Head Lopper 1 by Andrew MacLean OUT TOMORROW!

head_lopper_2_on_kickstarter_by_andrew_ross_maclean-d6ptlyvTitle: Head Lopper 1
Writer, Artist: Andrew Maclean
Colorist (Parts 1 and 2): Mike Spicer
Published by Image Comics
Reviewed by Johnny Destructo

I’ve found a new favorite, and his name is Andrew Maclean. Without having read any of his works, I first noticed his impressively clean style on a popular social needyum. I’d see him posting WiP pics of a big ole bearded fella luggin’ around a lady-head for some reason and some other pics of a rifle carryin’ gal in some sort of foresty future. I had no idea what either of them were about, but after reading both stories, I’m proud to say I’m a huge fan. I don’t have a big foam finger with his face on it, but still. I like his stuff, is what I’m saying.

This issue is 1 of 4, so far. It’s a “Quarterly Adventure Comic”, and for some of you, you’re probably starting to tune out. That is a long wait for single issues, but this issue is basically the size of 3 regular issues, and it’s only $5.99. So, what we have here is the on-going adventures of the Son of The Minotaur, The Executioner…HEAD LOPPER. But apparently we can just call him Norgal. He has been summoned to Castlebay, on the Isle of Barra to strike down an overgrown evil that the town has been dealing with for quite a while, and guess what he does! Guess! No, he doesn’t buy it an Egg McMuffin, he lops of his head. God, you idiot. It starts off very simplistic in the story-telling, but quickly starts adding fun layers and sub-plots. Oh and did I mention he carries around with him the bodiless head of a cackling witch? Yeah it’s pretty rad.

The thing that really drew me to his stories, no pun intended, is Maclean’s art. Think Mignola without all the shadow abuse. Details are sparse, but not lacking. Excellent compositional structuring, silhouettes where appropriate, but not used as a crutch. Everything seems to be built on loose, energetic line-work, but with the solidity and weight needed to ground everything within his reality.

I’d like to ramble on more about this series, but the joy is in the discovery. Go discover some joy!

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