That Ringing sound you hear…

That is the sound of me phoning in this week.  Scholastic and social obligations have been kicking my ass so hard this week that I fear its foot will permanently smell of ass.  I’m in finals week here at Drexel U, and while my assignments are not of the difficult variety, they more than make up for it in the tyme consumption column. I’m not sure how I ended up with six finals with only three classes, but I didn’t take any maths this term so I’ll just take the teacher’s word for it.

Lack of tyme to spend with my precious consoles aside, I’ve actually enjoyed these finals.  They were frustrating at times, but still fun.  I’m in a creativity fuel major though, so hopefully this trend will continue.

Outside of the classroom, my beloved Flyers are defying odds and empting my bank account.  I’ve been to nearly every playoff game and will be at every Stanley Cup game.  Twice through the playoffs I’ve lost my voice and nearly broke my hand Wednesday night.  I’m positive that trend will continue.

Hopefully by next week, finals will be finalized, both here at school and on the ice in South Philly, and I can revert back to my video game fiend self. On the horizon I have Red Dead Redemption, Alpha Protocol, Green Day Rock Band, Angry Teddy, Singularity and Crackdown 2.  I will have my usual fun loving and knee slapping reviews for those in the coming weeks and possibly a few surprise nuggets of fun.

While you wait by your computer with abated breath for my future writings, I suggest you pass the tyme with Daria.  The DVD box set of the series finally arrived a few weeks back, and it is totally awesome.  More on that later, for now I must return to my studies.  Zooks and away


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