Ep 259 – Secret Six, Wolf Moon, Angela Asgard’s
Assassin, and Valiant-Sized Quantum and Woody 1!

3amigoslogoJohnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Secret Six, Wolf Moon, Angela Asgard’s Assassin, Valiant-Sized Quantum and Woody 1! Also: listener emails!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

e-mail 1 – 01:07
e-mail 2 – 03:52
Comment Response – 06:55
Wolf Moon 1 (Cullen Bunn, Jeremy Haun) Vertigo: DC Comics – 9:52
Angela Asgard’s Assassin 1 (Kieron Gillen, Phil Jimenez, Marguerite Bennett, Stephanie Hans) – 19:10
Crossed Plus 100 1 (Alan Moore, Gabriel Andrade) Avatar Press – 24:33
Secret Six 1 (Gail Simone, Ken Lashley) DC Comics – 31:36
Valiant-Sized Quantum and Woody 1 (Tim Siedell, Pere Perez, James Asmus, Brian Level) Valiant Comics- 41:43

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11 Comments to “Ep 259 – Secret Six, Wolf Moon, Angela Asgard’s
Assassin, and Valiant-Sized Quantum and Woody 1!”

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  1. rolanddeschain says:

    Kernel with a K douche, don’t feel old man, I rem DOS and I’m prob a decade younger than you. Wait that makes you old, shit sorry

  2. Yorgo says:

    Don’t worry Optimous Douche. You’ll always be my favorite tard douche!

    Secret Six felt weird to me cause it’s a setup issue but so little was done to really set things up. It felt like the first 5 minutes of an episode. I’ll read another issue but yikes it’s slow moving.

  3. JD (Host) says:

    So you’re saying I’M not your favorite tard? Rude.

    Yeah the issue didn’t really go very far, did it.
    I would have preferred they skip the bar scene entirely in the beginning and just have everyone wake up in the box..

  4. rolanddeschain says:

    JD don’t worry or fret, I love all my AssTards equally, except Matt Addler who is dead to me. In fact I will fill in for the Add Man in his absence.

  5. JD (Host) says:

    that’s ok, we are all dead to Matt as well.

    *silently cries while eating a pint of bacon grease*

  6. Yorgo says:

    I love all tards equally including the one who is MIA, which hope he’s doing well.

    I’m not sure removing the bar scene is enough to speed that thing along. The introduction go on forever. I remember the old Suicide Squad comic where they did all the intros in 2 pages and it was off to races against Libyan hostage takers. A more recent example is Multiversity where Morrison introduces tons of new characters and we know what they are about in a few panels.

    It seems like a lot of writers just don’t care about the page count in a way that makes reading stuff in trades feel like a rip off. I’ve never been a big Simone fan and that makes it a bit harder. I just read it mostly cause it’s an idea that has promise just I don’t think Simone is the one to deliver it anymore in a lot of ways.

  7. It’s almost impossible to direct compare/contrast stories of yore t today because of trade pacing. When one must think of the extended life beyond the solitary comic you see need to have processes and repeatability.

    I hate to keep saying there’s no Santa Claus, but there isn’t, and comics made for money. They introduce them this way because you are looking at the CW’s first scene for the Fall 2017 line up

  8. Yorgo says:

    I get what you’re saying. The issue is more happens on one episode of the CW than did this issue of Secret Six. Technically, I’m not even sure I know what the actual premise is other than villains from DC falling into The Prisoner universe of for the less classy the Lost universe. It could just be a regular team comic like the old Secret Six, which constantly tricked me into thinking it would be like The Talented Mr. Ripley of comics but always successfully disappointed me.

    Eventually, you hit that line of are you writing an actual book/episode or just creating an at best extended commercial. Part of the reason why Ellis’ Moon Knight, Fraction’s Hawkeye, Vaughn’s Saga, and even Snyder’s Batman have stood out in the crowd to so many is because you feel like there’s actual forward momentum even if there is only the illusion, which all of them are illusion except Vaughn’s Saga and even then it’s sort of iffy to me.

    I get that I might not be the audience but I’m pretty casual and as such really the person they want to get cause the hardcores will buy X-comics til they die no matter how bad it gets and that stuff gets dire. However, I guess at this point trying to change an entire industry mired in guys that have been seeing it as their own little play pen for so long is going to be really difficult. I mean Ed Brubaker randomly thinks he discovered noir practically. Not even Humphrey Bogart and Jacques Tourneur would say that.

    I know comics are made for money and I think if they delivered more one and done style comics. They’d make more money in general cause it would mimic TV better. I mean that’s what comics want to be now. They want to be TV. Moon Knight is a good example with it’s “seasons” format and Thief of Thieves too.

  9. rolanddeschain says:

    the single most important thing I’ve learned in the past decade of modern comics is to follow the writers(and to a degree artists) you like not the titles.

    O and Douche while you’ve been away from the X for the last several months you haven’t missed anything. I don’t want this to turn into a rant on Bendis cuz I mostly like him, but man I am up to date on all his X stuff, but I am so lost, I have no clue whats going on, waaaaaaayyyyyyy to much time travel. And since Aarron has been off the Wolverine side of x-men, and hes dead, I haven’t paid any heed to it. Honestly the best X-book as been X-factor and Deadpool(if you even consider him an X-man). I’ll let you know when X-men is back on track!

  10. Matt Adler says:

    Catching up on PopTards comments after a harrowing year (thankfully things seem to be settling down)…

    You guys are not dead to me! I love you all. Except you Roland DeTraitor. Grrr.

    Love, Matt

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