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With the bustle and hustle of the Holidays, our lives can get caught up in a blur of shopping, decorating and dealing with relatives; as we run mell-pell into the New Year. If I could send you a present via the internet, that gift would be THE Present; a few precious moments to de-stress and enjoy a work of art. Nothing too mentally taxing, just enough for you to feel enriched, renewed and relaxed.

As I get set for my traditional rewatching of Tokyo Godfathers, I recall how, as kids, we all used to look forward to the animated specials that signalled the Winter season every year. Perhaps some well-made animation will send us all back to that euphoric state…

So sit back, get comfortable, clickĀ the boldedĀ links and enjoy a few small chunks of sweet animation goodness:


Chiruri. Okay, this one will ask you to do a little brain work. Described by its creator, K.J. Kawasaki as “The story of a boy and a girl who try to find the one thing that matters.” I’m starting with this one because it shows what one person can accomplish with animation. It isn’t Voices of a Distant Star, but for an eight minute short, Chiruri accomplishes quite a bit.If color choice can be provocative, then this short has some provocative color choices.

The Chase

The Chase. Animator/director Philippe Gamer gives us a four minute shaggy dog story disguised as the finale of an epic action movie (with brief tips of the hat to The Gorillaz’ 19-2000 music video AND the original Blue Brothers movie). By the end, some gamers will nod astutely and say, “Yup. That’ll be me…” [*NOTE: Contains some NSFW language}


Chronus. Like that Final Destination vibe? Miss Bleach? Remember Early Edition? Studio4-C has something that will tickle all those fancies. This 25 minute flick is one of 2014’s Anime Mirai award winners. It is a tale of a high school senior who can see Shinigami (Japanese Grim Reapers). Sure to leave you wishing it was a pilot for a TV series and not just a short. Studio4-C is known for its experimental animation techniques, so watch for the changes in video and audio whenever someone is distracted, far away from the action, flashing back to the past or on another plane of existence.

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia. The defectors from Japan’s studio Gainax formed studio Trigger. Trigger may have become famous with Kill La Kill, but its real showstopper is Little Witch Academia. A 2013 Anime Mirai winner, this one already has a fully-funded Kickstarter sequel on the way. Imagine if Hogwarts was an all-girl’s academy (without any fan service), and you get a good idea of the basic premise. While it definitely steals some styling cues from the Harry Potter franchise, this short does what anime does best: Jaw-dropping action scenes, a visual expression of the exhileration of flight and a wicked sense of geek humor. But, Little Witch Academia also has a lot to say about heroes and belief and female empowerment. That is, if the protagonists can just survive one killer pop quiz…

Watch these shorts with someone you love and/or with whom you love to debate film. Hopefully, some or all of these animations will stay with you beyond the Holidays.

Have yourself a happy little merriment and I’ll see ya in 2015!


Ol' Grim Hisself* GRIM_NOIR is convinced that Winter is a figment of his imagination. Please comment below and/or follow @Grim_Noir on Twitter or Friend on Good Reads or Facebook to end his self-delusions.

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    oh wow thanks! I’m excited to check these out!! I hope I can actually find the time sometime soon..stupid busy life

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