ep262 – Harbinger: Faith, Justice League 37, Rumble 1, Storm 6, Multiversity Thunderworld, and Wytches 3!

3amigoslogoJohnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Harbinger: Faith,  Justice League 37, Rumble 1, Storm 6, Multiversity Thunderworld, and Wytches 3!
Also: listener emails!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

Harbinger: Faith (Joshua Dysart, Robert Gill) – Valiant – 01:16
Justice League 37 (Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok) DC – 09:27
Rumble 1 (John Arcudi, James Harren) Image Comics – 17:32
Storm 6 (Greg Pak, Al Barrionuevo) Marvel Comics – 29:15
Multiversity Thunderworld (Grant Morrison, Cameron Stewart) Dc Comics – 37:17
Wytches 3 (Scott Snyder, Jock) – Image Comics – 46:03
email – 56:07

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19 Comments to “ep262 – Harbinger: Faith, Justice League 37, Rumble 1, Storm 6, Multiversity Thunderworld, and Wytches 3!”

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  1. Rolando says:

    1 Min in and I’m done with you guys, fucking pricks! Screw you guy’s I’m going home.

  2. Rolando says:

    Non-Stop Bug, Liam Nesson on a Plane. “Surely your’e not serious”

  3. How do I get people to drop me this quickly in my real life? I talk EXACTLY the same way.

  4. Rolando says:

    In real life there are strings attached ODPatey, on the Internet people can say and act any way they feel with little to no repercussions. Sad no ODP back stories in the latest slew of M_L_M Kipling books, some of my favorite little dittys eva…What ever happened to Average JOE….

  5. My artist is now on the Cranial Eye Fucked Horror Cast. AVERAGE JOE will come out when JD releases him from the back of the van.

  6. Plaster says:

    aaand Optimus Douche just used the “if they weren’t dressed that way” excuse which solidifies him as a not nice person I can’t hang with:

    You all really learned nothing about the sh!t storm you walked into last week, did you? You spent the majority of the time defending your review of Bitch Planet instead of focusing on the hateful speech from OD and his circular logic. I don’t rape my wife, so I’m a good guy that understands the plight of women? We discontinued the space program, so all there is to life is navel gazing? Please. How about discarding our tribal instincts and outdated prejudices and becoming a better society? Seems like that was a pretty big deal in 2014. The one truth that was said is you write what you know. Kelly Sue is a female writer who has more than once expressed her frustration with the male dominated comic industry. Bitch Planet is her way of venting. And Jay D’s complaint that it was just men that wrote in offended is laughable. Would you like the premiere feminist comic bloggers on your @$$? All it takes is a helpful email

  7. Annnnnd there is the hyperbole of my argument. I never condoned the hate you accuse me of. I am saying don’t get pissed off at the lizard Brian, act against it by saying something or shunning it. Oogling is not rape. Learn to listen or don’t listen please.

    Is this Glenn Beck?

  8. JD (Host) says:

    Yes, it’s pretty funny to me that we are a bunch of men discussing what women want. It’s really not up to me as a man, it’s up to women, and if you’re a man @Plaster, it’s not up to you either.
    Not sure why that’s laughable, but hey, as long as you’re laughing. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine. Other than actual medicine, of course.

    I understand KSD and every other female writer’s frustration with the comic industry. I liked the book.

    @Roland: Non-Stop! Thank you! I couldn’t remember what that movie was called. I enjoyed it though, fun romp of a film.

  9. J.Goodwin says:

    I’d be interested in a retrospective review of The Maxx. If not on the normal cast, on the roundtable one.

    I remember it being pretty good back in the day, and I’ve been rebuying and reading the hardcover releases of the IDW Maxximized editions. I’m not sure how my view of it corresponds to what someone coming to it fresh would think though.

    Hell, back when I was reading The Maxx the first time, I was also reading “cutting edge material” like Ectokid and Saint Sinner…so clearly I had no idea what I was doing (Robinson wrote Ectokid though, and he turned out ok).

  10. Yorgo says:

    I think what’s really sad is seeing all the people who don’t want to be friends cause someone else thinks slightly different or very differently from them. It’s like they hate diversity…cause they do. If everyone bought hook line into the social justice BS, you’d have the same BS conformity that they claim to fight even though they want you to think exactly like them.

