296 – Fiction 1, Black Canary 1, JLA 1, Robin Son of Batman, Secret Six 3, Martian Manhunter, and Prez 1!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche discuss this week’s books: Fiction 1, Black Canary 1, JLA 1, Robin Son of Batman, Secret Six 3, Martian Manhunter, and Prez 1!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

Fiction 1 (Curt Piers, David Ruben) Boom – 06:21
Black Canary 1 (Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu) DC Comics – 12:54
JLA 1 (Bryan Hitch) – 22:49
Robin Son of Batman (Patrick Gleason) – 30:15
Secret Six 3 (Gail Simone, Dale Eaglesham) – 36:50
Martian Manhunter 1 (Rob Williams, Eddy Barrows) -47:27
Prez 1 (Mark Russell, Ben Caldwell) – 53:52


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19 Comments to “296 – Fiction 1, Black Canary 1, JLA 1, Robin Son of Batman, Secret Six 3, Martian Manhunter, and Prez 1!”

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  1. Roland says:

    Batman and Son…2007…8 years…close to 10 years, Douche wins, Flawless Victory.

  2. Tigger11 says:

    I loved how JD was all for the 3 of you greasing up for the 300th episode without realizing Bug was making a reference to the Snyder movie adaption of the Miller book. I am wondering what exactly happens when JD and OD get together on Wednesday for the new books.

  3. Tigger11 says:

    Though its common knowledge now that Chocolate is bad for dogs Douche, when I was a kid that wasn’t a thing, we used to feed our dog chocolate all the time, and she lived to 24 years old, so it didn’t hurt her too bad. Also was that really Chicago’s answer to the crazy cat lady, complaining about Damien having too many pets?

  4. Mazer Rackham says:

    Ok ok ok… I get it… I complained about the whole eating thing. While I stand by my assertion it is not great for the listeners to hear scraping plates and full mouths (insert dick joke here), I understand you cats are busy and podcasters gotta eat!

    Thanks for the hours of free fun and please share your thoughts on Candy Crush.

  5. Homer Sexual says:

    So today I listened to you guys talking about JLA being good. That surprised me, but more interestingly you spoke about how in JLA Superman still has a secret identity and Bruce Wayne is Batman.

    This has an up and a down side. On the down side, it makes no sense in continuity. But I, for one, have pretty much given up on continuity. On the upside, this allows stories to continue without being commandeered for every big crossover event that comes along.

    For example, I love Spider-Woman. I love it even more with her new direction. The last thing I need is for this great new direction to be abandoned for the length of Secret Wars.

    Why is Jessica Drew on Battleworld in her own costume, while continuing to do her street-level work in a universe that supposedly no longer exists? Who cares! I’m just grateful that she, among others like a (now dead?) Hawkeye are still having their adventures that I love in their own books.

    Now, if all of these awesome, offbeat titles are gone at the end of Secret Wars, well then I will save a lot of money. But I hope/expect to be able to continue to enjoy Ant-Man, Squirrel Girl and other books post-Secret Wars.

  6. Roland says:

    I left a VM about your most loyal Fan DoomFace

  7. JD (Host) says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t seen it yet and now I have. Thanks for RUINING MY DAY YOU SUNOVABITCH!

  8. JD (Host) says:

    8 years is not 10 years! Sure maybe he won, but Flawless Victory? I dunno…where are the judges??

  9. JD (Host) says:

    @Mazer: We keed we keed! Whenever I eat while recording the show, which I try to keep to a minimum, I usually click the mute button so that no one can hear me eat…..among other things I might get up to during the podcast!

    @Homer: It surprised you that we enjoyed JLA because you didn’t like it? What did you think of it? Also, very good point about certain comics being allowed to be, for the most part, out of continuity. I hate it when books are rolling along and then all of a sudden have to be part of a big crossover event for no real reason.

  10. Roland says:

    8 rounds up to 10, last time I checked, which was like 20 years ago so my math might be off. Flawed Victory

  11. Homer Sexual says:

    Oops, I meant why is Jessica Drew in her OLD costume. Of course she’s wearing her own costume, wearing someone else’s wouldn’t make sense at all.

    I am surprised that you guys like Prez so much. I thought it was ok but I didn’t love it. Im going to re-read it now.

    JD, I didn’t read the new JLA. I don’t like that grouping so I would only read it in a trade and only then if I heard it was super incredible. It bores me to have all those guys together. I am generally bored with all of those characters, and I don’t read any of their solo titles, though I did read New 52 Aquaman for at least two years and WW until Azzarello left. Oh, and the first 4 issues of Action.

    I really like the idea for Black Canary. I agree that the execution was mediocre. BC as a rocker chick makes perfect sense to me. Obviously she’s not 30, like you said time is reset or whatever so she’s early 20s.

    I don’t think BC has ever been popular, though. I loved her in the pre-New 52 Birds of Prey, but that book was never really popular and she wasn’t the solo lead. I’m all for trying something new with her.

  12. Really, Roland…really. Why? Just…Fuck it, carry on, it keeps me amused.

    I can’t hear pink banner, JD wont give authority, but I can take a good guess.

