Episode 231 – Serenity 6, Alien Legion Uncivil War,
Trees 2, All New Ghost Rider 4, Savage Hulk 1, Superman 32, Archie 656, and then we interview special guest JUSTIN JORDAN about his new book SPREAD!

Johnny Destructo, Matt Adler, Optimous Douche and Ambus Bug discuss this week’s comic releases: Serenity 6, Alien Legion Uncivil War, Trees 2, All New Ghost Rider 4, Savage Hulk 1, Superman  32, Archie 656…
…and then we interview special guest JUSTIN JORDAN about his new book SPREAD!

Here are the time stamps, since we tend to ramble:
email – 02:05
Serenity 6 (Zach Whedon, Georges Jeanty) – 06:36
Alien Legion Uncivil War 1 (Chuck Dixon, Larry Stroman) – 14:35
Trees 2 (Warren Ellis, Jason Howard) – 24:57
All New Ghost Rider 4 (Philipe Smith, Tradd Moore) – 29:21
Savage Hulk 1 (Alan Davis, Mark Farmer) – 34:56
Superman  32 (Geoff Johns, John Romita JR) – 41:19
Archie 656 (Dan Parent) – 56:24
Spread (Justin Jordan, Kyle Strahm) – 01:01:38

Take a listen and then feel free to comment below if you agree or disagree, or email us at info@poptardsgo.com!

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11 Comments to “Episode 231 – Serenity 6, Alien Legion Uncivil War,
Trees 2, All New Ghost Rider 4, Savage Hulk 1, Superman 32, Archie 656, and then we interview special guest JUSTIN JORDAN about his new book SPREAD!”

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  1. Tigger11 says:

    So Matt pulls an ABug and reads the first and last issue, come on Matt you have to come up with your schtick, not repeat ABug’s patent pending, read the first, read the last, not sure what happened in between, and not caring.

  2. jaydee says:

    BAZZZZZING! But to be fair, Matt never watched FireFly or Serenity, so that’s an awful lot of reading for someone who doesn’t know what he’s reading

  3. Matt Adler says:

    Also… how many issues of a 6 issue miniseries do you need to read before deciding whether it’s for you or not? I mean, I’m sure anyone involved with the comic would happily say “All 6” but let’s be real…

  4. Tigger11 says:

    Oh I dont care about how many you read Matt, I just think you need to come up with your own Schtick, you know mix it up, maybe do 2 and 5 instead of ABug’s patented first and last. It would give you a different look at a book. However I really don’t see what you guys are seeing in Ghost Rider, #4 wasn’t Trees #2 bad, but it was the second worse book I read this week. I hate the story, the writing, the art, the cover, I have nothing good to say about the book except that at least it wasnt doublesized.

  5. The Flashlight says:

    I read Superman #32 and was thoroughly unimpressed. JRJ doesn’t appeal to me as an artist, but I can overlook shitty art if the story is well done.

    Unfortunately, the story reads as if Johns wrote it in 15 minutes while sitting on the toilet depositing a captain’s log.

    We get a weak origin story that’s supposed to parallel Superman’s beginnings. We get a new super-powered character who looks like a southern California surfer dude. He helps Supes defeat a generic looking alien…..thing.

    And then we have Perry White, delivering a condescending lecture to Clark about how he needs to open up more, talk to people, essentially stop being a pathetic loner. Then he dickishly announces that he isn’t the person Clark can talk to. Yeah, thanks Perry, please take your advice and shove it, asshole. And this was supposed to be Perry’s sales pitch to get Clark to return to the Daily Planet. :rolleyes:

    I didn’t think anything could be worse than JMS’s run of Supes – walking – across – America issues that became a platform for him to regurgitate MSNBC talking points, but damn if Geoff Johns doesn’t manage to clear that very low bar. Not because of any political pontificating, but because of the sheer laziness and lack of imagination he brought to this first issue of the bazillionth “bold new direction” for the Man of Steel.

  6. jaydee says:

    Tigger: the “schtick” is that we reviewed issue 1 on the podcast and didn’t review the series on the show again until issue 6, and they only read Serenity when I make us all read it for the podcast, lol.

  7. The Flashlight says:

    As a follow-up, I’d also like to say that I *really* disliked the opening scene with robot Titano. It was not nice or cool. Part of the appeal of Titano stories was always Superman’s dilemma of not wanting to hurt or kill Titano despite the giant ape’s potential for destruction and his kryptonite eye beams which made him a personal threat to Superman. Making Titano a robot that Supes can decapitate without remorse robs the scenario of the moral dilemma.

  8. JD (Host) says:

    ooooh see I don’t know anything about Titano….so all of that was lost on me :/

  9. If you hate Romita Jr., you have no choice but to bail on the series.

    As for the story, let it breathe guys. Superman, X-Men, all the staples need an arc to determine true value and weightiness to the overall mythos of the character.

    Look at TREES for God’s sake, a book that needs to be stellar every issue because it is a new concept. Issue 1, grand. Issue 2, Ariana Grand.

  10. Tigger11 says:

    Three years ago we were having a discussion about what was the DC thinking about rebooting with the New 52, we were looking at the covers, of the books and talking about the end of Flashback. Flashing Forward, I’m not sure anyone would have guessed that not only would Aquaman would be good book, but that Aquaman would get a second title which also has been pretty good. What else has suprised everyone about the New 52 in what is coming up to its first 3 years.

  11. My biggest surprise, the fact that a flattered story line then became a universal foundation which then turned into a marketing slogan is how we now refer to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

    New 52 still being used by fans and the industry is what surprises me the most.

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