    Also, Plaster does the same BS that all politically correct tyrants do. He insults and insults because if you insult enough a good person might shut up because they don’t want to be kicked out of the group as an idiot. Notice there’s no real substance to anything they said. Just lots and lots of insults and vague references to the past. They hope to silence people and thereby make a good person even less likely to do anything to oppose them because they know their own integrity was compromised by their silence.

    Like I said before Kelly Sue is not a good writer. The product of nepotism and she hides it with claims of feminism and a legion of internet goons who think she is their friend when she sees a willing fool. It technically makes her more like the manipulative 50s woman she claims to hate than the dudes with boobs she writes as supposed feminist icons.

    That out of the way. Thunderworld!!!! So, crazy. I don’t know why but the coloring reminded me a lot of Archie Comics. Stewart also seemed a lot more Archie in his cartooning too. Worked well though.

  11. Oh and one more thing Plaster, if you think you can get the Mary Sue to pay attention to us bring it on. That’s a really good site that won’t give a shit about us and you know what else cocksock, I don’t think they will give a fuck about you either.

    That’s why you posted here instead of first sending the email isn’t it? You’re not just probably a victim of someone stronger in your life, you ended up as a blather spewing coward in the process?

    Fuck you for needing Mary Sue. My name is NOT Optimous Douche, it’s Rob fucking Patey and I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast,

    The more I talk to sane people about this issue, the more I realize your Human Resources ways of living are about to implode into your meek and useless mouth.

  12. Rolando says:

    “My name is NOT Optimous Douche, it’s Rob fucking Patey and I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast”

    Man this made me LOL for a good 5 minutes, I can picture you saying that in a movie before you blast some douche in the face. And yes I left that open for interpretation

  13. Actually already boosted from a movie. Guess which one, and you will get your very own ASKROB. Here’s some past examples of the wisdom you can gain http://robpatey.com/2013/08/16/dear-rob-advice-the-carpenters-chicken-or-egg-shrubbery/

  14. Rolando says:

    Merry X-mas Kwanzaa Hanuka Tards!

    P.S.~ ODP got myself A Wolf Among Us for Christmas, awesome stuff, makes me want to reread all of Fables.

  15. Jaydee says:

    oh oh! douche, Is the answer to your quote “huh…you eat PIECES of SHIT for BREAKFAST??”

    Merry Holidays and stuff to all of you guys too! Thanks Roland!

    Is A Wolf Among Us the video game? Is it good? What if I haven’t read a lot of Fables?

  16. Rolando says:

    its a point and click choose your own adventure Game. It plays like you are reading a comic book, they should do more games like these for comics and Graphic Novels

  17. Paul says:

    DC can still can Captain Marvel “Captain Marvel”. They’re choosing to call him “Shazam” b/c they think that’s more iconic, or that’s what people call him anyway. Before the New 52, they were calling him “Captain Marvel”. Nothing changed, legally, in 2011. It was an editorial or marketing decision. DiDio has been focused on that “iconic” idea since he took over. That’ why he wanted Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, etc. back. “Captain Marvel” as the title of a periodical and “Captain Marvel” the character are two different pieces of intellectual property. The trademark on the periodical title expired because DC didn’t use it for a long time. Marvel realized it had expired, and started using it, so now it’s theirs (as long as they use it frequently enough.) This is why, nowadays, DC will occasionally release a one-shot called “All Star Comics”, or “Sensation Comics”, etc., so they don’t lose the trademark on those periodical titles. The copyright for the character is a different thing. Both DC and Marvel own copyrights on characters called Captain Marvel, and can use them in comics, movies, whatever. It’s kind of like how you could make a movie about Robin Hood, b/c nobody has a copyright on that character, but if you called it “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves”, you’d get sued, because somebody owns the trademark on that title.

  18. Paul says:

    I’ve also noticed that literalism trend in younger people. Maybe it’s because arts and literature programs have been cut from schools? Art has been primarily metaphorical since the dawn of time, but now we suddenly have this group of people who know all about continuity and franchises, but seem totally flummoxed by the concept of allegory. Maybe that’s too harsh. At least, they don’t know how to talk about the metaphorical side of art. Or they’ve been taught that it’s not a worthwhile way of looking at fiction.

  19. jaydee says:

    huh, I wonder why I thought it was a legal thing? thanks for the info, I love learning stuff like that. I understand Didio’s “iconic’ mandate, but I miss the heroes I grew up with, Wally West, Kyle, etc…and I really liked the idea of passing the mantle and the sense of history that brought to the DC universe, which I always thought was lacking in Marvel. :/

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