I taught I taw a Tweetie app — tis ‘Twitter’!

Twitter has now become available on the iPhone. Now, I know you’re thinking, “But, Alana I have Twitter on my phone. I have TweetDeck, and Twitterific.” Yes dear, I am sure you do, and that’s great. What is even better though is there’s an OFFICIAL Twitter app. in the store called Twitter. It’s an official release by the real Twitter people. What once was Tweetie is now Twitter.  Don’t have an account? You can download the application without an account and search and view current trending topics.

When I first downloaded the application, my first thought was that the icon for the application felt lacking. I shrugged that off real quick and entered into the application. I decided to skip the manual (which later took some searching to find) and just play with the app. freestyle.

Once logged in, I added my account.  The list of all my tweets popped up. At the bottom there were the familiar icons: the talk bubble for current tweets, the @ symbol for tweets directed towards me, the envelope for direct messages, and a magnifier for searching, and finally the ‘…’ for more settings.  If a new tweet or DM is received there’s a nice little blue glow under the icon.

But where’s the retweet feature? That’s when I poked around and found the manual. If you swipe across a tweet, more options show up: There’s a retweet, author information, favorites, and even a email/translate tweet option. This was a surprising and very welcome find for me.

Another nice thing if you go to the top of your tweets and “pull down”, the tweets will refresh themselves. Also, there is now landscape mode! Yes, that’s right you can turn your phone sideways, and your tweets will follow.

The only complaints that I have about this application are some of the menu items and retweets. For example, I had to do a little bit of digging just to find the manual. Also, when I first opened my tweets, I noticed some tweets made by people I don’t even follow! I looked at these closer and found at the bottom of their tweets in teeny tiny font was “Retweeted by…” I know this is the official way, but I would rather see the account of the person who actually tweeted it.  Once last small thing is that unlike some other Twitter applications out there, this one only has one “theme.”

All and all this is a very smooth application. It’s about time Twitter came out with their original application. I think this application will continue to do well. I bought it, and I’m not even wanting to open my Twitterific anymore. I think with a few more tweaks here and there, this will be your goto Twitter application for your smart phones. It’s a great intro into the world of mobile Tweeting. There are other Twitter applications out there that let you change the themes and adjust your fonts, but for a basic, smooth running application that’s “official”, this is your application.


Did I mention the Twitter Application is free?  :)

Happy Tweeting Everyone!!


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  1. Something to keep in mind. Thanks, something to talk about with my brother, he’s very into this.

  2. I had a little trouble understanding right away, but I’m pretty sure I know what you’re saying now. Thanks!

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