300 – Ant-Man Movie Review, John Ostrander/Tom Mandrake Interview, last week’s: Star Trek Green Lantern 1, Archie 1, Strange Fruit 1, This week’s: Justice League 42, and Secret Six 4!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche are joined by Cate from It’s All Geek To Me podcast to review the ANT-MAN movie, then we Interview John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake re: Kross Hallowed Ground, we catch up on some titles from last week: Star Trek Green Lantern 1, Archie 1, Strange Fruit 1, and then we discuss this week’s Justice League 42, and Secret Six 4!

Also: listener emails and @$$terpiece Theatre!!


Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

Ant-Man Movie Review – 01:48
Interview with John Ostrander/Tom Mandrake re: Kross Hallowed Ground– 35:29
@$$terpiece Theatre – 57:47
email – 1:00:48
Last week
Star Trek Green Lantern (Mike Johnson, Angel Hernandez) – 01:08:28
Archie 1 (Mark Waid, Fiona Staples) – 01:15:42
Strange Fruit 1 (J.G. Jones, Mark Waid) – 01:22:10
This Week
Justice League 42 (Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok) – 01:34:02
Secret Six 4 (Gail Simone, Ken Lashley) – 01:38:24

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25 Comments to “300 – Ant-Man Movie Review, John Ostrander/Tom Mandrake Interview, last week’s: Star Trek Green Lantern 1, Archie 1, Strange Fruit 1, This week’s: Justice League 42, and Secret Six 4!”

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  1. Yorgo says:

    Hey long time no post.

    I agree about the industry having taken a turn for the horrid lynch mob worst. I literally just quit reading comics or even going to sites for a few months. I only came back cause a friend mentioned some of the new Vertigo stuff and that was cool (even Gail Simone who I don’t normally like seemed to have something intereting) but mostly I think I’ll just stay out of the comics stuff in general cause of the general atmosphere that permeates the industry.

    There’s more You got too many people trying to prove how grad student they are in the comics punditry (not you guys cause you’re clearly real fans) and the writers (again present company excluded). They whip up their twitter followers and the sock puppets to attack whenever they can. They don’t like comics either. I mean go to comics alliance and they say they like something but then mercilessly attack for perceived thought wrongs like they are doing with Strange Fruit. Essentially, it’s a bunch of people whipping up bigotry by purpose or their own ignorance. Pretty sure Strange Fruit isn’t gonna be pro-racism or at least it wouldn’t intentionally.

    I think the other issue too is that people are showing up in comics through the movies that see it as a propaganda tool. There’s a lot of pointless and stupid political commentating in comics now. For every single thing that’s semi-organic like Occupy Comics, you got way more stuff like Bitch Planet where De Connick just shows she read something somewhere and wants to repeat it til you think she’s smart. I know comics are pretty insular. The people that make them especially so. You guys are pretty much the exception cause you’re being reasonable and not a bunch of psychos like the Outhousers guys that complained Valiant isn’t diverse enough despite the main creative officer being a guy named Dinesh Shamdasani. I mean come on right? The point is though that there’s an issue not with comics readers as much as the people being hired to write and make them. You got people that want to just make stuff and write about comics but others that think it’s a place to get their political opinions heard and acted on. What’s the point of that? Seriously join real politics at that point or start a non-profit. I guess they can’t though cause that would be too obvious and it wouldn’t involve pretty pictures or whatever.

    I mean seriously the last time I really spent a lot of time around here some guy wanted to report you to The Mary Sue for not liking Bitch Planet enough. That’s some severe cultural rot and most likely politically motivated fanaticism. I mean you can still like girls and think that book sucked, which it did. However, that doesn’t fit with their views of you’re with me or against me. Reddit is a great example of a place where this thinking gets out of control all the time.

