Episode 272: We review Brian K. Vahghan’s SAGA, Eric Powell’s THE GOON, Grant Morrison’s NAMELESS, Richard Corben’s RAT GOD, Valiant’s IMPERIUM & More!

3amigoslogoJohnny Destructo, Ambush Bug, and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Nameless 1, Saga 25, Rat God 1, Imperium 1, Goon: Once Upon a Hard Time 1! Also: listener emails!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

email – 01:57
email 2 – 10:15
email 3 – 13:17
Nameless 1 (Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham) Image – 17:12
Imperium 1 (Joshua Dysart, Doug Braithwaite) Valiant – 30:02
Rat God 1 (Richard Corben) Dark Horse – 41:23
Saga 25 (Brian K Vaughn, Fiona Staples) Image – 49:22
Goon: Once Upon a Hard Time 1 (Eric Powell) Dark Horse – 01:00:52

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12 Comments to “Episode 272: We review Brian K. Vahghan’s SAGA, Eric Powell’s THE GOON, Grant Morrison’s NAMELESS, Richard Corben’s RAT GOD, Valiant’s IMPERIUM & More!”

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  1. Roland says:

    so while you were posting this Marvel just got Spiderman for the MCU.

  2. j.goodwin says:

    There is no enclosure specified in the RSS feed (no link to the podcast in the post or the RSS feed).


  3. JD (Host) says:

    oh! Thanks so much! I was supersleepy when I was finishing up and posting….
    thanks for catching that! (It should work in the post now….but the RSS Feed is having a problem?? The link you put up works for me and the show downloaded in iTunes…) I’m confused. Help me.

    I KNOW! How cool is that???

  4. J.Goodwin says:

    Working now in all places. For some reason it was not working in the RSS or the post earlier though. I was able to pick up the file from the iTunes source (don’t use iTunes, I don’t know what the link does if you have it installed, for me I just downloaded a file).

  5. Roland says:

    Those drugs seemed to have little to no effect on OD.

  6. Matt Adler says:

    There’s still so much we don’t know about the Spider-Man deal. I hope it leads to better Spider-Man movies, although in contrast to the FF, there aren’t a lot of Spidey crossovers I desperately want to see. For the most part, Spidey works best in his own universe. It would be cool if they did a DD/Spidey team-up eventually, though.

  7. Ohhhh they have an effect on OD, just not my mouth.

  8. Jaydee says:

    Yeah, I’m curious to see what actual info will come out about Spider-Man’s movie stuff. I’m hopeful that they will do it right though.

  9. Surprised they are keeping Andrew Garfield though.

  10. roland says:

    Pretty sure they ditched Garfield OD.

  11. Tigger11 says:

    I like Mad Love, but I think Injustice is the best Harley Quinn, for the guy that wrote in. Injustice is better then 90% of the DC books right now.

  12. Matt Adler says:

    Yeah, every report I’ve seen says Garfield is out. I don’t think recasting will be a problem, there are plenty of good young actors to choose from.

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