Episode 239: All-Star Western 34, Guardians of the
Galaxy 18, Wayward 1, Pop 1, Sundowners 1!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Ambush Bug and Optimous Douche review this week’s books: All-Star Western 34, Guardians of the Galaxy 18, Wayward 1, Pop 1, Sundowners 1!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:
email – 01:34
voicemail – 05:52
All-Star Western 34 (Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Darwyn Cooke) – 11:33
Guardians of the Galaxy 18 (Brian Michael Bendis, Ed McGuiness) – 20:39
Wayward 1 (Jim Zub, Steve Cummings) – 27:56
Pop 1 (Curt Pires, Jason Copland, Pete Toms, Ryan Ferrier) – 34:48
Sundowners 1 (Tim Seeley, Jim Terry) – 43:18

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9 Comments to “Episode 239: All-Star Western 34, Guardians of the
Galaxy 18, Wayward 1, Pop 1, Sundowners 1!”

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  1. Actually if I was on this week instead of meh, I would have said the same thing about WAYWARD I said back on July 2,

    I find it hard to believe it’s been four years since I was first contacted by a lone Eastern Europeanish immigrant named Jim Zubkavich. Traveling by steamer ship from the same piece of shit country as Balki from “Perfect Strangers”, I received his telegraph requesting coverage of his book SKULL KICKERS, which would be his indentured servitude golden ticket to America.

    Now he’s a shining example of the American Dream and how indentured servitude is really a great piece of currency, the Kavich has left the building and Jim Zub delivers another comic problem solver with WAYWARD #1.

    That’s right, a comic problem solver. Anyone can write a story or lasso words around editorial edicts, but the ones worth remembering always stand at the ready to fill a void or vacuum.

    Back then, with SKULLKICKERS Kavich showed us that comics could be fun as his nameless D&D characters pretty much kicked a bunch of skulls inside the story wrappers of every fantasy trope imaginable. 2010 was a bummer fucking year as the Big Two put their current universes in neutral and took all the top talent to the boardroom to usher in the Meticulously Measured Metrics Age of comics. Kavich said “no, silly Americans–do not be sad the beetle blues has been shot by the Lord of Foldgers, laugh at my silly dwarf man instead.”

    Today, Zub fixes a problem that has been screaming at comics since the first bra was burned, and yet amidst that screeching there is still so little problem solving – that’s right, I’m talking about some lady protagonisting. Not only does Zub go lady, he actually goes teenage lady, and I’ll tell you that it definitely works.

    Rori Lane is not only about to undergo a fantastic journey filled with comic booky stuff, but she’s also on a journey of discovery as a stranger in a strange land that I already find equally if not more intriguing than the fantasy. Her half Irish, half Japanese descent only lasted until her parents’ divorce. Mom gets Rori, so Rori gets to move to Tokyo.

    Zub and Cummings paint the perfect balance of wonderment and fear in Rori as she navigates a land that many foreigners will never quite “get” until they actually experience it. However, the land of the rising sun also activates something in Rori that I can only best describe as Splinter Cell vision. Rori begins to see pathways, or when put to good use, a strategic line to overcome any point A to point B obstacle.

    Now, where most assholes would simply use this ability to YouTube X-Treme Parkour, Rori’s mettle is actually tested her first afternoon in town by turtles in a half shell with big-ass slobbering teeth and, ironically, bird flu (OK I made up the last part), until a girl with an uncanny ability to summon felines and become catlike herself mysteriously saves Rori and then quickly abandons her, but not before getting some strange milk from a vending machine to solidify once more how strange Tokyo culture is to us Western world folks.

    What this review is missing is how well Zub paints these moments–Rori’s journey, the loss of her parents’ love for each other, how batshit crazy Japan is for first timers–because he does it all in masterful and authentic detail. Steve Cummings is simply a new god of comic drawing; my jaw continued to lower to the floor page after beautiful page.

    Sorry to tease WAYWARD so far ahead of release, but that’s comics, folks. Retailers must order now–they believe they are people too, and so they sometimes need a little help stocking the shelves before you consumer types start navigating them. There are a deluge of titles coming from every corner of comics and Image is certainly one of the most massive #1 producers in recent memory. Out of all those so many books of genesis I’ve enjoyed, WAYWARD is one of the first that I feel is as much needed as it is entertaining.

