288 – Batman Earth One Volume 2, Secret Wars 1, Spider-Woman 7 and Dead Drop 1!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche discuss this week’s books: BATMAN EARTH ONE VOLUME 2, SECRET WARS 1, SPIDER-WOMAN 7 and DEAD DROP 1!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

email – 01:54
Batman Earth One Volume 2 (Geoff Johns, Gary Frank) DC Comics – 12:56
Secret Wars 1 (Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic) Marvel Comics – 29:00
Spider-Woman 7 (Dennis Hopeless, Javier Rodriguez) – 38:00
Dead Drop 1 (Ales Kot, Adam Gorham) – 51:52

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8 Comments to “288 – Batman Earth One Volume 2, Secret Wars 1, Spider-Woman 7 and Dead Drop 1!”

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  1. roland says:

    I’ll Tumbler For Ya, I’ll tumbler for ya, I’ll Tumbler for ya, I’ll Tumbler for you

  2. Homer Sexual says:

    I haven’t finished the whole podcast yet, and I hope you liked Spider-Woman. But I couldn’t hold back on saying that I can’t believe you all liked Secret Wars. It’s as exciting as a textbook. It was a chore to even read to the end. I honestly didn’t feel like finishing it. It was so boring. I think I’d rather read something bad than something boring. After I heard what you guys had to say, I tried to re-read it again, but it was still so, so dull. Even though things happened, I couldn’t have cared less. No one was interesting. I just couldn’t get into it. Reading around, a lot of people feel the same way. I guess different strokes for different folks.

  3. Rob Patey says:

    Like most things these days Homer, pre-text goes a long way. While I wax amore DC these days, it’s in part to give advance reviews of books to all y’all.

    Prior to review life “taking off,” I was an equal between all houses of comics. Plus my job was less demanding.

    SECRET WARS as a finality to those reading years was a fair and fitting homage. It was also earth shattering and fucking thankfully simple. Even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about the characters (which I think is your beef), the bombastic nature of the attack was more than enough to hook me in. Wait, no the duality of the attack was what made it truly spectacular, and then the ground level decimation made it tragic.

    Context, i care because I have lived with these folks. It’s why Dad Douche gets nothing out of Marvel movies except action. He’s pre-alzheimery mind can’t remember the 12 other movies where he spent a shit ton of time with each character.

  4. Homer Sexual says:

    Douche, the plot is fine. It’s just that there is no personality. I finished the Podcast and Ilove Spider-Woman, I think it’s more the Jessica Drew I loved in her own series than she ever was in Avengers.

    Point taken about a similar voice in many characters, but I would argue it’s A. Common to both women and men,not just women. and B. At least there is a personality. I don’t like Secret Wars because no one has any personality at all, so I don’t care. Talk about dialogue that anyone could say. I guess it’s just a Hickman trait, and it’s why Idon’t like Hickman (although he does manage to give some personality to his characters in Avengers World.

    Rambling on, Storm certainly has a different personality. Just not one anyone is interested in. Thor seems to have her own take, she’s not snarky. But her haters don’t like her because OMG she is Girl Thor.

    I had to put Secret Wars back and take it off my pull list today, because even though a part of me really wants to know the story, why am I going to spend money on a comic I dont enjoy reading?

    You guys did point out Azzarrelo’s Wonder Woman, and sadly that unique character was dumped to remake her as Wonder Barbie, or whatever she is now.

  5. J.Goodwin says:

    Sorry this is probably going to get ranty.

    Listening to bug week after week throwing a pity party for himself because everyone else is competing with his writing MO (writing female lead books including those with existing characters gender-flopped by editorial fiat) is kind of getting tired.

    This week’s podcast also revealed that he’s not even reading the vast majority of the female lead books in the Marvel line. If he was unable to tell the difference between any given five of the following female-lead titles, then it’s his own fault:

    Thor (a little snarky, but clearly it’s because this character is feeling her oats as it were);
    Storm (snarky?);
    Silk (yes, snarky);
    Spider Gwen (I don’t really think that she’s particularly snarky, versus Spider-man her snark is turned down to 5 and her emo moping is turned up to 15, hallucinates a cartoon pig);
    Elektra (couldn’t snark if she tried);
    Black-Widow (in Soviet Russia, snark snarks you);
    Captain Marvel (not really snarky in her own book or when she shows up in other books, and not snarky even before her brain cancer incident);
    Ms. Marvel (a little snarky);
    Angela (probably could use a snark injection);
    Princess Leia (outside the Marvel continuity, but Spider-Gwen mostly is too);
    She-Hulk (snarky in an office-banter kind of way in the most recent book);
    Spider-Woman (yes, snarky, she has been ever since Bendis brought repowered her);
    Squirrel-Girl (more dopey and charming and innocent).

    You could also throw in there the high profile supporting characters and ensemble characters from Marvel’s other titles since you used Thing as a reference, Invisible Woman, Cole-Alves in the most recent volume of Punisher, Dawn Greenwood in Silver Surfer (who really helps make that book), plus all those ensemble female X-Men characters.

    They published Night Nurse this month, but I’m not going to count that one against you yet.

  6. Homer Sexual says:

    Just read the new issue of Thor, and it has a lot of heroines speaking in distinct voices. It was so good, it made me really wish they’d given Secret Wars to Jason Aaron. It had Spider-Woman, Valkyrie, Thor, Karnilla, Scarlet Witch… all distinct even if they had just a couple lines of dialogue. Hickman would do well to see how personality need not be sacrificed to keep the plot moving.

  7. J.Goodwin says:

    Aaron is doing SW: Thors though, and the Thor corps (?) was prominently featured in SW2. After the first two SW mainbooks (more like TOMES, almost 50 pages in issue 2), I’m looking forward to some of the miniseries starting up, more just to see what the strategy is than anything. It seemed like Marvel was going to give all their old crossovers the Season 1 treatment, but that seems increasingly unlikely to me.

  8. J.Goodwin says:

    One more comment.

    I was reading X-Man (been reading through ancillary x-books over the last year or two to see if there was anything significant that I was missing out on), and got to that Warren Ellis issue (you know the one, “I am a shaman). Holy crap. As much as some people are annoyed at renumbering books, I think the strategy from 2000/2001 of just changing freaking everything and leaving the numbing alone is even more weird.

    Maybe every Warren Ellis run should start at number one.

    It’s not even like Revolution was the first time Marvel did made a full switch-over without re-numbering. The secret wars great leap forward, X-Force 116 (debut of X-Statix). Should Uncanny X-Men 94 have been 94? Why not 67, why include the reprints in the volume sequence at all? Why not a new number one? Captain America started numbering at 100 when Tales of Suspense basically got split into two full size books, and there had certainly been more than 100 comics at that point featuring Captain America in a solo story (meanwhile Iron Man started at #1, there has never been a policy on this, even in the same switchover). At the same time Tales to Astonish turns into Hulk #102.

    Even if I am occasionally reminded of Sergio Aragones welcoming us to the first issue of Groo at Pacific, Eclipse, and Epic.

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