    I don’t know what could fix this exactly. I’m hoping that maybe new writers who aren’t the wives and friends of other writers maybe can get into the industry because that would help a lot. It wouldn’t cure everything but maybe someone who isn’t a local at the Fraction family coffee shop would at least bring a new perspective for a change. Maybe WB and Disney will get more of their TV writers to cross pollinate.

  2. Roland says:

    So Bug…what kind of people were talking about this at SDCC? Nerds/Fans? Writers/Artists? Your average Tom, Dick, or Harry(or Jane just so I don’t get name called) off the street? Just interested in where the poo poo talk was coming from. Sounds like Identity politics and Wedge Issues have made their way comics. Holla atcha boy!

  3. AmbushBug says:

    Completely in agreement with you, Yorgo.

    Roland, this was the pulse and tone of the con this year. Creators were terrified of being misquoted and looked over their shoulders making sure “press” wasn’t around. Bloggers were everywhere looking for a story where there really was none there to tell. I was in a panel where Valiant was asked questions why they have no strong female characters

    I was talking about a specific idea I have using an African American in the lead and was told, “you’d better get a person of color for an artist or you’re in trouble.” So I guess Brian Michael Bendis is bad now for writing so many Luke Cage books?

    The whole thing made me want to crawl in a hole and not talk to anyone about the topic because it brought out the beast in so many ready to attack and misconstrue words on their blog. It really was an ugly scene and disheartening because usually it’s fun just shooting the shit with friends (pros, fans, and press alike) about comics.

  4. Roland says:


  5. Yorgo says:

    What I really don’t get is why the companies feel the need to cater to these idiots. Ms Marvel and Captain Marvel are two of the most boring and bland books on the stands yet if you say one thing against it you’re going straight to hell but not really cause it’s the internet and it doesn’t matter. Scott Lobdell is still making comics. Remember back when they did everything to get rid of him after one issue of Redhood. He stuck his ground and didn’t leave. DC didn’t give up the ghost. These idiots that blog and think this way are not the majority of the fans or industry yet everyone feels the need to give up their rights as the majority to make them be quiet. In fact, a book like Ms Marvel or Captain Marvel gets at least 3 reboots or so despite selling less than something that would normally get cancelled and keeps good writers back because they feel the need to silence idiots on the internet. Nobody makes money from internet mobs. They don’t get new readers cause they’re afraid to lose the old ones, offend non-readers, and think they can appease malcontents.

    I mean I was the rare new reader who picked this up later in life and while this environment was percolating clearly around 5 years ago. I’d say in the last 3 it’s gotten completely out of control. I didn’t mind ignoring it at first but I kind of realized I didn’t want it when I quit going to the shop cause a store worker gave me crap about trying out Before Watchmen, which had 4 out of 5 of the original creative team involved with it. Then I just quit getting stuff online too cause I find out some of the people I’m reading are absolute nut jobs that I can’t in good conscience buy their stuff over. Heck, I just now found out Ales Kot is the biggest bully douche bag who attacked Mitch Gerads for helping design a charity patch for veteran relief then tried to organize a twitter mob when Gerads didn’t back down. I just checked out some sites and they are still acting like the guy is a good writer or interesting when he’s just a piss poor Morrison impersonator. Sane people don’t want to deal with that BS. It’s not normal. It’s not healthy. It’s trying to find your identity in a cause that doesn’t actually have any value or for that matter any principles behind it other than you feeling special for being in a group.

    I hope none of this is holding you guys back with your writing. All of you guys on the show are honest and don’t seem to be trying to latch onto a cause randomly. I won’t lie. Without going to Black Mask direct it’s hard to pick up the Bug stuff (you’re still writing there right) and I don’t think Optimous has released his thing yet right? I’ll make the effort though now cause geez I’m tired of giving money on accident to total whack jobs. I’ll pay the sane.

