Episode 233 – Grayson 1, Empty Man 2, New Suicide Squad 1, Spider-Man 2099 1, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man 13, and The Life After 1! We also discuss the stupidity of #FireRickRemender

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Optimous Douche and Ambus Bug discuss this week’s comic releases: Earth Two 25, Justice League 3000 8, Legendary Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon 1, Teck Jacket 1, Original Sin 5, Weird Love 2, and we take an early look at the upcoming Flash TV show Pilot!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:
email 1 – 01:46
email 2 – 03:34
Grayson 1 (Mikel Janin, Tim Seeley) – 14:53
Empty Man 2 (Cullen Bunn, Vanesa R. Del Rey) – 24:50
New Suicide Squad 1 (Jeremy Roberts, Sean Ryan) – 29:38
Spider-Man 2099 1 (Peter David, Will Sliney) – 35:33
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man 13 (Nick Spenser, Steve Lieber) – 42:04
The Life After 1 – 47:35
#FireRickRemender stupid Hoopla – 54:57

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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22 Comments to “Episode 233 – Grayson 1, Empty Man 2, New Suicide Squad 1, Spider-Man 2099 1, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man 13, and The Life After 1! We also discuss the stupidity of #FireRickRemender”

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  1. Tigger11 says:

    Been reading Injustice as a digital comic (sorry JD but I can’t wait for them to print it) and I’ve been thinking that if Sinestro was written as he has been in this comic, his comic would be so much better then it currently is with the silly to me “find his people” story going on in his series. Also though I think Harley’s comic is good, but I think we have a more interesting Harley in Injustice with her interaction with her new “sister” Black Canary. Also what is everyones thoughts about the female Thor and is she going to be the current Thor’s sister (who was just seen in the Original Sin storyline) or some other character (maybe the Shield Agent who everyone is calling Thor’s girlfriend)?

  2. Tigger11 says:

    Also as leader of the “Let Ambush Bug have his ‘h’ back even if he was racist” LLC, I would encourage the website to return the missing h to Ambush Bugs name since its been missing for 3 week now. He has been punished enough.

  3. JD (Host) says:

    haha YOU SUNUMMABITCH! How dare you read digital comiahhh I don’t care. 😉

    As for MY thoughts on the female Thor…comics artists Dean Trippe said it better than I could over on his facebook:

    “If women and minorities taking on major superhero character roles (while the main characters are still prominently featured and going on new journeys) is offensive to you: PLEASE JUST UNLIKE THIS PAGE. No need to complain about “political correctness” and “pandering” and both of them being “shoved down your throat” here. You’ve got your own wall for that.

    On the subject of Falcap, specifically: Were you whining when Bucky Barnes took over the job? Do you even read the comics? You loved Captain America: The Winter Soldier, though, right? So maybe there’s a reason why this particular change is getting under your skin. Sam Wilson will be the seventh person in Marvel Universe continuity to be called Captain America. And he’ll be awesome.

    If you can’t like Captain America anymore because he’s black, there’s a word for that.”

    The same goes for a female Thor, in my opinion.

  4. Mazer Rackham says:

    You are hilariously ill-informed on the concepts and beliefs of Orson Scott Card. It is a topic better to remain silent on than to open your mouths and be proven fools.

  5. JD (Host) says:

    “Orson Scott Card is a Latter Day Saint and as an organization the Latter Day Saints have a real problem with homosexuality. The Mormon church was deeply involved in getting gay marriage banned in California, using the 10% tithe it gets from each of its members to fund an anti-gay agenda. According to the site What Mormons Believe, “The Mormon Church is firm on its position condemning homosexuality as sinful behavior.”

    Yeeaaaahhh I’m not giving this guy my money.

  6. Matt Adler says:

    He was on the board of the directors for the National Organization for Marriage, a group that has poured millions of dollars into campaigns to make it illegal for gays to marry. So it’s not just a question of his personal views, but his actions. But Mazer, if you have information we didn’t consider, by all means, present it.

  7. Mazer Rackham says:


    Context is key. The vaguely sourced quotes you linked JD are the equivalent of MSNBC selectively editing the George Zimmerman audio. Agree or disagree with his religious views (the same views held by the current president until very recently), it is obvious that he is not nearly the torch-waving knuckle-dragger he has been made out to be by those that disagree with his stance on marriage.

    As Matt said; if you read his work there simply is no agenda at work. His homosexual characters are written as fully-formed people just like the hetero characters and not “weird.”

    It used to be in this country that you could stand for something. His donating to and supporting Mormon causes is the same as Catholics, Jews and Muslims do every day. A quick glance shows that Mormonism is hardly alone when it comes to backwards thinking on homosexuality.

    You are, of course, free to find his views distasteful and choose not to support him or his work just as I am free to DESPISE “Truth, Justice… and all that stuff.” But not seeing or buying the movie only hurts those who produced it; OSC got his money years ago. Boycotting only hurts those who hoped it would do well enough to earn a sequel; writers, actors, set designers, costumers. A number of whom are likely homosexual.

  8. Mazer Rackham says:

    Voters banned gay marriage in CA, not Mormons. I believe the number of African-American voters was 70+% against. I’ll await your post condemning black people.

  9. JD (Host) says:

    And I’ll await a less condescending argument from you, I guess.

    “But not seeing or buying the movie only hurts those who produced it; OSC got his money years ago. Boycotting only hurts those who hoped it would do well enough to earn a sequel; writers, actors, set designers, costumers. A number of whom are likely homosexual”

    OSC got his money years ago, which is fine. I’m not going to support him receiving any more money in the future.