  2. Tigger11 says:

    JD why did you do this to me, why are you making me take Bugs side. There is no way Bendis would have covered this story if the complaint about how did it happen hadnt been so loud. I am also worried that the answer next issue is going to be bad.

  3. JD (Host) says:

    really? you think he was just going to pretend it never happened? He’s a smarter writer than that.

  4. def says:

    1. We did this way back when, but please, no more politics on the show (meaning, the first half of Emiliano’s e-mail, the second half would be totally fine). It just rubs the other point of view (meaning me) so wrong. Emiliano, if you read this, please enlighten us to a single funny joke that PC ideas forbid. Seriously, my dad sends me some non-PC forwarded e-mails, and not one of them is remotely funny. He thinks PC stuff is dumb too. I think PC ideas can go way too far, but to rail as a whole against the concept of being nice to people that aren’t like us… Ugh. No other podcast I listen to is political (I haven’t listened to a single one about politics since that one time I downloaded an interview with Orson Scott Card as a fan of his six years back, and became less of a fan of his after). I’m not political on a daily basis, and don’t need social cheerleaderg in my podcasts. I listen for the content: science, comics, media, ideas, comedy. Leave the stupid politics to dumb comments sections, not on the air.

    Why would I get politics from a podcast like this?

    2. Just to continue my joylessness theme, Matt, you shouldn’t the story about Japanese panty machines. You can check out the Scopes page about it if you like. I’ve been in Japan for 11 years, and no, they aren’t around. Somewhere they existed in very small numbers, possibly just one, but it was reported way out of proportion in the West. Since I’ve been here I’ve heard about them a number of times, always from white guys, either in Japan or when I visit home. The West loves weird stories about Japan. In the 90’s, it was the square watermelon (as seen in the Simpsons), in the 00’s, it was the panty machine, in the 10’s, so far it’s Bagelheads, though that hasn’t become quite as viral. 99% of Japan has never heard of any of these things, and I get a WTF face when I tell them Westerners talk ever about this stuff. Nobody in the States cares about politics or general Japanese news, but if something weird comes up, it’s a thing in the West, because Japanese are ‘weird’ (see the Hello Kitty news in the States last week, which was not reported at all in Japanese). It’s not racist per se, but there’s a thing of projection, where something taboo in a culture gets normalised as a ‘foreign’ thing. Think 1920’s jazz-sex-marijuana-Harlem culture, which was paid for by whites, and blamed on blacks. Tentacle porn? I saw it in the back of a lot of Heavy Metal and maybe on porn sites when I was in Canada. In Japan? Never. Bukkake? Huge in the West. I was watching an Anthony Bordain show with my (Japanese) wife, and in when he was in Japan, he made a bukakke joke, and I had to explain it because she had never heard of it. She’s not a super dirty girl, but she’s not a prude. Bukkake was more an American thing than anything else. I think it was about as popular as shit videos here.

    If a Japanese reporter went to a gay pride parade and reported nationally that Americans pierce their cocks…. That’s the panty machine story. Tell it if you dare.

    There are really questionable things here, mainly child porn (not for sale, but not quite illegal), porn comics showing kids (ugh) or porn using adult models who look like kids, but that’s not a big fetish in the States, so it’s not well known. Once, I picked up a porn comic in a shop once, and every girl looked 12. I put it down and walked away quickly, feeling really gross. Not my thing at all, and though I’m not a fan of censorship, I can’t for the life of me think that this should be popular enough to be published. Anyway…

    That has been the killjoy report. I suck, sorry.

  5. def says:

    *shouldn’t tell the story

  6. Tigger11 says:

    I don’t see him being a smarter writer then that JD. See Avengers Tower for another example, see the entire Shiar-X-Men-Guardians storyline for several examples as we have talked about on this site before. Bendis never is one to let canon or previous storylines interfere with whatever he thinks is going to be COOL and explaining how on earth its possible for his storyline to occur is usually not in the cards.

  7. RolandDeschain says:

    meh BMB’s Guardians has been fairly boring to me anyways, I could care less about him explaining the whole Cancerverse thing now.

  8. Tigger11 says:

    Also Bug, yes Drax is alive you have reviewed and talked about issues when he was in fact alive this year.

  9. home says:


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