  2. Dan says:

    I do have to say though, the art in “Spidey” is freakin beautiful. Kind of reminds me of Art Adams.

  3. JD (Host) says:

    @Dan I agree about too many Spideys. Let’s see, I’m reading Spidey, Amazing, and Spider-Woman. And Spider-Gwen. Not 2099 though. Can’t stand the art and it kinda bores me. Also: McFarlane’s Spider-Man is to this day, still one of my faves!

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