Why Facebook makes some of us want to do a face-plant

Like many of you I have a Facebook account and use it A LOT!  So when Facebook released it’s open Graph API (which I will explain), and they changed the privacy settings for the “better” I was just as confused as a majority of the Facebook community.

Let’s start with this Open Graph API. Who is its Daddy and what does it do? In short (very very short!), the way the API works is that third party developers can access Facebook’s data. In other words, because of this, web sites can now use some of your information from you profile. When you go to that site, it will be tailored to your interests. Even if you have never been to the site before, it will share things with you that you like. A good example, are large sites like CNN. This in effect enables Facebook to be the center of the web. Google, you there? What do you have to say?

So, now you are concerned about your privacy right? You didn’t ask for this right? A lot of people are upset with these changes, and with semi good reason. Some see it as not only as an invasion of privacy, but that what was once theirs is no longer. Facebook now owns your profile. Unnerving isn’t it? Well, they “fixed” their settings. Not just once, but twice. The first time, they made the settings so confusing that people got even more annoyed at the social networking site. When a user would go to the privacy settings, they were lead on a whirlwind like mission for setting changes. The New York Times did a great piece on this that includes a chart. The second change, while still not perfect is a little less confusing. Now instead of everything having separate settings, things are now in clusters. For example: photos, status, and posts are now under one setting. LifeHacker has a great article on all these changes and how to change them. There are also articles on how to quit Facebook, while still being an active member.

Still not happy with what they have done to you and your precious profile? Well today is Quit Facebook day. You can go here and make your feelings known.

As for me, I’ll still be on there. Creeping on people’s profiles, and blocking Mafia Wars and Farmville requests.

Want to know even more on this topic? Comment below and tell me. I will be more than happy to dive deeper into this topic. It’s a big one for sure!


Feel like creeping? You know you want to…

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