  6. My one project died, artist had other priorities. However, I have two studios right now interested in expanding my short story GOD LOVES JUPITER into an arc. See short story art here: https://twitter.com/hashtag/5deals1devil?src=hash

  7. Roland says:

    That’s Douche’s story about faeries getting drunk in Neo NY 4000 years AR(After Rob)

  8. Wcwlkrjr says:

    Hey congrats on 300 Episodes you guys! Keep the hits coming! I meant to post this earlier check out the ongoing Comic Book Movie tournament I have going on. We’re into Round 2 vote now


  9. j'klar says:

    Congrats on 300 episodes! I can’t say I’ve been with you since the beginning, but I’ve been consistently listening since about episode #150.

    Too bad you can’t get Matt Adler to do a Wesley Crusher / Tasha Yar cameo for milestone episodes.

    I really look forward to your show each week, it’s like I’m visiting with friends (friends I’ve never met and wouldn’t recognize if I passed you on the street, but hey, you have read a couple of my emails!)

    A shame to hear about the paranoid atmosphere at SDCC. But I don’t feel much sympathy for the creators. As a group, they’ve been complicit in creating this oppressive, Orwellian PC-ism. Now you’ve got every twat, dick & dumbass blogger trying to find clickbait for their shitty website by running around trying to record someone prominent saying something that can be turned into controversy. They’ve become a kind of quasi-thought police unit, out to enforce orthodox progressive liberalism. All they’re looking for is someone to say they don’t agree with gay marriage, or they think global warming / climate change (or whatever it’s being called this week) isn’t the threat to civilization it’s been made out to be. Once they succeed in catching someone in an unguarded moment, then come the calls to boycott their work and run them out of the industry on a rail.

    Same thing happened in the sports “journalism” world after Michael Sam came out of the closet. Muck-rakers ran around asking every dumb jock they could find about what they thought of gays sharing their locker room, desperately trying to get someone to say they didn’t like the idea of Uncle Grandpa showering next to them. Once they found that person, up went the hysterical headlines and the public shaming & ostracization.

    Sociologically, it’s a fascinating time in our history, I’m sure researchers 200 years from now will look back on all this and shake their heads with amazement.

  10. If everyone could just be OK with people putting their genitals where they want we would end all world problems. Think about it.

  11. Yorgo says:


    I think the problem is that most people pretty much don’t care where everyone puts their genitals but that doesn’t get you site hits or for that matter help you push forward a political or social cause.

    So, they look for people that they can target like a pizza shop or a florist because they are too small to fight back and don’t have a mainstream media outlet to really defend them. They don’t all get Laura Sneedon from Comics Alliance posting constantly under different user names promoting Ales Kot in a pro-Kot Guardian website article (where they post anything). Just occasionally they eat their own like Mark Waid. I just feel bad that JG Jones got nailed. He didn’t deserve it cause I can’t think of a single time he’s lead a children’s twitter crusade like Sneedon, Kot or Waid.

  12. AimBotMaster says:

    Wow, what a myopic vision from the commenters and the crew. Try to develop just the slightest bit of empathy for someone who isn’t a white male and imagine the rack of weekly comics where you’re barely represented. Hopefully you’ll realize then that the Ms./Capitan Marvels books might be quite interesting to a young woman who hasn’t read 1000+ superhero stories in the past. Those books aren’t for you, Yorgo, and there’s plenty of alternatives.

    As for the “tone” of the industry, yes it is volatile. Just like the rest of the entertainment industry and the political machine and just about every other aspect of modern life. We’re in a period of brisk social change. That doesn’t make every SJW on twitter correct nor does it allow you to completely shut it out of your life. But the comic industry has been a petty, catty, gossipy group of ppl since day one. Read Marvel Comics: The Untold Story. Talk to Ron Richards, formerly and currently of iFanboy who worked on the publishing side of Image for the past several years. This is a juvenile group of people, always has been. And Yorgo, the fact that you know that Alex Kot bit of gossip means you’re part of the problem.

