252 – Optimous Take-Over – Dark Gods 1, Southern Bastards, Rasputin 1, DeathStroke 1 and Future’s End 27!

Johnny Destructo and Ambush Bug are tied up in a ditch as Optimous Douche takes over and reviews this week’s books: Dark Gods 1, Southern Bastards, Rasputin 1, DeathStroke 1, and Future’s End 27 !

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

Tweet-ening – 02:16
Dark Gods (Justin Jordan, German Erramouspe) Avatar Press – 04:27
Southern Bastards (Jason Aaron, Jason Latour) Image Comics – 08:54
Rasputin 1 (Alex Grecian, Riley Rossmo) Image Comics – 13:44
DeathStroke 1 (Tony Daniel) DC Comics – 18:44
Future’s End 27 (Brian Azzarello, Everyone) DC Comics – 23:01
This Week’s Question – 27:34 “Who is your favorite DC Character? What is your favorite Multiverse Earth? What story would you write with that character on that Earth?”

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2 Comments to “252 – Optimous Take-Over – Dark Gods 1, Southern Bastards, Rasputin 1, DeathStroke 1 and Future’s End 27!”

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  1. Kire says:

    Despite the cynical view of deaths and near deaths in comics, check out the real-life Buford Pusser, the man Walking Tall is based on. Tubb, Southern Bastard’s protagonist, is a fictional version of Pusser who survived being stabbed seven times and shot eight times while trying to eliminate the Dixie Mob (as it was called) from his small town. He took a wretched blow to the face that left him disfigured, but he still cleaned up his town.

  2. Thank you for listening good sir and dropping some real knowledge.

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