  13. Tigger11 says:

    First of all thought BC and Prez were both bad. Really wasnt as thrilled with JLA as you guys. Read Rob’s review on aintitcool, and was scared that he still believes in the Kennedy Conspiracy Myth, I thought they all died out in 2003 or at least in 2013 when basically every idiotic grassy knoll, ninja, Oliver Stone theory was disproved as part of first the 40th and then the 50th anniversary. Lee Harvey Oswald, 3 shots from the Book Depository, Nov 22, 1963, its unfortunately that simple and due to the films and audio tape we have and modern technology its fairly easy to prove everything except who pulled the trigger. However since Oswald shot at Gen Walker 8 months before with the same Gun was working on the 5th floor of the Book Depository and let go after the assassination and shot Officer Tippet 45 minutes after the assassination you have to be uninformed at best to believe that anyone but Oswald killed Kennedy. In other news possibly for Rob, the US landed men on the Moon, 6 times. Also not a conspiracy.

  14. Ambush Bug says:

    Sh’right! Next you’re going to say Bigfoot isn”t real.

    I love conspiracies and no matter how crazy they are, I love how folks will rationalize them. Personally, I am not so dismissive of theories like the JFK and Moon landing conspiracies since none of us were actually there and some illuminatic conspiracy is not that far fetched.

    Check out a movie called THE CONSPIRACY. Fantastic conspiracy film I reviewed here:

    It definitely makes you questions things. I’m not saying it’s all real, but some of it could be.

    Bigfoot, by the way, is very real.

    But there is no Chupacabra.

  15. Here’s my thing on conspiracy theories and “fact.” I never believe any of what I’m told until I dig. I’m not brain dead (yet), I know that the bullet didn’t bend and the knoll was most likely clear. I still think it was orchestrated though, and most likely by Johnson so he could sell some fucking helicopter engines. THAT’S THE SHIT I LIKE. I want to look at the chess players and read what they will do with all pieces not just the individual moves.

    I don’t buy the Warren Commission, I don’t buy anything and will listen to everything.

    The truth is out there, none of us know it. Yeah I think we landed on the moon, Challenger pretty much shattered that myth. And remember my vitriol towards Loose Change and the like. Believe in a lil conspiracy lest you want to be a blind lamb. Don;t believe in all or you are a loon.

    Now, why didn’t you like PREZ Tigger?

  16. Tigger11 says:

    What exactly bothers you about the Warren Commission report? Its a boring 889 pages? Lee as the shooter? Lee as a solo assassin? 3 shots in an amount of time, that myself, Penn, Teller and dozens of others have demonstrated is doable? All the shots coming from the Book Depository has been
    As for your moon comment, I know we landed on the moon, I’ve bounced lasers from earth off the mirrors they left on the moon and of course now both the Japanese and US moon orbiters have taken pictures of the landing sites. Plus a conspiracy of several 1000 people is impossible to pull off for this long.

    As for why I dont like Prez, it shows a greatly flawed knowledge of the constitution, its bad enough when I have Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz sound bites that show they either don’t understand how the constitution is amended or don’t care what they are saying is wrong. When you are writing a (comic)book instead of speaking in public you can actually wiki it and not just act like hey we’ll make it up as we go along. Also unless I am really remembering this wrong, I dont think this book has basically anything to do with the previous incarnation, and honestly you think this book will last 6 issues on sales? Literally the last month of DC has had alot of bad books, I mean Bizzaro, really was anyone wanting that really bad? Bat Mite? I also thought the Robins book was lackluster, though maybe it will pick up.

  17. Tigger11 says:

    Bug Said:
    Personally, I am not so dismissive of theories like the JFK and Moon landing conspiracies since none of us were actually there and some illuminatic conspiracy is not that far fetched.

    Actually you should be Bug. The Moon stuff is just silly though prevalent enough we actually have not hired at least 3 people here because of the belief. I’ve worked with people who were part of the launches, my wife’s family includes original engineers for the Saturn 5. Most of the theories we have of no moon landing, not only throw out Apollo’s 11,12,14,15,16 & 17 (ie the six the landed), but also Apollos 8, 10 and 13 (ie the ones who only orbited the moon, 8 & 10 on purpose and 13 because of the damage to the spacecraft). Also most “no-Moon landing” theories require you to believe Russian moon orbiters like the Luna and Zond series didnt occur, and that the EU, Japanese, US and soon Chinese moon orbiters are now providing fake pictures of the US landing sites from Moon Orbit, because those landings didnt happen according to the conspiracy people. The mirrors put up by Apollo 11, 14 & 15 have literally been used 1000’s of times to give us information about distances between us and the moon, and have greatly helped out understanding of the tides, the creation of the moon itself and how its getting further away from the earth. All only possible because of the Apollo Landings. Also if we didnt go to the moon, where exactly did we get all those moon rocks and moon dust??? Its really a silly belief, started by Kaysings book and taken up by the Flat Earth Society, I made parts of the space station and shuttles, and lots of parts in the standard GPS satellites, so sorry but believing the world is flat or that instead of the going to the moon there is a conspiracy that can grossly affect the speed of light without any mass involved isn’t going to happen.

  18. My problem with any report, poll, census or insight is eschewing by the author and their financiers. Warren’s boss could very well have been involved in orchestrating Oswald. Now, let’s say they are absolved, Johnson didn’t make a dime off of Vietnam, then who goaded Lee Harvey to act.

    Reports only tell part of the story.

    I was kidding about the moon, SPACE ROCKS!!!…are asteroids.

  19. TY for PREZ insight. Fair. To hear some cool ideas of how to do things (though utterly without pragmatism towards law and economics) is enough for me to let go of the real world for a bit.

    I was actual more in line with some of your issues on this issue over in my Ain’t It Cool writey review.

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