    Finally, for the douchiest douche on the show: Do you really think shouting at minorities to develop their own comic solves anything? The people in charge a predominantly white males who hire white males. Minorities are angry because the game is rigged and want it to stop. There’s plenty of minorities that have a story to tell, they just aren’t given the chance.

  13. OK, let’s party.

    What game is this you speak of? Life, our world, time? It’s always been rigged against us.

    Here’s a story. Whats the most hated thing in business right now? White males. Sure “we” have the power, but outside the C-suite, in the hive, we are serfdom suffering an oppression debt from the misogynistic and racist intents of our forefathers.

    I’ve always worked for women, it’s how marketing and comms roll. I have had to TEMPER my man sensibilities, I had to change a bit before I was trusted enough to push through not just my agenda but a more inclusionary agenda for both men and women. It was work and not whining. It was compromise and small % change instead of expecting to be bestowed fairness over night.

    I have basically worked my ass off to show there is a place for all of us, and I had to get that notice to teh masses with no assist from a system, but surreptitiously and then gain guerrilla following. I was fucking social before the web could handle it.

    With self publishing, blogs and a million other options to disseminate a story or creative piece, YES the next step is for minorities to create. Then they need to say to other minorities, hey you should buy this shit I created about us instead of the material that disenfranchises us.

    Here’s the problem, every asshole thinks all of their products should be paid top dollar. Wrong again, you have to put out tons of free shit these days before you even think of asking a penny for what you create. This great equalizer of publishing is also cheapening the per work output. MORE work, MORE has to be produced, before you hit one iota of fiduciary success.

    I fucked up and took a bad job last year. I recovered, but I had a three week off hiatus before I could get back to my old company and new position. I WROTE COPY FOR A FUCKING SENIOR CENTER AND SHORT STORIES DURING THOSE 3 WEEKS. The senior center paid shit, but I kept money coming ina dn I got some nice accolades for the short story that then turned into other work.

    Then white people will most likely buy it because once enough minorities think something is cool, we try to steal it. Look at Rock n’ Roll.

    I had opportunity yes, but IT WAS MY WORK that made it exponentially more. It’s not where you start from, it’s where you go, and that is based solely on the mettle and merit of the individual’s work.

    Or you can keep bitching, it’s really worked so far.

    Black,white, man, women or Jenner if your shit is wroth reading it will get read.

    The system…shit the fuck up you mealy mouthed whiner.


  14. And thank you for listening to the show, we appreciate it.

  15. Yorgo says:


    First off, how does me knowing about something sent to me by friend make me part of the problem? pretty rich pal and hilariously facile. I’m not running a twitter crusade. I comment on one site. This site. Only this site because I can count on the 3 hosts here to be always cool dudes.

    You however are the problem. Immediately thinking I’m against not whites in comics? Screw you you stupid stereotyping lefty idiot. I’m mixed race and like most people in life work with all genders, races, religions, etc. Guess what the game is rigged against everyone cause of stupid people like you who run on stereotypes thinking all people not white are oppressed and all whites are oppressors cause there used to be slavery. Grow up and realize that was 100s of years ago now. You’re not oppressed. If you were, Rachel Doezel wouldn’t fake Black.

    I have problem with people like you trying to shout others down for having a different opinion. Coming in here acting like we aren’t educated and only you are. Well you showed you were dumb by claiming racism on someone who’s race you don’t know and ignorance not realizing probably everyone here went to college.

    I’m not against diversity either. How about real diversity though? Not telling the same stupid story but coloring a character differently. How about actually telling a story instead of repeating I’m a cool whatever-is-in-on-twitter stereotype and calling it telling a story. Hey how about telling a story instead of telling me you heard about this thing called feminism, which I don’t want to see this with conservatism either cause I’m here for a story and not a polemic. You don’t want that. You want to pretend you’re smart cause you read a book where they broke out the brown palette on the computer coloring software and claim they are part of a different religion. Oh and elephant in the room, G Willow Wilson is a rich girl from Jersey trying to piss her parents off by playing Muslim like so many rich kids. Now she pretends she’s not just some spoiled entitled rich kid from the East Coast cause she writes a book about a Pakistani Muslim girl who is nothing like real Pakistani Muslim girls that I’ve ever known in my life both born in Pakistan and in the state to immigrant parents. Oh yeah cause she’s an entitle New Englander.

