Does Google Steal from the Rich and Give to the Poor?

I have come to the conclusion that Google is an interesting company. On one hand you have the search engine that is branded in every-one’s minds; the other hand you have this driving force to bring technology to everyone. Everyone pretty much bypasses Microsoft in this game, nothing new and second fiddle is their kind of tune. The two contenders here are Google and Apple.

Apple has been around since 1976.  This colossal company has come a  long way. It is considered one of the most solid companies out there in the world of technology.  When I think of clean, functioning and well thought out design I think Apple.  They have revolutionized the music industry and put a bar so high in the mobile industry that they seem untouchable.

With their time and dedication, Apple is in a position to set their own terms. They have made it so that no one is legally aloud to install their operating system on any other computer. If one would like to make an application for one of their mobile devices they would have to fork over cash, learn another type of development and hope that it will even get passed to go to the consumer market. The only way to obtain most of this technology is to dig deep into your pockets and shovel over the cash.

But is that it? Are we destined to live in a world with no other legitimate options? Google has an idea, maybe it is more of a dream, to be that  other competitor in a race that was so much like David and Goliath that the other competitors were resorting to rushed development and cheap technology. With this vision Google has created many services that are accessible to anyone. Among these services they are working on their own operating system, an emerging mobile operating system, Internet browser, their own tablet, social media site, programing language, etc.

Google has become a powerhouse in technology advancement. Are they Robin Hood? Are they really out for the little man? Am I changing over to the greener side of things? I love Apple and I think they make an amazing product, but Steve Jobs could stand to be knocked down a peg. Go ahead Google, loot all you want and give it all to us simpletons.

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