Ep 250 – Memetic, Arkham Manor, Multiversity The Just, Edward Scissorhands, and Walking Dead 133! Also: Constantine Pilot and Age Of Ultron Trailer!

Johnny Destructo, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: Memetic. Arkham Manor, Multiversity The Just, Edward Scissorhands, and Walking Dead 133! We also discuss the Constantine TV pilot and the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer!

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:

Email – 01:02
Last Week’s Question: Are there any artists you buy the comics of, no matter who the writer is? – 05:51
Avengers Age of Ultron Trailer – 11:23
Memetic (James Tynion IV, Eryk Donovan) – 14:32
Arkham Manor (Gerry Duggan, Shawn Crystal) – 19:39
Multiversity The Just (Grant Morrison, Ben Oliver) – 25:44
Edward Scissorhands (Kate Leth, Drew Rausch) – 36:36
Walking Dead 133 (Roberto Kirkman, Charles Adlard) – 43:50
Constantine TV Pilot – 52:01
Homework Assignment – 01:06:24

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7 Comments to “Ep 250 – Memetic, Arkham Manor, Multiversity The Just, Edward Scissorhands, and Walking Dead 133! Also: Constantine Pilot and Age Of Ultron Trailer!”

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  1. Yorgo says:

    First, I agree that Rachel Rising is awesome.

    Why is it misogynistic to draw something idealized like J Scott Campbell? Especially since they’re the focus of the piece in a positive way. They’re not objects either. They’re drawn with more personality than a typical Wolverine cover. Certainly more personality than any woman ever written by Greg Rucka, which are just Rucka with boobs stand ins. It’s more along the lines of little boy iconography in the sense that even if it’s not the reality it’s how guys react to women even when they don’t look like that. I mean by the standards being set here…the Venus De Milo and the Mona Lisa are works of horrific sexism and have been holding down sex positive, progressively leaning, feminist, lesbian, gender neutral, women everywhere. Oh and don’t get started on those cave paintings.

    It’s the exact opposite of say Hostel 2 or any season of American Horror Story where the point is to get off on or be entertained by women dying or suffering or anything like that, which the current Freak Show season of American Horror Story is ridiculously misogynistic along with including all the offensive racial stereotypes that Ryan Murphy likes to indulge in and I don’t like tossing around those terms at all.

    But it all could just go back to Cher in Mask. Because if all women were drawn like Cher in Mask, you’d never have to worry about J Scott Campbell ever existing.

    Anyway, genuinely confused by the whole J Scott Campbell is a misogynist statements. Off the high horse that I didn’t mean to get on. Enjoyed the podcast as always.

    You guys should do an all horror comics podcast to go with your horror movie podcast.

  2. I will die before ever bound by horror. I shall also die if I am never bound by Cher from Mask or that video where she fucked the shit out of the Battleship cannon.

  3. Yorgo says:

    Since you’ve always been my favorite Douche and favorite Tard…I will relent on the horror cast and I won’t bind you to Cher in that weird leather outfit while you wear a Erik Stolz from Mask mask and shoot you out of a battleship cannon from the movie Battleship. Although Taylor Kitsch would’ve given you a salute.

    Also, The Just issue of Multiversity is my favorite so far. I agree that the first issue was an ambitious mess because it was talking to the reader too much. It was like Morrison was screaming that he read some Michael Moorcock before writing it. The Just is the best executed issue so far hands down IMO. I can’t wait for the next one now.

  4. rolanddeschain says:

    big Marvel Movies news today, next 9 films, Black panther…etc

  5. Toss up for me right now. I really think it would be ideal to fuck Cher on Sonny’s Desk in the senate, while Erik Stoltz uses the rock trick to teach deaf kids what color sounds like.

    I don’t know…I need to go redo the whole Visio on this now. WTF guys…

    As for the Versity, THE JUST was a good one off, no staying power. I see series gold though in that baller JSA Vandal Savage bitch slapped.

    Oh, ya I guess they are dead now. Sad.

  6. Yorgo says:

    We know that Vandal Savage JSA isn’t dead…just in hibernation. They’ll be back. I’ll will it to happen. You’ll see it in the last issue in the Ultra Comic.

    See, I thought that series was a better one off than series gold. The Just seemed like there was more to say there. It was like a more realistic version of the same kids were spoiled by utopia rift that you see in Millar’s Jupiter’s Legacy.

    Although, I’m glad it’s not a series cause I just see it falling utterly apart into inane stupidity if given to bad writers or dependent on the skills of other bad writers affecting it…much like what happened to the Authority.

    So you got Sonny and Cher along with Mr Mask. However, you think maybe Chaz could do a waltz with me while it all goes down?

  7. Tigger11 says:

    And then there was a week like no other week. The poptards were silent, not a podcast was heard and all seven of the unholy listeners were baffled by the quietness.

    In serious, missed the podcast this week, hope everything is going ok.

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