    Oh and Milestone…it didn’t work out. Think about that. It means that people who want to do stuff will do stuff when they want. Damion Scott, Doug Braitwaithe, Olivier Coipel, Jimmie Robinson, and a ton of other guys still work cause they want too. Not cause they got let in by some white guy trying to feel better about a bad thought he might have once had. Quit trying to make it about race like a racist, which you appear to be. Just because a bunch of white people are involved doesn’t mean it’s bad. I don’t think there’s a dice game in the Alley behind the BET building all day but that’s basically what you’re doing but with white stereotypes. Quit assuming there’s a Klan meeting with every group of whites and just let people be people. They suck all on their own.

  16. Nuh uh – you said whitey ran publishing. I read it.

    And I respond how I do cause I don’t care what color you are.

  17. Yorgo says:


    Darn whitey. Always up to no good.

    Plus, ha, this is the one site where I know nobody gives a crap what color you are.

    I don’t get why they immediately act like you yelled at minorities. You directed that at like everybody. It’s good advice. Complaining gets you nowhere. Gotta buckle down and do the work.

  18. Right? It just makes freaking sense doesn’t it. Yes, it’s hard to get people to care about shit. Agreed. I’m insane, people don’t care about anything I care about.

    I mean the things I actually think about, not the things I say to keep people from being sad.

  19. Yorgo would you get a real avatar, I’m like yelling with/at you I think.

    So confused. This is stupid, we have a new thread to go bitch on.

  20. Yorgo says:

    If I got a real Avatar, you’d be able to steal my soul. Always believed that and always will.

    However, I’ll think about it

  21. AimBotMaster says:


    I stated your part of the problem assuming you were the one reading the industry gossip. If you want to pass it off as your friend sent you this rumor and that you never check out sites like Bleeding Cool, that’s between you and your God.

    Nowhere in my post did I imply your “against not whites”. I questioned the logic behind raging against comic books that is clearly not for you nor was even discussed in this episode. Instead of giving me an explanation, you degraded G Willow Wilson, a woman you’ve never met and know nothing about (and if you have, 1,000 pardons to you and your heirs).

    I’m sure we’re all educated people here posting on the internet. If you’d like to sound a bit more intelligent in your prose, try to refrain from name calling (i.e. idiot, stupid, lefty).


    So there’s millions of equal opportunities out there for people to publish comic books and the only reason there aren’t more minority creators is because they aren’t creating enough? Or they haven’t toiled in life like you have? Give me a break. This industry has been predominantly run my white men. That is a fact. It continues to be driven by white men. People are just asking for a modicum of change and you react like their asking for handouts.

    I don’t believe anyone here is a bad person who hates their fellow man/woman. What I originally wrote was “Try to develop just the slightest bit of empathy for someone who isn’t a white male and imagine the rack of weekly comics where you’re barely represented.” If you do, then you’ll stop grumbling like Ambush Bug that women comics are just being pushed on him constantly or completely dismissing people’s opinions that the topic of slavery might be handled better by someone who is black. I’m not calling you names, I’m not calling you bad people. I’m asking you to extend beyond your personal space and understand where these issues are coming from.

  22. Homer Sexual says:

    Douche, I love you. I feel like I know you in that weird way one feels they know personalities they have nver met. But you are feeling overly attacked. White guys still rule almost everything. Yes DeConnick is a hack, but that doesn’t mean that having comics written by a variety of people isn’t a good thing.

    OTOH, Black Panther was at its most awesome with a black writer, and then it got cancelled. So the people who are super identity-motivated, should support what they claim to support.

