Comics: Age of Heroes #1, reviewed by JD

Title: Age of Heroes #1
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writers: Kurt Busiek, Rick Remender, Paul Cornell & Dan Slott
Artists: Marko Djurdjevic, Chris Samnee, Leonard Kirk, Ty Templeton
Reviewed by JD

Reading the cover from the top, it proclaims: “The Heroic Age – Age of Heroes”. I would assume, with the new status quo in the Marvel Universe, the title that states it twice would be the issue to read, and would really drive it home as to just how different things are with our favorite characters. But are the first ones to cover really  J. Jonah Jameson, Doctor Voodoo (I still call him BROTHER)  and Captain Britain? And this is the first issue! What’s next? How Age of Heroes is affecting Vermin or Typeface? With all the heroes showcased on the cover, I was really hoping for a bigger level of excitement from this book. Instead we get JJJ being a douche (no offense, Optimous), doing his usual and hating that super-heroes are popular again, we get a date mishap for Doc ‘Doo and a 30 second debate about whether or not Cap Britain is gonna be an Avenger. Oh and a page featuring Spider-Man that reads more like one of the Hostess ad from the 70’s/80’s.

But I suppose that’s appropriate since this whole Age of Heroes move just seems to be a giant step backwards. Besides Steve Rogers being the new “top cop” of the Marvel U, which is actually a pretty good idea. It seems right. And I love that BuckyCap is still shield-tossin’, but otherwise, I don’t really see too much to get involved with so far. At least over in DC, the Brightest Day has a mystery surrounding it. With Marvel it just feels like someone hit the giant red “reset” button. I’m already bored, and this is..what? The first week? It’s not even off to a strong start! It doesn’t start with a bang and it doesn’t appear to be building towards anything just yet, which is unfortunate. I’ve been extremely satisfied with the 616’s forward momentum, but it’s just ground to a halt. Between Avengers #1, Age of Heroes#1 and the Enter The Heroic Age One-Shot, I’m really left disappointed. I know it’s the end of the 7 years of universe-spanning crossovers, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a unifying, underlying sense of cohesion or mystery, of something looming. I know in the comics realm, everything resets eventually, but I guess I got a little spoiled. But hey, at least I got a good 7 years of thrilling new ideas. Maybe I’m expecting too much. What do you guys think? Excited with the way things are going with this new/old Marvel U?

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  1. Dan Slott says:

    HA! I’ve been telling people for months at shows, signings, and online interviews:
    All my stories in the AGE OF HEROES mini are ONE PAGERS, and they’re going to have about as much plot as you’d see in the old Hostess™ ads.
    I’ve been using that EXACT phrase. So I take that as the highest compliment that you twigged to that. 😉


  2. JD says:

    Hiya Dan,
    I don’t read alot of the upcoming stuff on the internet, preferring to just take the books in as they come out. That being the case, and since I missed out on the fact that your reference was intentional, IS there a reason these all seem to read as 80’s type comics? I noticed the same thing about the Avengers #1..
    It just feels like it’s not pushing things forward.

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to respond though (ye made my day!)

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