    “It used to be in this country that you could stand for something.”
    You still can, and I can stand for not giving my money to someone who stands for something I am opposed to. Just like Homosexuals can stand for something (Same Sex Marriage) and OSC is standing for not giving them support to do so.

    Seems pretty basic to me.

  10. JD (Host) says:

    Good Eye, @Tigger!!
    I didn’t see that typo, lol

  11. JD (Host) says:

    But maybe I’m wrong. If you can show me somewhere that shows him supporting homosexuals and same-sex marriage, you will have “proven me a fool” and I will immediately change my level of willingness to support him.

  12. Mazer Rackham says:

    Wait wait wait….YOU linked to out of context quotes that paint with a very wide brush. I simply returned the favor.

    Anyway, we’re debating different sides of the same argument on which we basically agree; support/ don’t support who you want. I’m just suggesting you be a little more well-informed when it comes to OSC.

    And really not trying to be condescending, just trying to choose words carefully. Often inflection and nuance are lost in text-only exchanges.

  13. JD (Host) says:

    I would like to be more informed about a lot of things, but Orson Scott card is not one of them. I was raised by two women, so his anti-homosexual stance is enough to keep my money in my pocket, without needing to know just how far his anti-homosexual stance goes. Up until now I spent my time researching other things and negating to research some bigot’s views.

    I’ll agree about the text only exchanges though! :)

  14. Mazer Rackham says:

    Fair enough.

    I don’t have pictures of him at a gay 4H club picnic selling “I LOVE THE GAYS” t-shirts or anything, but can tell you from reading his speculative fiction his gay characters are all written with sympathy of character and not as preening stereotypes. And from his personal anecdotes regarding his gay friends. Yes, I know how that sounds. “But some of my best friends are gay!” But all I can go with are the words he provides.

    Regardless, he is not anti-gay. He is among millions of other like-minded Americans/ citizens of the world who don’t understand why marriage needs to be redefined to fit into a niche slice of the demographic.

    I count myself among these people, but I’m not going to march on Washington or firebomb gay churches if a Gay Marriage Amendment comes to pass. My argument against is purely semantic. I could give a fuck if 2 men or women want to perform a coupling ceremony.

  15. Tigger11 says:

    JD I actually didnt know about Sam Wilson becoming Cap, though I think its a cool idea if done right. I remember the uproar when Simonson gave Thor’s hammer to Beta Ray Bill, and now we think of that as a legendary storyline. When Steve Rogers quit as Cap and became Nomad that was some classic tales as well and Bucky as Captain America was great stuff. I don’t understand people that don’t even read Thor who are upset that Thor’s hammer is going to be wielded by a girl, or don’t read Captain America and are upset that Sam is becoming the new one. As you said 7 guys have been Captain America, did they quit reading when each of those because Cap? I want to see the story and judge it on its merits, not be mad because Thor is a girl or cap is black. Alot of us were very skeptical of Doc Ock as Spiderman (and I really think the ending was too quick) but it was so great writing and a great overall arc. My actual question about the new Thor is who do you think it is, Angela (ie Thor’s Sister), the new girlfriend, or maybe the old one Jane Foster? Also what do you guys think about Gaiman’s creation becoming Thor’s sister?

  16. JD (Host) says:

    I know that picture doesn’t exist. But I wish it did. PHOOOTOOOSHOPPP!!!

  17. JD (Host) says:

    I’m into the Angela development, but I don’t think she’s the new Thor, since she’s shown standing next to her in the new promo image. But that could be a red herring

  18. Tigger11 says:

    JD where is the promo image you are talking about, I have just seen the pic that just has the female Thor on it.

  19. def says:

    I’m not buying anything from Card either. It really is a free speech issue. People are free to boycott bigots (or in softer terms, people who want to legislate their religion at the expense of a minority group) and organise boycotts. If it were his personal opinion only, it wouldn’t be an issue, but the degree he went to push the campaign was distasteful, and I don’t want to give him a penny. His rants about Obama the dictator (i.e. http://www.ornery.org/essays/warwatch/2013-05-09-1.html) make him not only a religious bigot, but also a reactionary paranoid idiot. It happens sometimes (see Frank Miller and Dennis Miller, great in the 80’s, but after that…) I’ve read at least nine of the Enders series, and it helps that they trail off in quality as time goes on, so I was losing interest anyway. He doesn’t want my money.

    About Dixon, was he even blacklisted? That’s his claim, but the truth is, to get gigs, you have to get along with editors. When you’re confronting editors telling them the directions they’re going in is wrong, chances of getting new gigs are going to dry up. When the guy who amped up the violence in comics (i.e. Batman’s broken back) starts complaining that there can’t be sex in comics because they’re for kids, it’s just absolute hypocrisy. Him writing his column in the Post or wherever it was will only make the editorial staff at the big two like him even less. There’s a difference between being blacklisted, and simply being disliked for being annoying.

    Good piece on some of the backward ideas Dixon was selling on Comics Alliance: http://comicsalliance.com/chuck-dixon-paul-rivoche-conservative-politics-comic-industry-response-superman/


  20. Tigger11 says:

    Thanks JD, though I have a question. Top row is easy, bottom row is Winter Soldier, Angela, New Thor, New Cap and then ?? (Sunspot?) and ?? (Deathlok?). Also what is this a picture of? One of the Avengers titles preview? Thanks as always for the info JD.

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