    And for maybe the last time, everyone needs to stfu about rebranding established characters, because that’s all that happens, and it’s all that’s gonna happen, and we all need to roll with it regardless.

    Finally, thanks for all the good listening. Been here since 2005 and not going anywhere. We got the comic geek (sorry Optimus, thats you), the alpha male (yep its Ambush) and the girl friendly (JD). So there is a variety of perspectives, and every podcast is a pleasure to listen to, even when I am not interested in the books (like Justice League, give it up already)

    Keep it coming I will be your loyal listener!!!!

  23. Rob Patey says:

    TY Homer, I was a theater major so most Homer’s feel a bond. I want more variety of writers, I don’t want people to fucking bitch that whitey should make it happen.

    Subtle but important difference. Thank you for letting me clarify. I tolerate fervor and destroy apathy. Fuck that lazy mother fucker. Write something if you want something written.


    We’re fucked if I’m the encyclopedia BTW….

  24. rob patey says:

    I like to banter and cite shit Aimbot, it’s fun. TY for hanging in.

    Whitey ain’t gonna do it. Irish people had to form their OWN mafia to get respect. Likewise with Compton. feel me? Whitey ain’t gonna help.

    Go make great and it’ll get consumed. don’t make marginal and say give me some extra shit cause it was harder to get here. That’s ain’t murica baby

  25. Yorgo says:


    The BBC did an interview with G. Willow Wilson where she explained she’s from Jersey went to a nice school then somehow converted with a vague story and now she writes books about a group of people she claims to be but isn’t. Yes, that’s flirting with Rachel Doezel territory and again stupid white liberals running about trying to co-opt minority groups in the west for themselves in the same way the right wing tries to co-opt christian groups. It’s creepy and self serving. Kind of like your self righteous posting. But yeah, you know, the BBC, it’s only good for gossip.

    As far as idiots go, I call them like I see them and you came in here immediately acting like anyone without your opinion is a racist and whatever else is currently on the outs with twitter, dailyshow watchers, etc. You left nothing to the imagination as to what you were as you immediately posted based on stereotypes of people who don’t fully agree with you. You’re henceforth an idiot and exactly the sort of BS they were talking about on this episode at the Con. You then made it worse with your horrible attempts to be witty, which was just failed snark.


    Dude, I’m just so annoyed that the new writers pretend that there were no (insert your group here) in comics before them. It’s like Louise Simonson suddenly didn’t write like 500 issues of Superman in the 80s and 90s. It’s like Phil Jimenez and Neal Ponzer never existed. Geez, it’s like Ron Wimberly only now started doing comics cause they declared it so. I can think of way too many examples to list as to why it’s a poor argument when non-straight, non-white, non-males have been involved in the industry in some way or another for forever.

    Jimmie Robinson gave an interesting interview where he pointed out that people would come to get their bomb queen comics signed to be shocked to find out he’s Black. So, there’s clearly other reasons why people are drawn to certain forms of entertainment and others aren’t outside of race and I don’t think putting together a program to target specific racial groups will either help the industry grow or the readership to grow outside of a short term PR gain. Simply making a really good product will bring people in. I saw a billion little Black Captain Americas and Iron Mans way before the Falcon switch and maybe new switch on Iron Man. It’s really only on the internet and within certain political communities of both wings that this racial stuff is fostered.

    Also totally agree on the rebranding. It’s gonna happen. I just get annoyed by the poor execution that seems to mar both companies because they go for these weird ideas that make little sense like ultimately the Bucky Cap or the whole bring back Hal Jordan in the weirdest way possible mistakes. Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel might be the worst though. A complete lack of direction to the point where the previous supposedly broken version made it a solid 50 uninterrupted issues unlike the current one. It’s not that hard since Ultimate Nick Fury, Kyle Raynor (I remember when he was supposed to be Latino) and John Stewart are still kicking. It’s just they never seemed to learn the lessons from them.

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