302 -Spoiler Alert – Archie Vs Sharknado 1, Cyborg 1, Starlord and Kitty Pryde 1, Wolf 1, Book of Death Fall of Bloodshot!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Archie Vs Sharknado 1, Cyborg 1, Starlord and Kitty Pryde 1, Wolf 1, Book of Death Fall of Bloodshot!

3amigoslogoTake a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

email – 02:51
Archie Vs Sharknado (Anthony C Ferrante, Dan Parent) – 10:03
Cyborg (David F. Walker, Ivan Reis) – 15:29
Starlord and Kitty Pryde (Sam Humphries, Alti Firmansyah) – 24:25
Wolf (Ales Kot, Matt Taylor) – 31:41
Book of Death Fall of Bloodshot (Jeff Lemire, Doug Braithwaite) – 37:22

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9 Comments to “302 -Spoiler Alert – Archie Vs Sharknado 1, Cyborg 1, Starlord and Kitty Pryde 1, Wolf 1, Book of Death Fall of Bloodshot!”

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  1. Yorgo says:

    I know I’ve said Ales Kot is a wannabe Grant Morrison but he’s actually worse than that cause he’s not even imitating current Grant Morrison but is instead trying to just replay various arcs from The Invisibles over and over again. Wolf sounds like another bad attempt on his part to be cool and awesome by hoping that the kids these days only claim to have read Morrison while not having actually done so.

    Plus, it’s kinda rough on Morrison to be mentioned in the same sentence constantly with a crap imitator. Morrison has even really branched out too lately. Happy might not be the best but I’d rather see him attempt something somewhat new for himself than watch Kot again let me know who he read about on wikipedia, which since he’s so into gay rights and racial justice he shouldn’t mention racist self hating gay William Burroughs so much.

    Oh and Lemire is such a weird choice for Bloodshot. I mean it’s like hiring Neil Gaiman to write a Michael Bay movie. I think that might be part of the issue. Focusing on character is cool but it can be boring when you’re there for Bloodshot doing Bloodshot stuff. Most of his series have had that issue for me though before picking back up.

    Valiant seems to not have continuity issues because they seem to be running their company like an actual company. None of the craziness of people thinking this character is mine or them using whatever character to promote whatever view point. The miniseries thing makes it easier too. It’s like actual TV shows instead of something vaguely approaching one like at Marvel right now, which DC seems to have just said do your own thing and it seems to help.

  2. Tigger11 says:

    First of all Douche is wrong. Crosby posed for Playboy originally in 1979, she wasnt fired for the Playboy stuff from ST:TNG, she quit because she didnt like what the character was doing. Second of all Bug, you are hugely wrong, if Peter David wants you to go with him to a movie, you go, what you do is grab the next interview person, and ask them “Hey do you want to go with me and Peter David to see the Captain America movie”, now even if you don’t get the second interview, you are legend with that person because you invited him to go to Captain America with Peter David. They have a big mouth, SDCC is talking about you as the interviewer that goes to movies with Peter David.

  3. Homer Sexual says:

    Jaclar Noir is an asshole, and not in a good way. He is a bigot. He pretends to be against ultra-progressive liberalism and the thought police, but then he compares Michael Sam to Uncle Grandpa and says peope are vilified for being anti-gay rights. In past times, he’d be crying about racists being ostracized. Speaking of race.

    You and DC should stop trying to make Cyborg happen. He has been boring for three decades. And it sounds like they are still going with the old “athlete whose parents wanted a brainiac so he isn’t getting love” angle that has been around since Columbine. That angle doesn’t work because it doesn’t exist. What parent, ever, has been so embarrassed that their son was a star football player? Answer: No parent, ever. Even the geekiest dork of a parent is proud that their son is a football star. Maybe moreso.

    I’d like to humbly suggest you review Fight Club 2. How often does an A-list author write a book in comic form? The only other one I can think of is Jodi Picoult, and Wonder Woman wasn’t a novel. Plus she was awful.

    FC2 is the for-real sequel to a beloved novel and cult movie written by its very famous author. I think its a big deal, and also its excellent. Even if you’ve never read Pahlaniuk, Im sure you’ve seen Fight Club. Plus, if you want someone very familiar with all of Pahlaniuk’s ouevre, I’m available!!!

    PS: When one of the gingers (JD?) said he’s always getting hit on by blondes and brunettes, one of the others(Bug?) was like “women?” Yeah, that was also an asshole comment, and not in a good way.

    Your ongoing fan.

  4. Yorgo says:


    Well I think Pahlaniuk might just end up getting the Brad Meltzer treatment if he was to ever right at say DC or even Marvel. I’m sure it’s why Meltzer went back to being a highly successful and praised pulp mystery writer. Better to be the B+ John Grisham than to be getting ragged on for doing in comics what everyone else is doing. Plus, you got the Joe R Lansdale still cranking out comics over at Avatar occasionally.

