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A Serious Man

The Coen Bros: A Serious Man

In my quest to see all 10 movies of the Oscars Best Picture Nominations I have arrived at number 9, A Serious Man. Let me just say this first, you have to see it to understand it fully. I didn’t ever see any publicity or trailers for this before I watched it.

Hard times have fallen upon Professor Lawrence Gopnik, Michael Stuhlbarg. Problems with his mishpocheh, family for you non Yiddish speaking goys, problems with health, problems with some record company he has no knowledge about, problems with his career and no one will give him a straight answer about how to solve his problems. OY VEH!!!! (That’s right I am yelling at you with text…also imagine me with my arms in the air)
This film has very few people I could match with other films, but this film was not without some standout new talent. Pretty much the only person I recognized was the troubled, but gifted, Uncle Arthur, Richard Kind. I kind of recognized the awkward and intimidating neighbor Mr. Brandt, Peter Breittmayer, from several different tv shows.
Some of the new talent that I enjoyed where Sari Lennick, the overly pushy mother, Fred Melamed, the mother’s new husband, Aaron Wolff, the trouble-making son. With all these actors and actresses contributing you get a socially awkward comedy/drama movie about a Jewish community in the Midwest of the United States in what seems to be in the 50’s.
See this movie and let me know what you think. I enjoyed it and think it was definitely deserving of top 10, but other then that honorable mention is all it should’ve gotten. I will stick with Hurt Locker.

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