PopTards Games: 3D Dot Game Heroes and Halo Reach Beta thoughts

Am I fashionable late?  Ok, late, perhaps not fashionable, but that’s beside the point.  I’ve spent a good deal of time in Dotnia this week, saving the land from evil.  I can say with no doubt that not an hour was wasted.  I’m not surprised by my enjoyment of the game, more surprised by my continuing enjoyment of the game.  3D Dot Game Heroes is consistently fun, sharp witted, with an irritating addition that makes lab made drugs look like nothing.

I continued the adventures of the great white by the name of My Balls.  The shark swam effortlessly through dirt, sand and mountains, but couldn’t handle water.  It became an odd scenario, but didn’t take away from the game.  The game comes with a character creator, which allows you to not only make the character from scratch but create its movements as well.  You also have the option to edit existing characters.  I like the freedom of creating my own persona, but I fear this will lead to hundreds of very phallic looking creatures ejaculating swords.  It will make the online character sharing option a virtual land mine field of penis.

There were a few minor irritations in the game.  The menu at times was so frustratingly accurate to the slow and bulky Nintendo method that I found my self jamming at the X button in the hopes that the harder I pushed the faster it would go.  It did not work.  However, I’ve put so much repetitive pressure on my thumb that I’ve lost all feeling, so, I’ve got that going for me.

Combat was occasionally difficult to manage, but generally only when not at full life.  When running around with full health your sword takes on a ridiculous property that would make Cloud’s sword look like a toothpick.  At times, the sword would reach to the farthest point of the screen, making destroying monsters from a far, very, very simple.  If that weren’t enough, your sword can be upgraded.  Not just the strength, but the width, length and special abilities as well.  All of this is fantastic and makes your character an unstoppable killing machine, that is, until you take a single hit.  At that point you’re reduced to using a sword much more inline with Cloud’s, so only mildly ridiculous.  Sometimes lining up with the enemy can be an irritating adventure in itself.

The thumb sticks often add to the frustration.  Given the similarity to the Zelda series, the D-pad seems like the obvious choice for playing the game.  It would seem the years of using the thumb sticks has made it nearly impossible to go back, so at times controlling my little shark adventurer was annoying.

All of these little irritations aside, the game was a fantastic adventure.  If you have a PS3, you should be playing the game already.  It is a nice change of pace from blowing people’s heads clear open and then teabagging the remains of their corpse.

While on the subject of non-political teabagging, the Halo Reach multiplayer beta came to a close Thursday morning.  I must admit, I’m even more anxious about the release of the game now.  Unlike most Halo games, I’m thinking I’m going to enjoy the multiplayer aspect more than the single player campaign.

Added to the usual Halo romp are jetpacks, special abilities and special game modes, all fun and very entertaining. One of the new modes involves holding a skull or “ball” for the longest period of time.  When carrying the ball, you have no use of weapons other than a malay attack.  Also, when you are taken out, the announcer with the booming voice announces your failure with an echoing call of “Ball Dropped”, which is usually quickly followed by “Ball Taken” when someone else picks up the skull.  Playing this mode loudly late at night can lead to many humorous questions from roommates.

The usual slayer and capture the flag modes are all there as well.  New weapons have been added and amour upgrades.  I expect much to change by the time it comes out officially, but the beta was a good look into what to expect.  If nothing else, the beta has softened the blow of the price tag that comes with the Super-Ultra-Mega-Zord edition of a Halo game that I can not seem to resist buying…again.

The maps are fantastic, at least the few that showed.  They have nice close quarter areas mixed in with wide open areas.  Before the beta went down, some really nice landscape photos were taken, and should not be missed.  September seems painfully far away now.

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  1. Alana says:

    Looooved reading this one. And you’re right, the pic half way down made it tottaly worth it. :)

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