    I don’t think we should hold Picoult responsible for her run. Nobody at that time was really hitting the right notes on Wonder Woman. I’m sure if she’d not been brought in during the Amazons Attack crossover and didn’t have to work around the Allan Heinberg mess that was left behind, which good ideas but still a mess, that she’d have been able to make something at least more interesting than what she was able to develop there.

    Even then, she got given a character that’s hard to handle much like Superman. She’s been so many different things and people project onto her so many things that aren’t there or ignore others. The biggest issue is that people have a bit too much of nostalgia for the Perez run and that run turned her into a weird new age eunuch that fought Greek gods. It worked in the context of the run but it was out of sync with what had come before which was decidedly more fleshy. Basically, unless your name is Brian Azzarello, nobody has come close to really replicating that run while putting a fresh spin on it, which seriously Rucka’s run is the more boring version of the Perez run and with less joy than even Azzarello. So, I guess if anything we should just be happy when we get something interesting like the Eric Luke run where she fell in love with Vishnu and lived in a weird Prisoner style Wonder Dome.

    I think btw you’re being a bit hard on Jaclar Noir in conjunction to the Michael Sam thing. He’s complaining about the media looking hard to create a story or make a story bigger and in the process taking advantage of minorities and people who might be tolerant but not accepting in order to do it. They take advantage of people in both directions. The minority is exploited in that they are given a supposed representative to be the face of them and to rally around while at the same time the people who might not be entirely on board with the cause get to be worked up at how they are being portrayed. Essentially, it plays groups of people against each other. It reminds me a bit of what happened when Simone suddenly declared Batgirl’s roommate a transsexual cause occupy had run it’s course and it simply wasn’t hip enough for tumblr and twitter. It had no build up and served only to drum up exploitative sales and internet site hits. If you went to reddit and said anything along the lines of hey she’s exploiting these people, you got hit over the head incessantly not by transsexuals, which the one person who agreed with me and always talked comics with me afterward was transsexual, but by straight kids looking for a cause and a chance to prove how cool they were taking advantage of a minority group as they had been shown to do.

    Most of the Michael Sam stuff would not have been that way too if the journalism had merit. He was an average college player who probably wasn’t going to make it in the NFL but he was gay and they exploited him for it not just on the media level but on the NFL level where they wanted the press. It was wrong on both parts. A real journalist would’ve been focusing on the guys that were going to accomplish stuff. Not trying to create a story to fit whatever their personal beliefs are in stuff. Like I don’t like Mark Waid but I would interview Mark Waid often as I could as a journalist given his position within the industry. I’d be interviewing guys like Steve Orlando because talk about rising in the industry quickly while still maintaining a personal style, which his views about the whole pigeon holing thing with Midnighter would probably be interesting. I wouldn’t be interviewing people like Kelly Sue DeConnick though cause the only merit she’s shown is an ability to get Marvel to relaunch titles and give her second chances. Maybe the sales on Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly are good. I’d cross that bridge when I came to it. What I just described would be real journalism. Besides, think of the actual pioneering gay athletes out there that accomplished stuff they could be celebrating instead of an average player who had minor chances of succeeding like Greg Louganis and Billy Jean King. They were real pioneers and took real courage at a time when the media would’ve exploited them in a much different way. However, that would show progress and that’s not what it’s about. It’s about making people feel small and others look like monsters for ratings.

    Plus, I think it’s kind of wrong to declare someone a bigot in one place and then in an unrelated one. Especially when they haven’t mentioned anything about race. I mean race and sexuality are 2 different things just from a scientific standpoint. Best to treat them as such in general.

    Btw, spot on comment about the football player thing with Cyborg. Nothing points out your comics are written by guys who bought into their nerd/artsy stereotype too hard and are bitter about high school like writing a parent mad that their kid for being a star football player.

  5. Homer Sexual says:


    Although I do see race and sexuality as the same thing, i may have been hard on Jaclar. I understood the point he was making about media prompting, but then he did directly compare Sam to Uncle Grandpa and that was not cool at all.

    I don’t know why my auto correct wrote Columbine. That doesn’t make sense at all, I was saying olden times or something like that but at least you understood what I meant.

  6. Yorgo says:


    Haha auto correct is the bane of everyone.

    Your race doesn’t always determine your sexual orientation and vice versa and when it comes to science we really only know any real information about one and the other was unfortunately handled mostly by people who were more interested in banging their test subjects cause they were weird entomologists. Both make up a person’s identity and should be treated with the respect that deserves.

    As far as the whole Uncle Grandpa thing. I’m not quite sure what he’s talking about but hey this is me just now choosing to engage in any sort of pop media again. So, I might be missing something. Even if he said something offensive, I don’t think he in anyway really meant it quite like that. At worst, I think he just shot his mouth off on something he wouldn’t act on.

