285 – Justin Jordan Interview! and THEN we discuss
Archie Vs Predator 1, Superior Iron-Man 7, Millar/Murphy’s Chrononauts 2 and the SUPERMAN VS BATMAN trailer!

Justin Jordan joins us for an hour-long conversation about The Legacy Of Luther Strode, Spread, his Green Lantern: New Guardians run, and THEN we discuss Archie Vs Predator 1, Superior Iron-Man 7 and Chrononauts 2!
Also: listener emails!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

Interview with Legacy of Luther Strode writer JUSTIN JORDAN:
Justin Jordan talks LEGACY OF LUTHER STRODE – 01:38
Justin Jordan talks THE SPREAD – 20:53
Justin Jordan talks GREEN LANTERN – 28:45
Archie Vs Predator (Alex de Campi, Fernando Ruiz) Dark Horse Comics – 53:11
Superior Iron Man 7 (Tom Taylor, Yildiray Cinar, Felipe Watanabe) – Marvel Comics – 01:01:03
e-mail (SUPERMAN Vs BATMAN) – 01:08:40
Chrononauts 2 (Mark Millar, Sean Gordon Murphy) Image Comics – 01:15:18

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You can find Mark at www.aintitcoolnews.com and @mark_l_miller

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10 Comments to “285 – Justin Jordan Interview! and THEN we discuss
Archie Vs Predator 1, Superior Iron-Man 7, Millar/Murphy’s Chrononauts 2 and the SUPERMAN VS BATMAN trailer!”

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  1. Tigger11 says:

    JD, Holly Hunter is playing Dr Leslie Thompkins according to several sources, which is interesting having her in the movie as well as currently one of the main characters on the Gotham TV Show. Of course we dont know if she will be showing up as Thomas Waynes classmate and protector of Bruce, or Alfred’s girlfriend, or the mother of the Joker, all of which she has been described as over the years, so not sure what we will be getting from Holly in the movie. The issue with the BvS trailer is it really wasnt that good, 7th best trailer I watched that day as someone pointed out. Worldwide trailer for Avengers and Jurassic World hit and were good, Antmans second trailer was surprisingly fun, new Terminator looked interesting, then we get The Force Awakens followed by the Rogue One scene coming from Star Wars Celebration. And that is not including some other pretty good trailers for the week. It was silly having a special screening of the trailer the day after Celebration ends. Everyone knew we would be getting the first trailer and more info on the movies, etc at the show, having to release your trailer early because of a leak made it even funnier, but it was silly to be doing the trailer then, all everyone is talking about it that the Star Wars one is better. That’s not what you wanted. In a week you put it out and everyone will be talking about whats in your trailer not how its not as good as Star Wars/Avengers/Jurassic World/etc. This goes back to the whole we arent moving our movie its going to be in May we dont care that Marvel has a movie that day, then we dont care Captain America 3 is that day, then we dont care that Captain America: Civil War is that same day, till finally uhh hey we are going to be done early so we are going to release our movie in March.
    Will I see Batman vs Superman, probably though I really detested Smallville’s Deadliest Catch, but this trailer didnt make me excited about the film. The scariest actor in this film is playing Alfred Pennysworth, Bruce Wayne’s Butler, the second scariest is playing Aquaman who will only show up for a few minutes in the movie. Lex Luthor is being played by someone who is the before guy in the Charles Atlas ads and enjoys the sand. Maybe I will be super surprised next March, but I dont expect to be.

  2. Ambush Bug says:

    Well said. I pretty much agree with you on all fronts.

  3. Rob Patey says:

    There’s no way Bug read all of that.

  4. Roland says:

    Lol I thought the same thing OD, also what do you think of Convergence so far?

  5. Tigger11 says:

    Its good to have you back Rob. I have 11 convergence books in my car from today, I am hoping some of them are good. So far 22 of the previous 23 convergence issues really could go to the burn pile, and I’m not sure whether I really liked the Aquaman issue or just like Peter David’s one handed take on the character. What is the poptards take on the iceman reveal? Personally I hate it with a passion. First of all its Bendis so best case, he’ll handle it poorly. Secondly this is a character that we have 3 temporal versions of in current continuity, and we are going to make the youngest version gay, the one which we are going to theoretically send back to his correct place in time? This is going to be bad, and really for no reason, we have several gay members of the X-Men we dont really need this huge retcon that is going to will likely be overturned by Secret Wars.

  6. Roland says:

    Tigg, Axel said the Iceman that comes out of Secret Wars will be the gay one. Honestly I don’t give a fuck, Don’t remember the last time a gave a shit about Iceman, or even the X-Men at all since Bendis has taken over. I wonder what Marvel is going to do with the Mutants post Secret Wars.

    And I just noticed you have a written review up Rob, no need to reply here I read it.

  7. Tigger11 says:


    Read the issue last night, hate it worse now. The young Bobby Drake is gay, but they basically admit that his modern counterpart is not, editorial should have thrown this idea out when first proposed, it really can’t go anywhere good. Huge surprise in several ways for the end of the Black Vortex series. I’d love to hear what Rob thinks about it and whether we are actually going to get a wedding out of this. Honestly really liked this crossover, and liked how it was all tied up.

  8. roland says:

    Tigg, cool beans, I avoided Black Vortex mainly cuz I thought any event story line right before Marvel’s big shakeup would be thrown out with the bath water. Maybe Ill check it out now, but I haven’t really been interested in Bendis’ X-men since he brought back the OG Younger and now Gayer(jk) X-men. and what a bitch young Jean is to read his mind like that, twat…


  9. Ambush Bug says:

    All of this has me thanking my lucky stars that I stopped reading X-Men long ago.

    That said, I’ve know Iceman was gay ever since he snapped his teeth at Maverick in the shower scene in TOP GUN.

  10. Roland says:

    I’ll be your wingman any day Bug

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