Episode 283 – We are joined by Cate from the
It’s All Geek To Me Podcast to discuss Convergence 0, Uncanny Inhumans 0, UFOlogy, Avengers Ultron Forever, Jungle Book Fall of The Wild 4!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and special guest CATE from IT’S ALL GEEK TO ME PODCAST review this week’s books: Convergence 0, Uncanny Inhumans 0, UFOlogy, Avengers Ultron Forever, Jungle Book Fall of The Wild 4! Also: listener emails and @$$terpiece Theatre!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

Email – 01:46
Convergence 0 (DC Comics) – Dan Jurgens, Jeff King, Ethan Van Sciver – 15:00
Uncanny Inhumans 0 (Marvel) – Charles Soule, Steve McNiven – 23:48
UFOlogy 1 (James Tynion IV &Noah J. Yuenkel, Matthew Fox) – 35:07
Assterpiece Theatre  – 40:13
Avengers Ultron Forever (Marvel) – Al Ewing, Alan Davis) – 42:05
Jungle Book Fall of The Wild 4 (Zenescope) Mark L. Miller, Michele Bandini – 53:38

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50 Comments to “Episode 283 – We are joined by Cate from the
It’s All Geek To Me Podcast to discuss Convergence 0, Uncanny Inhumans 0, UFOlogy, Avengers Ultron Forever, Jungle Book Fall of The Wild 4!”

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  1. J. Goodwin says:

    Thanks for bringing Cate into the discussion. Will listen on the way to work.

  2. JD (Host) says:

    Yeah she’s rad! I would love to have her on every week!

  3. Tigger11 says:

    Did enjoy Cate in the conversation, however they are calling it the Terrigen Mists on AoS. You need to catch up by Avengers JD, because you are going to want to see the 3 post Age of Ultron episodes of Agents of Shield after seeing the movie.

  4. Maester P says:

    Cate seems like a cool person and all, but her lack of comic book knowledge is a problem. Never heard of the Inhumans? Dont read that much DC? Seriously? I just got the impression that she isnt a lifelong fan and thats fine, but she didnt bring anything to the conversation. Im great more people are reading comics, but she was in over her head in on every topic except for Star Wars. Its great to have a female voice on the show, but surely you can find one that is well versed in comic history.

  5. Homer Sexual says:

    Hey Guys

    So the Assterpiece was cool and is from Inhumans.

    Bug, I am disappointed that people underappreciate Jungle Book. I am in full disagreement. It’s Jungle Book, so why complain about talking animals? The animals are what made me love the first arc so much. I still feel sad thinking about Mama Wolf. As you know, I don’t like when there are too many humans in Jungle Book, but guess I’m in the minority on that one. Volume 3 is my least favorite, but I still love it. But the first one… damn! It’s an all-time favorite of mine.

    Finally, Convergence. After reading Convergence Harley Quinn and Convergence Titans, it seem like DC wants to show us that these characters sucked pre-New 52. Conner and Palmiotti own Harley. The convergence Harely is… well… pathetic. And Harley is my favorite DC charcter. Titans was the same. Seemed so dated and lame. Is this what Convergence is going to be? Showing us that the new versions are better than the old.

    Convergence Harley just made me very bummed out.

  6. Tigger11 says:

    Maester P,
    Inhumans are a fairly small part of marvel, only in recent times have they been more then FF Heroes or Villians, and I’m not sure that Bug’s eclectic personal comic database of knowledge is significantly better then Cate’s. In order of knowledge shown on the show, we have Matt then Optimous then JD and finally Bug. Which is funny because Bug is the one that actually writes quite a few books, with 3 runs on Jungle book, his run on Grimm Fairy Tales and his Pirouette series hanging out in my long boxes plus I’m sure some other things. Also when you think about it, JD and Bug talked on and on about Lockjaw and how Cate would like him without bringing up that the Inhumans dog is basically in every issue of Ms Marvel these days, a title which features the inhumans (new and old) quite prominently and which is geared towards a female audience. To channel Optimous here, I am surprised JD isnt reading it. :)

  7. Tigger11 says:

    So I have read (and own) every issue of the New 52, we’ve had some great stuff, we’ve had some really bad stuff, but after reading Convergence #0 last week and all Convergence issues this week, I am really thinking what is the plan DC? Are we really going to scrap what they started (poorly) in August of 2011 with Justice League #1? I am going to agree with Homer that this weeks issues are bad, and really am wondering what the plan is going forward especially since they are at least claiming that the Sinestro story is going to continue from the cliffhanger in the June issue of Sinestro. Its hard to reboot and still continue a story but they seem to be implying another reboot with this story.

  8. Jaydee says:

    Ahh yes, nothing makes one feel nice like being Ranked in knowledge.

    I am reading Ms Marvel, but I’m a few issues behind!

  9. jaydee says:

    and actually, since Matt isn’t on the show any more, I just got bumped from 3rd out of 4 to 2nd out of 3!! BLAMMO!