    Plus, I mean lets face it. Lots of people are running high on emotions right now. I mean I could get pissed as since I’m half Latino about Donald Trump but then I realize he’s a weirdo trying to say something in a quick sound bite that won’t always come out right, partially cause he’s an idiot. It’s not the meticulously thought out maliciousness of a Clinton or for that matter guys like Rand Paul and Paul Ryan. I mean if Obama says something…you know thought was put in and he’s pretty much trying to convey what he wants making his offensiveness more offensive cause there’s been serious care put into it. Jaclair seems to be shooting from the hip. In a way, I think we’d all prefer that just cause there’s no dishonesty and yeah we’ll have disagreements (serious ones) but there’s nobody cheating each other. It leads to real dialogue even if Jaclair isn’t even invovled here. I mean we’re all pretty much agreeing with the main point. It’s just I missed something in there.

    Oh man btw, the most annoying just stop trying to make it happen thing to me right now is either Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel just cause they are so painfully bland. I think sadly it might work through sheer relentlessness. I mean Deadpool won through that. They are both getting Deadpool levels of exposure. Eventually, people will give up and declare it true, which I guess maybe then they’d get better writers to match the good visual teams that work on them.

    It’s sort of different from DC with The Authority the multiple rebrands they’ve had with that since the New 52. The only thing they stuck to is Midnighter and Apollo are single. It’s cool and all. It’s just they had no ultimate dedication to the concept outside of that. I haven’t read the new Midnighter comic yet, which I should I guess since I really liked the old comic, but that’s the one thing that has seemed to carry over to the new status quo. He’s still single. Not even playing up the possibility that him and Apollo might get back together too. I mean if they’d stuck to the whole vague they police superheroes and do 2000ad stuff too then maybe it’d be a different animal entirely. They didn’t though and never really expanded their appearances outside of their book.

  7. Oh Homer, “who said, woman”? Don’t be coy. And don’t forget, the ole’ Douche is never as base as I appear.

    JD and I are steeped in the arts and have a plethora of gay friends. I frequent many a gay town like the gaybohood in Philly, New Hope, all of Eastern PA is pretty gay.

    Men are hornier and more aggressive than woman, and that don’t go away with gay.

    Yes, women was a genuine question for JD. For Bug, I did want to ask woman…and human.

    I am Rob Patey, I’m not a ginger.

  8. Homer Sexual says:

    Uncle Grandpa is this creepy old gay pedophile in a bathrobe on Family Guy. Within the context of Family Guy, he is a funny character. But to compare Michael Sam to him is pretty bad. Appearances to the contrary, I am not really sensitive and when it comes to humor, I am not sensitive at all. But I didn’t feel that comment was meant as a joke.

    Douche, your stuff isn’t offensive and you’ve established your “gay cred” or whatever over and over. That comment I criticized was really more adolescent than anything else, and the show in general can be pretty adolescent. When you guys said how old you are on the latest podcast, everyone was like ten years older than I would have guessed.

    Yorgo,I am even more of a teenage girl than JD and I agree, I can’t get into either of those books. Captain Marvel could happen with a different writer. Captain Marvel made me board the DeConnick hate train because it is so boring. I think she may be more boring than Hickman. Maybe. They are both excruciating and I’d rather read some horrible Remender trainwreck than the extreme dullness of those two. Ms Marvel seems to have happened, it seems like that book is a thing. I think we all agree that Ms Marvel is lame, too. It’s been like 6 months since the poptards reveiwed it, but I recall they didn’t care for it.

  9. Yorgo says:


    Oh that Uncle Grandpa. Lol. I wouldn’t worry about that too much. I mean think of all the awful things people said about Sarah Palin and even her disabled kid. I’d let it go you know. People get heated.

    Haha, I still like Hickman. He’s got cool ideas. I just think he’s bored at Marvel. His Image stuff is a lot better. More interesting art teams like Pitarra and crew. Remender is the same. He just left Marvel too to pursue his independent projects full time. Seems like a good move. Deadly Class has a ton of energy missing from any of his recent Marvel work. I think in the age of twitter and people like Sneedon, the Outhousers, Comics alliance, etc that good writers won’t want to be at the Big 2 where they’ll get attacked non-stop. There’s a certain cred in working on your own with those groups and a certain amount of grace permitted. It’s like you’re somehow not a right wing loon because you work at a different big company like Image instead of a much larger multinational conglomerate like the Big 2.

    I think that’s the thing. Yeah you might like Thor but do you really want to deal with the pain of writing Marvel Thor? Just write your own. He’s public domain. Get that cool indie cred. Make bank with a movie deal.

    Btw, dude it’s cool to just be able to talk comics again. Been on here a while now and it’s like conversing with adults

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