  10. Ambush Bug says:

    I don’t read MS MARVEL, so I wouldn’t know about the Lockjaw issues. But one of the things I wanted to say about Lockjaw was that through he years, there has been a controversy about the Inhuman “dog” since basically, he isn’t a dog at all. He’s actually a person who was turned into a dog after the Terrigenesis process. So he’s kind of trapped in this dog like state. Others have written him as an actual dog. It’s flip flopped through the year, but I actually like the man trapped in a dog’s body thing as it feels more tragic and interesting.

    And to Homer, thanks so much for the compliment on Jungle Book. Here’s hoping the final issue of series 3 will change your mind. It’s my personal favorite of the entire series and one of the most difficult for me to write from a logistical and emotional level.

    And also big thanks to Tigger for picking up my books as well. I really appreciate the support.

  11. Ambush Bug says:

    IN regards to the rankings, I think my scattershot knowledge of the Marvel and DCU’s is due to the lack of consistency and impossibility to follow all Marvel or DC books. When Marvel wasn’t cluttering up the shelves with 100-200 titles a month, it was much easier to follow and they also had the Marvel Universe to help out. It’s almost impossible to keep track of Marvel books these days and check out other books as well.

  12. hola,
    Mi nombre es Douche de Optimous. Tu review de DC Comico CONVERGENCE mui stupido. I try me poco english now so understand…

    i prefer taking donkey dick from hermana vaginoso and shove into me el ear than poptards ed stupido convergence speak

    Also hear tsunami when donkey sploogio into occipital lobe. muy bonus.

  13. God damnit, I take one two week break from 8 years of comic writing and 4 (yes, 4. We started this nonsense when New 52 launched) and you castrate Brian Lieb, and lobotomize away all of his comic knowledge on DC.

    AND you shit on Jurgens. Just got off boat. Haven’t read this week’s offerings. Bit still….Two more days in Tampa. Then I will rage will myself home to redeem the GLORY OF CONVERGENCE.

    It’s a fucking zero issue guys and has to make MULTIVERSITY understandable to the masses, because they are dumb as well as set up the concept of a Kandor planet where time is also a factor.

    He’s building in 4th and 5th dimensions and made it all crystal clear. GAWD..what’s so hard to understand here people.

    Fucking ponderous

    I kid. Only about Cate though. Hope I get to hear her or Mr. L this week. Nice being a voyeur on this little experiment in media mangling. Though the review of my reviews makes me think she might not want to Podcast with me.

    I’m not negative — I’M RIGHT AND NOT DELUSIONAL

  14. Tigger11 says:

    Alright first of all I am sorry I ranked people I was trying to make a point that everyone has a different amount of knowledge and Cate though not familiar with the inhumans, surely knows enough about comics to be a fun guest on the show. Jaydee, the Inhumans “dog” in on the cover, pay attention when you sell the books :) . Also Bug, I know and absolutely love the Thing story where Lockjaw basically says that he is like that because of Terrigenisis, and hate that they have retconned it that he is just a dog. It made perfect sense why Lockjaw was preventing Quicksilver from having Luna changed, etc. Also it makes sense why Lockjaw is always with the Royal Family, because he is a member of the Royal Family. Optimous welcome back, hopefully your Tequila soaked vacation was good, do you still like convergence after reading this weeks issues? I’m seriously thinking WTF.

  15. Tigger11 says:


    Serious question. Have the first two issues of Pirouette, which my dealer and I think is all that has come out. But the trade is coming out soon, is that going to be the easiest way to get the whole story?


  16. Ambush Bug says:

    Yes, Tig, the trade is the place where you’re going to get the whole story. There was a problem with the schedule for the book so we decided rather than bump the single issues back, we would just release the whole thing together in one gigantic trade. I’m sealing the deal with all of the added bells and whistles for the trade this week and you might be surprised at the familiar faces who are doing some of the pinups for the book.

    Releasing it in trade isn’t the ideal way I was hoping the story was going to be released, but it was kind of out of my hands. Granda’s artwork is amazing and I can’t wait for folks to see the complete story.

    I appreciate the support for Pirouette. It’s small publisher/creator owned, so every issue counts. Much thanks!

  17. J.Goodwin says:

    I’m glad to have someone on the show who isn’t mired down by seventy years of expectations once in a while. It’s not a crisis that Cate isn’t aware of the entire history of the inhumans (although if she read a couple volumes of Ultimate FF she’d pretty much know anything she would need to know).

    Also a recent issue of Ms. Marvel seemed to indicate that Lockjaw/Medusa is a relationship of mutual understanding at least on the level of Groot/Rocket, so it seems like the current set of writers are of the mind that he’s a terrigen enhanced inhuman.

    Honestly, divergencies aside, Ultimate Marvel is a great primer for the normal Marvel universe, since they pretty much just did all the major storylines over again up until Ultimatum. With a twist of lime.

  18. Tigger11 says:


    Thanks for the info, got my Pirouette trade on order, and my dealer is ordering copies for everyone that is getting Pirouete in there box, so that is hopefully good for you.

  19. JD (Host) says:

    @J.Goodwin, thank you for being the voice of reason! I loved having Cate on, and it was cool because the stuff she doesn’t know, we get to catch her up on!

  20. Ambush Bug says:

    Much appreciated, Tig! And tell your shop owner thanks as well. It’s great to hear shop owners are taking a chance on indie books like that.

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